Monday, November 10, 2008

At long update

Yes, I'm here.....alive....and updating my blog!!!  Wondering if there is anyone still reading my blog though.  It's been a very long time since I've posted pics here are some pretty things for you to look at.

Teacher's day was 31st October and it was around 11pm when I suddenly remembered, so it was a mad dash to get these simple things done for Jeromel's teachers.  Why 6?  It's because he wanted to say 'thank you' to 6 teachers - his classroom teacher, her aide, his Japanese teacher, his aide, the Principal and his Japanese drama teacher.  Each little pack had some tea bags, a chocolate, some mints and some coffee lollies.   Nice, quick and easy to make.  The pockets were ultra easy to make but I couldn't find anymore of those clear bags.  But while hunting for them I found something else I was missing.  

I have new shelves!!!  Yes, at long last, I have proper storage as my old scrapping desk was becoming storage.  I've searched high and low for proper storage for my scrap supplies and Kiti Q shop stock.  I nearly bought the Ikea expedit but the size of each cube was a tad small for me...they're 33cm square.  These ones are 37cm square which are perfect as they will take the large plastic cube that the Kiti Q papers are stored in.  So now, my old scrap table has been given to Jeromel which he is so happy about.  Since the photo was taken, all the cubes have been filled!!
On the publishing front, I have been super busy.  I am still making cards on a monthly basis for Creative Cards and Papercraft.  This month, I have these in the magazine.
Totally heart this rocket card - it has a diamond pop out fold and the colours make me so happy.  I've also had some layouts in Scrapbook Creations and Scrapbooking Memories in the last couple of months which were accepted a while ago.

This one was for the K&Co Blue Awning product challenge.  I must say i wanted to cry when I saw the embellishments and some of the papers.  Not all of the papers are me....but in the end....i was happy with the layout that I did.

In the past couple of months, I've also done quite a few layouts and projects for Creative Paper, Scrapbooking Memories and Scrapbook Creations....will share these when the mags come out - it's kept me busy and at times a bit stressed but all in all, I enjoy being invited to contribute and love what I end up creating, so it's a big plus

On the Kiti Q front.....the blog is up and running!!!  Click here to check out the blog!!!

I just remembered that I have more pics to I'll be back to do another post as this one is getting a tad long!!

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