Thursday, August 28, 2008's time

For those of you who wondered what happened to my blog.....I have no idea min it was all lovely and black...and the was all white and plain.  In desperation...this blogger novice decided to jazz it up a bit...but it looks pathetic.  I need a new look.  Any colour suggestions?

And I've decided to start up a blog for Kiti I can post all of the new Kiti Q stock know...posts like this....

Rose Moka Alphas are now in stock - gorgeous Rose Pink, Orange, Brown and yellow.  They were the only colours that Rose Moka had in stock!!!  Obviously this new company has taken the scrapping world by storm and severly underestimated quantities they produced.    With those colours...and their fabulous mini style..they're fab for journalling and the colours mean they work well for all stock up on them!  I know they will be a staple product in my scrap stash.

Scrapware - lots of yummy goodies like journalling have to check it out.

Elle's Studio Tags - these are totally fresh and funky!!!  If you haven't seen them...go check them out!!!  They were an absolute hit on Etsy and the designer decided to start her own shop!!

Toodles...have to go and plan this new blog....plan a dt call....maybe watch some tv...maybe fall asleep on the couch.  hehehe!!!  Happy Scrapping!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cards published!!!

This morning, the car was booked in to get new brakes at Kmart auto in Chadstone.  It was nice, went there right after I dropped everyone off at school/station.  Dropped the car off and I walked across the road into Chadstone and got my errands done quickly.  Postoffice to mail out Kiti Q packages,  sheets to return, medicare refund and then.....I went looking for Charlie Brown.  Ros left a comment for me giving me the link to those Tummy Tuck jeans...and I googled and found that Chadstone Charlie Brown stocks them.  

Now...with all the renovation that is going on in that place, I was wondering if the store was going to be there.  Anyways....I found the store.......found the jeans!!!  And oooh I couldn't wait to try them on.  Since I was the only customer in the store, I had the undivided attention of the sales lady....who told me that I would probably need a size 6 or a size 8.  OMG.....Lady...I love you!!!  hehehe....turns out....the size 8 was waaay too big....oh boy...did that feel good.  So I tried on the 6 and it fitted tell the truth....with the size 6 on....I couldn't feel the benefits of any tummy tuck effect that the jeans promise.....I mean....Fat wasn't deported.  So I bravely asked to try on the size 4....hehehe....I know...was I game or what????  

Ok....they were a bit snug to pull on....but I could still button it up....and I let out a big breath
 half expecting the button fly off the jeans and ricochet around the store like a lethal weapon breaking mirrors.  But it stayed put.....yay!!!  I could sit, bend down....they were tight...but the sales lady said that after a few washes, it would stretch a little.    The tummy tuck flabby paunchy tummy...was butt was shaped....there was no gaping at the waist of my jeans....and no Lyndal...the fat didn't migrate from my tummy to my boobs....sadly...the boobs stayed a miserable B cup.  Sigh if only I got a tummy tuck and a boob job at the same time!! 

Ok..the price of the painfree tummy tuck was $247...or something like that....I spluttered and muttered something about thinking it over.   So ladies....would you pay that much for a pair of jeans?  Me.......I think the price is too steep.  Now that I know what size fits me....and which jeans  I like...I think I'll get them online.  

Ok..while I was at Chadstone, I stopped by Borders and hunted down a magazine.  This magazine. 
While I was in the process of buying Kiti Q, Jane referred me to the new editor of this magazine - Creative Cardmaking & papercraft.   The editor was none other than the previous editor of For Keeps - Julia Matthews!!  She needed someone to make some funky cards......and in return I would get a quarter page ad for Kiti Q!!    My first time getting cards published!!  I think it is the first time....hehehe...and I got 8 cards in the mag. Pretty pleased with how they turned out!  What do you think??

Anyways, if you have been meaning to try cardmaking, this magazine has plenty of variety and really clear instructions.  The supplies lists are detailed and the photography is amazing.  Julia Matthews, previously at For Keeps is now at Derwent Howard Media, and the new look for this magazine, has got her clean style all over it.  I also saw on Aussie Pub calls that she is looking for submissions and has made a call for a magazine DT.  It's past the deadline but she probably hasn't made any decision yet.  Send submissions to

Here's the press release from Julia:

Press Release
August 19 2008

We're very excited to be revamping Creative Cardmaking and Papercraft.  Our philosophy is simple.  We're filling the magazine with cards you will love to make and everything you need for foolproof results!

