Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Leaping into March

Happy Leapday for everyone last Friday!! I've had a big whinge to anyone who fell prey to my attention last Friday and told them that Leapday should be a public holiday!!! It only comes around every 4 years! We didn't have 29th Feb last year, 2006 or 2005....so we should see 29th Feb as a bonus day. And as Mich told me....minutes are taken from us each day.....and it takes 4 years to save up for a whole day!! 'They' owe this time to us....it's 'stolen' time....so when we get it back after 4 years....we should be able to do whatever we want with it!! Hehehe...and because I declared it that.....I didn't cook....I didn't clean....I didn't do laundry....I did what I wanted....which was ummmm....nothing much...hehehe....I did drop kids off to school and picked them up. Jordan went to the Melbourne Soundwave concert and Jarryd went to watch his friend's kick boxing tournament. And DH was meant to go out that night....but he changed his mind. So with nothing to eat for dinner....we went out and had Japanese Bento box dinners. Jeromel tried raw salmon for the first time and loved it so much he polished off half the serve!! He's my Japanese boy...he can eat Japanese food day in and day out.....so it's good that he's going to a Japanese bilingual school!

We had a big lazy weekend.....how lazy? So lazy I didn't cook and DH didn't complain at all....we had take out for dinners and 'fend for yourself' lunches. It was really relaxing for us all so that was great. I did my first two layouts of the year!!! Yes!!! First two proper layouts...12x12...with photo!! I'm not counting the 40 that I did for Southern Kids Cross Camp.

And today....I made 3 cards with the scraps on my table. Hehehe...not my first 3 cards of the year...I had to make two for birthday parties a couple of weeks back. Ok...some pics to share...no...not of layouts or cards....of food.

Our dinner tonight:

Roast Chicken Thighs on a bed of onions and a yummo head of roast Garlic.
Pico de Gallo - this is a mexican side dish/salsa/salad that I fell in love with in Los Angeles.....we had it at El Pollo Loco. Utterly mind blowingly good!!! Chopped up roma tomato, onion, green chilli, coriander & dressed with lime juice and salt.

And a very quick and basic Potato & Egg salad. I usually make this with Dijonnaise and spring onion. But I ran out of both...hehehe...

Lastly....Nic tagged me....6 unimportant facts about me and because we're on the topic of food....I'll make mine food related...

1. I love raw oysters!!! I can eat a whole dozen easily!!
2. And no.....it doesn't have an aphrodisiac effect on me at all....DH lucked out there!! He can't stand oysters.
3. I love medium rare steaks....asking me to have a well done steak is torture! DH swears he can hear my steak moo-ing. He likes well done steaks.
4. I love salads....especially nice salad leaves like rocket & baby spinach.....iceburg lettuce would be last on my salad preference.
5. I love looking at cakes, tortes, pastries, tarts when they are on display in a cafe/restaurant....but I rarely eat them. They never taste as good as they look!
6. I love seafood pasta.....but I hate it if it is a tomato based seafood pasta. I like mine in olive oil with garlic and just a touch of parsley. I want to taste the seafood!!

hehehe....now that was fun! I'm hungry!!

oh...I am supposed to tag 6 people....ok....because I can declare public holidays....I am pretty sure I can change the rules.......make your 6 unimportant facts about food....hehehe

Tagging.....Michelle Vass, Michelle Tan, Jorja, Vita, Jane & Felicity