Friday, November 21, 2008

Back to winter again....'s like winter is here again.  It was sooo cold and windy today!!  Ridiculously cold!!  It's been one of those weeks where I just blink and's thursday night and I'm wondering where my week went.

Did quite a bit of scrapping this week.  Got my secret santa gifts done and even did a regurgitation layout.  A what layout????  yah...u read right....regurgitation.  LOL  It's what I call a layout where I just chuck a whole heap of embellishments which were rattling around at the bottom of my scraps box.  I cut out those American craft flocked leaves for some cards I was working on..but decided not to use them.  I covered that little chipboard boy for a project then changed my mind.  Popped those mushrooms out of their sheet and then changed my mind.  Cut out those clouds, made the cabbage flower...yes and then changed my mind.  I do that a lot.  Change my mind that is....and then I don't want to turf them because I might want to use them one day.  Well that one day came!  

Quite happy with how it turned out's a layout I've been wanting to do for a while.....and a layout for me...not for an assignment.  Talk about assignments...two more assignments to do before 2nd week of December.  We have our Filipino Fiesta this saturday and then next week....our 21st wedding anniversary....then on saturday, we have an appointment in the morning, then we are entertaining vip superstar guests from overseas that afternoon and night and then on sunday....I might just want to curl up on the couch and veg.

Big announcement!!!!  The famous Ange of Scrapware has done up a new blog for Scrapware and it's fabulous and there is a big big birdhouse giveaway!!!  So quick, head over to the Scrapware blog and check it out!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Proof that I have been scrapping.....

hahaha...ok....this is proof that I have been scrapping....although......they were done a few months crops at Mich's and Jorja's place.  yes....months ago!  Because I did them at crops, I didn't quite finish them off.  Things like journalling etc.  So this past week, I've had two pretty big projects for two mags that I was working on and once that was done and the last lot was mailed off yesterday, last night I decided to go through my pizza box that was full of these unfinished layouts and layouts that I have to file away in my albums.

So today, I finished the rest off and thought I better take pics of them to share....layouts just for me...just for fun....and I love them!

J3 loves to paint.  He's creative like me.  I love how at 7 years old, he can plan properly....he will put on his art smock, spread newspapers on his table, get all his things out...paint and then....clean up!
J3 loves Ben 10 Alien Force, so this is his currency at the moment.  If he does all his English, Maths and Japanese homework and has a minimum of 4 readers for the week...he gets to watch the latest episode which I religiously download for him.  Getting to watch it on my mac is extra special to him.
oooh yes....those who know me know I love my coffee.  My daily fix!  The coffee was from Dunkin Donuts (French Vanilla) and the little espresso machine was redeemed with my Flybuy points.  It has since gone to the Philippines to be put at work in an internet cafe, but I'll soon replace it with a slightly better model.

hehehe...yes....I can even scrap about a new school bag.  Just a pretty simple layout using up lots of old papers and embellishments.  Love the little 7gypsies rub on people which I applied on the alphas.  Actually J3 has to have a bag which is different from the usual school bag because of his anaphylaxis.  Teachers and aides have to be able to identify his bag quickly to grab his medication if he needs it.
Another ultra simple layout.  Love the Ki Memories lace cardstock full of words.  Very suitable for his layout.  Love how he is learning to read without sounding out too many of the letters.  Thanks Mich for the Maya road sheer journalling block.
Another ultra simple layout with a collage of photos.  Took these photos inside his classroom of things that he had made and the house chart, birthday chart and bag hook.  BTW...the sports house system are named after Japanese islands, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and Honshu.  Pretty good huh?

That's it for now!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I set out to shock you....

hehehe....two posts in a day!!!  How's that?