There's something for everyone and all levels of experience.  The spring issue is packed with projects, 50 cards to recreate plus scrapbooking layouts.  The magazine is beautiful to flick through but it's much more than a gallery, it's loaded with simple-to-follow instructions and many of the projects come with helpful 'step-by-step' photography to refer back to.  Each issue also features articles, interviews and reviews to enjoy leisurely over a cup of tea, and plenty of product reviews.  More than ever before, cardmakers can break out their supplies with total confidence, knowing that making great looking cards has never been easier!

Creative Cardmaking is onsale in newsagents nationally and in New Zealand.  Look out for free stickers on the cover!

Julia Matthews
Associate Publisher - Craft Division
Derwent Howard Media

Trust me, if you're a scrapbooker who wants to make it to save money, use up your stash or just for a bit of fun....this magazine is for you!!!

Toodles.....till later....does anyone still read my blog???

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pink Paislee is all in stock!!!

Yay.....parcel man came and dropped off the other box this morning....just after Vita is now in stock!  Quick head over here and start shopping.  What do you think of their new alphas?  I think they are absolutely gorgeous!  Check them out here

I forgot to the past couple of weeks.....I've also managed to catch up with a few people ....

Felicity invited me over for quiche...yummo and she also got some yummo dips and crackers.   I had a fabulous time and came home armed with a few sets of her stamps to play with.  I was sooo excited to come across the bampop robot and she had the superman robot too.  Sooo cute!!!

Jane aka squiggle of Crafty Matters popped by for a bit of a chat and I got some of her new new new Crafty Matters....if you haven't seen must go and check them out...they are sooo gorgeous!!!  Gorgeous russian babushka dolls, new new beep beep cars, handbags, birds, butterflies and cupcakes!!!  What are you waiting for???  Quick click here!!

Vita has also come by chat, to pick stuff up and to shop.  hehehe...she was the first one to go through the Pink Paislee stuff and she got to open stuff up!!  I always feel so happy when Vita comes....we always have a good chat over coffee and when she leaves...I feel all inspired to scrap!  Thanks Vita!

Lyndal - my witty hilarious friend....also came around to pick up stampin up and Kiti Q stuff.  For those who haven't met her....she is one funny funny funny person.  She had me in hysterics with her renovation stories...and I've told her ...she simply has to write a book or do a mini album about her renovation stories!!  After what she told me....I'm more adamant than ever that I don't want to renovate.  My next house has to be the way I want renovations!

Jorja - I've been to her place twice in the last few weeks!  Once for a crop...where we also celebrated  Vita's birthday...and once for a yummy dinner last saturday where we got to meet her family and friends!   Jorja is such a fabulous hostess....and oh...her food is divine and her family and friends are just lovely.  One of her friends Katerina is convinced I have greek blood in me and wanted to take some blood for a DNA test.  hehehe...she doesn't know that I have an insane phobia of needles & blood.  It will take a lot of yummy food to bribe me into a blood test.  lol

Mich - hehehe...where do I start with Mich?  We caught up at Jorja's on both occasions and she came over yesterday before her hot stone massage (yah...u read right....let's all sigh in jealousy)...and dropped off some things and had a cuppa with me.  We chat lots...on the phone and on adium.  We ring each other up so often that I have her number programmed in my head.......I meant to ring DH at work one day and rang her by mistake.  How freaky is that?  She thought it was hilarious....DH didn't. lol

So while I have been busy.....I've managed to have little catch ups with these friends of mine....who keep me inspired...who make me laugh....who keep me grounded.....who encourage me....who support me.....who make me spend money.........yes....I am so blessed to have these friends who feed me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pink Paislee is here!!!

yes yes yes...I came home late this afternoon to find a big box and several small boxes at my door!!!  I came in and exercised restraint and decided to put dinner in the oven (roast pork belly strips which have been marinated in hoisin sauce, soy sauce, chinese wine and finely diced garlic) before I opened up the box.  

I ooohed and I aaaahhhheeed and unpacked, unpacked and unpacked....and found that there is box number 2 still to be delivered.  I've just enquired and that should come tomorrow.  So now...I am wondering what I should do.  Should I list them now or wait till tomorrow?  

