Monday, June 26, 2006

A feast!!!

Ha....a non scrapbook related thread....this time it's all FOOD!!! Spurred on by Sri's latest comment....thought I would post foodie pics that I took of our dinner party feast last Saturday night. Very simple dinner - prawns, cuttlefish & crab nuggets, fresh oysters, salad, kfc hot n spicy chicken, char siew and Nando's chicken....and lastly.......Krispy Kreme tower of sweet sweet yummi-licious-ness!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Productive day indeed....

In between doing a few things around the house, I managed to scrap a little bit. Did G & H for Jeromel's A-Z album. The deadline was extended till end of the month....but I had to get warmed up for the virtual crop last was perfect to do two small 8x8 layouts.

One of the challenges for the virtual crop was the number 3....3 people in the photo, 3 pp by 3 different manufacturers, 3 epoxy embellishments, 3 different ribbons, 3 word I came up with this one. The next one was a journalling challenge which had to start with 'I will never' and have an old page & poker card on it. Tee hee...very simple simple layout...but was at 2am!! I was soo tired!!! And I actually won the rak prize for that layout....very happy.....i must confess it was a lucky draw....but still happy!!! LOL

Friday, June 23, 2006

How much is too much????

Michelle W started the How much is too much challenge...where you are challenged to use your stash with the weekly challenges. Week 1 challenge is 5 for 5.....5 pp, 5 stamps, 5 epoxy stickers, 5 embellishments and 5 rub ons. I was inspired by the Krispy Kreme Original glazed doughnut that I was eating...had to stop and do a photo shoot. LOL That is my last Krispy Kreme that has to travel hundreds of kilometres to me....Brice is my Krispy Kreme mule who brings me my occasional treat when he comes back from Sydney for work. Yesterday, the first ever Krispy Kreme store opened in now it's only about 20kms for me to go....thank goodness they are far enough to be a regular temptation!!

Trust me when I say you have to try these doughnuts to believe them. For one, I am not a huge doughnut fan....not donut king, not those freshly fried hot jam doughnuts at markets....none of those tempt me in the slightest. But Krispy is sooo light....the texture is more like cake....and it's not oily....I think they're baked rather than fried...and they're not Krispy..and they don't have hee...unless you choose the Kreme filled ones I guess. And these little darlings are still edible the next day...they don't go hard and tough like regular doughnuts. They come in a multitude of flavours...and my favourite has to be the Original glazed and the Custard filled one. Ok....I've worked up a Krispy kreme drool to the next challenge now.

Week 2's challenge is on....can you guess??? Bling bling bling.....have to use 10 different kinds of bling on a layout. I've used Kindy glitz, Kissy fit sequins n brads, frinkles, metallic beading tubes, Prima's Marie Antoinette Crown Jewel (isn't it gorgeous??), HS jewels and many different types, colours and sizes of diamontes. Bring on the next challenge!!

Did you miss me???

Sorry sorry for not blogging was truly depressing...I had nothing to blog about......I worked...I got sick (nasty chest infection)....I didn't have an ounce of mojo to scrap....nothing to blog about except to whinge and whine and complain about life in general. Tee the last few days, things have improved with my health and I have scrapped!

Ok....a peek at what I have done. I finished off the second round of the Blue Bazaar Amazing Race. Jay started off the major again as she had the brilliant brainwave of doing a cupboard style interactive layout with opening doors. The challenge was to scrap about our stash of ribbon, to show our ribbon and the ways we use it. Both Jay and I have quite a stash of with the help of the ever helpful google....I came up with 'The Ribbonerie' as the is the name of an IRL ribbon cool would that place be? I bet they have drool buckets near the door so you grab one and drool into it as you walk through.

With the BB Amazing race major .....each partner has to do half a Jay did the left hand side and I did the right hand side....Jay's side is visibly has a more old time western feel to it and mine...I was trying to achieve an asian feel with the shoji like cupboard door.

Then next on the list was to finish off my Blue Bazaar Amazing race minor challenge which was to make a total of 3 recipe tags to send to my partner Jay. I had my recipes picked out with recipes..true and tried recipes. But the whole tag thing had me kinda uninspired and stumped.....thanks to Mich's rak of some lovely Cactus pink papers.....the tag design and idea materialised rather suddenly. Recipes are: Entree (Caesar Salad), Main (Chicken Schnitzel) and Dessert (Amazing Chocolate Cake).
Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006


I had this conversation with Jeromel (my 5 year old) a few weeks ago and since then....I've been meaning to scrap it....finally did it!!!

Conversation goes:

M: You're so cute Jeromel
J: I know!!
M: How do you know you're cute?
J: Bcause I just know
M: Is Manoy Jarryd cute?
J: Yes of course!
M: Is Mummy cute?
J: No, of course NOT
M: Why am I not cute?????
J: Because girls are beautiful,
You're not cute Mummy,
You're Beautiful

My heart just melted....
BTW...Manoy Jarryd is the filipino term for Big brother Jarryd....Jarryd was in the room with us when the conversation took place.

I adore some of the converations I have with Jeromel....those deep and meaningful ones where I ask him about life and what he thinks.....his responses are always so straight to the point and so clear cut and full of forgiveness and love...sooo innocent and pure.

I did the 'it's all about me' layout yesterday....simply had to use my new prima flower stash which Mich gave me for my birthday. Joseph took that photo of me while i was in the midst of a sooky laa laa session where I was whinging about how my life revolves around the kids, laundry, cooking, housework etc........a real pmt-ing-tanty session. So now you see where the title 'it's all about me' fits in??

Now the photo looks glamorous doesn't it??? I was actually leaning on the kitchen counter pouting...when he brought out the camera and I didn't want to pretend to cheer up and pose and I didn't want a pouting I kept leaning on the table...but i decided on a semi smile. As I recall....I managed to buy a few hours of uninterrupted scrapping time after that mini tanty.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Playing catch up....

Playing a bit of scrapping catch up and did two ABC album layouts last night and another 2 tonight.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's been a while.....

Yah...been a couple of weeks since I have updated my has thrown me some curve balls to deal with and it's been a hard few weeks.

My Aunty in Brunei collapsed a few weeks ago and was in ICU and just when she was starting to get better, she suddenly passed away last Wednesday. My Aunty Chong Nyuk Lan was a really fun and verbally loud aunty.....she was incredibly loving, kind and generous. She was also a very touchy feely aunty....likes to hold hands, caress faces, loves giving hugs and kisses which is very unusual for an old asian Aunty. She always spoils me when I go back to Brunei and I still can't get to grips with knowing that the next time I do go back, I won't see her ever again. :(

On a happier note, it was my birthday on Monday. Joseph has the week off so I got to spend the day with my man which was fantastic. We had to run a few errands and one of them was up in Mornington, so I got to squeeze in a quick little visit to Paper2. I adore this store....huge with lots of products and heaps to look at. It is like my disneyland and I could spend all day in there. We had a lovely steam boat dinner (bit of a drama there) and then Joseph took me to watch the Xmen movie....fantastic movie!!! layout at the top is of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Taken with the gifts I received for my 1st birthday!! Aren't I cute? yah ok...I do look like a little boy....tee hee. layouts...

The last two layouts...A for autumn and B for bowling are 8x8 layouts for Sri's A-Z album challenge. We will be doing two letters of the alpha every week.