A couple of weeks ago on a Friday, I was chatting on the phone to Lyndal ensuring her that I really hadn't been captured by aliens when on the spur of the moment, I invited her to come and scrap that night.  I had been making cards and could do with some company.  I then sent a quick email out to invite Mich, Jorja, Jane and Vita too.  It was very short notice and to my delight....this group of very special friends all came and scrapped with me that night.    We started around 7.30pm and Lyndal was the last to leave close to 3am!!  I got a few cards done that night and had lots of fun heat embossing!!  Vita brought her Bind it All as Jorja wanted a demonstration.  Jorja and Mich both placed pre-orders for the new Bind it All at Paperific - lucky ducks!!

To my delight...Vita decided to leave her Bind it All for me to play with and play....I did!!!  I never knew how useful a Bind it All was!!!  I made a 6x12" album for house decor/building ideas.  I used lots of papers from my stash that I wasn't too keen on using for layouts anymore.  It's pretty and of course I used the Ki Memories sheer delights for the cover...good protection.

Then I decided to raid my pizza box full of scrap papers to make a smaller album using the remaining bit of wire that I had left over from making my big album.  Decided to make Jeromel's school excursion to the Melbourne Zoo mini album.  Yes, I got to go along on the excursion too - loved it heaps!!

So here is the mini album 

Cover done with Ki Memories Sheer delights available here for only $3.50 per sheet! (little plug for my shop!)

I swear...this gorilla was just soooo adorable!!!  He was like that for quite a long time!!!  At times he would look at his fingernails!!!
Yes...this is my little monkey hamming it up for the mamarazzi.  Isn't that Scrapware monkey cute??
I love zebras heaps!!!  This one was a magnificent looking zebra!!  The kids were all fascinated looking at the giraffes and zebras in that enclosure.

And here are some of my christmas cards.  I've made 35 so far...and I made myself use my old old old ancient stash of christmas papers and embellishments.  Very simple cards but I'm ultra pleased with how they turned out.  wdyt??

At long update

Yes, I'm here.....alive....and updating my blog!!!  Wondering if there is anyone still reading my blog though.  It's been a very long time since I've posted pics here are some pretty things for you to look at.

Teacher's day was 31st October and it was around 11pm when I suddenly remembered, so it was a mad dash to get these simple things done for Jeromel's teachers.  Why 6?  It's because he wanted to say 'thank you' to 6 teachers - his classroom teacher, her aide, his Japanese teacher, his aide, the Principal and his Japanese drama teacher.  Each little pack had some tea bags, a chocolate, some mints and some coffee lollies.   Nice, quick and easy to make.  The pockets were ultra easy to make but I couldn't find anymore of those clear bags.  But while hunting for them I found something else I was missing.  

I have new shelves!!!  Yes, at long last, I have proper storage as my old scrapping desk was becoming storage.  I've searched high and low for proper storage for my scrap supplies and Kiti Q shop stock.  I nearly bought the Ikea expedit but the size of each cube was a tad small for me...they're 33cm square.  These ones are 37cm square which are perfect as they will take the large plastic cube that the Kiti Q papers are stored in.  So now, my old scrap table has been given to Jeromel which he is so happy about.  Since the photo was taken, all the cubes have been filled!!
On the publishing front, I have been super busy.  I am still making cards on a monthly basis for Creative Cards and Papercraft.  This month, I have these in the magazine.
Totally heart this rocket card - it has a diamond pop out fold and the colours make me so happy.  I've also had some layouts in Scrapbook Creations and Scrapbooking Memories in the last couple of months which were accepted a while ago.

This one was for the K&Co Blue Awning product challenge.  I must say i wanted to cry when I saw the embellishments and some of the papers.  Not all of the papers are me....but in the end....i was happy with the layout that I did.

In the past couple of months, I've also done quite a few layouts and projects for Creative Paper, Scrapbooking Memories and Scrapbook Creations....will share these when the mags come out - it's kept me busy and at times a bit stressed but all in all, I enjoy being invited to contribute and love what I end up creating, so it's a big plus

On the Kiti Q front.....the blog is up and running!!!  Click here to check out the blog!!!

I just remembered that I have more pics to I'll be back to do another post as this one is getting a tad long!!