Saturday, June 24, 2006

Productive day indeed....

In between doing a few things around the house, I managed to scrap a little bit. Did G & H for Jeromel's A-Z album. The deadline was extended till end of the month....but I had to get warmed up for the virtual crop last was perfect to do two small 8x8 layouts.

One of the challenges for the virtual crop was the number 3....3 people in the photo, 3 pp by 3 different manufacturers, 3 epoxy embellishments, 3 different ribbons, 3 word I came up with this one. The next one was a journalling challenge which had to start with 'I will never' and have an old page & poker card on it. Tee hee...very simple simple layout...but was at 2am!! I was soo tired!!! And I actually won the rak prize for that layout....very happy.....i must confess it was a lucky draw....but still happy!!! LOL


Shirls said...

productive indeed!! love all the layouts and can't wait to see them irl:) just remember to bring your albums.
i love enid blyton too when i was younger


Sri said...

Dropping by to say hi!!
And oh,
have you got
Krispy Kreme yet?

Scrap Addict! said...

Wow! Love the Enid Blyton's LO... was a fan of their books when I was much younger too!! :)