Hmm...maybe I'll go have a chat while I caress those papers and see what they say.

oh oh oh.....while I am on the topic of fashion....hehehe....did anyone watch ACA last week?  I was either cooking or eating dinner at the I could hear it but I couldn't watch it.  But it was about tummy tuck jeans....jeans that lots of women go wild over because it makes them look slimmer.  I heard one woman say she was a 16 but now she's a 12.  Hmm...Ok...I wasn't watching but the thought did cross my mind that maybe...just maybe the jeans sizes are very very generous.  Just coz you wear a size 12 in that pair of jeans doesn't mean you're technically a size 12....or does it?  Anyways...I raced to the tv to catch the last bit and they do look good...they really do look good.  I don't want to know where the fat migrates to when the jeans are on....I guess I just want a pair of jeans that fit well and if they happen to zap away some fat...that's good too.  

I have a lot of trouble finding jeans that fit me....a lot of trouble.  It's not that I'm huge.....and I'm not an odd shape....but jeans shopping is like the most torturous thing I put myself through.  I will go to a shopping centre...aim to spend hours there...try on many many many pairs of jeans to find a pair I am happy with and then buy 2-3 pairs so that I don't have to go through the ordeal for a few years.  

So .....if anyone knows where in Melbourne I can try on some tummy tuck jeans....please let me know....because I'd love to have a new pair of jeans...and being a few sizes smaller would be a bonus....even if it is only just in those jeans.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

oh Gosh....where has time gone?

No....I didn't I didn't get lost among all my yummy Kiti Q I didn't get buried under the pile of pizza boxes I was getting to the post I have just been busy.  Busy planning, busy ordering, busy packing, and most of all...busy watching the Olympics!!

Anyone who knows me knows I am not one of those sports fans.  I don't watch footy, tennis, golf, cycling, swimming etc.....I'm not into all that.  But every 4 years....all of a sudden...I'm drawn to it....for the whole duration of the olympics...I'm fascinated....I'm a fanatic.  Ok....maybe it's because I am an Olympics fan.  Oh and of course...favourite bits would be opening ceremony, closing ceremony and medal ceremonies in between.  Medal ceremonies can move me to tears...I get all choked up....and if the winner cries...that's it...I lose the plot and have to weep along. you really wanted to know that little bit about me.

Ok...opening ceremony...I was bummed out that I couldn't watch it live....see
...we had a wedding to go to.  A couple decided to get married on the 8/8/08 and 8.08pm.  It was a fun wedding but I was still bummed out I couldn't watch the opening ceremony live. was great wasn't it?  I was right about the little girl lip syncing!  Ok

What's happening at Kiti Q?  Lots and lots and lots of new stuff is due in any day now.  Pink Paislee Vintage Moon and Pop Fashion has already left the states on Monday, so is due anyday now.   I've ordered lots of paper and alpha stickers.  Only two of the stamps and two of the rub ons.  But I am anticipating that the Topsiders will be what people will be wanting to get their hands on.  And that's in limited stock!!

So what I am going to do is put together a few "I want it all" packs.  So if you select a Pop Fashion "I want it all pack", you will get:

6 sheets of patterned paper ($1 each)
2 die cut sheets ($1.50 each)
1 transparency overlay ($3.40 each)
1 pop fashion icon black rub on ($4.95 each)
3 sets of Alpha stickers (white, green and pink) $2.95 each
1 set of Borders topsiders ($7.99 each)
1 set of Shapes topsiders ($7.99 each)

All for $42.00

Now, that is a very very cheap price.  In the US...the rrp for the topsider is USD$7.49!  Australian distributor has them at the following RRP - topsiders $11.95!!  rub ons $6.95! Overlays $4.95!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I do like a bargain and I enjoy passing on bargains to others...that was a worry to those who know me well when I bought Kiti Q....would I change? Would I survive in this cut throat business?  But this is how I want to do business.... I want to sell to you at a good a price you'd pay if you were buying from USA.  

Another thing I've learnt lately...and Mich helped me test it that if there is only say one 'I want it all' pack in the store...and Mich and I wanted it.  It looks like it's in our cart...but it's really only like a redemption the first one who gets to the checkout gets handed the coveted pack and the other person will get handed an 'ooops - too late' ticket.  So, if you want something very very very badly....hurry up and check out...and then go back in and continue shopping.  You will only pay one lot of postage, even if you have checked out 4 times that day.   And no...I won't think you're the most absent minded'll just be one smart savvy shopper.

Ok....blogger is not playing's not letting me put up any pics....not fair!!!
I'll be back to post pics!