Friday, November 30, 2007

hehehe...did you think I died????'s been so long between blog posts...did u think I died of the lurgy??? Hehehe....I'm still very much alive. Where do I start?? has been I am sure it is with everyone. But I have been busy with one very very special thing - we're going on holidays!!! A nice long 9 week holiday to Philippines, USA and UAE!!! We spend Christmas and New Years in Philippines which is where DH is from. And hopefully we will get laser eye surgery done so that we don't have to wear glasses again! DH hasn't spent Christmas and New Years in the Philippines for 26 years since he migrated he's really looking forward to it. Then we fly off to Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Dubai!! We also get to transit in Singapore, Tokyo and Frankfurt! 7 more sleeps until we leave....mega excited!!! I will start a travel if anyone still reads my blog and is interested.

Ok...what else.....I have a new toy!!! DH bought me a Nikon D80 with the 18-200mm VR well as the 50/1.8 fixed lens and the Speedlite SB600. Totally spoilt! I'm trying to learn how to use it so that I can take good shots for our holidays. And DH also bought himself a new toy....a gorgeous macbook pro. We're PC this macbook is quite confuddling to use....but we're getting there. We needed a laptop to take on holidays with us so that we can check emails and VCE results and somewhere to save the kazillion of photos that we take.

Scrappingwise.....I've not been able to do very much. I've done my last Scrapping Angels DT kit and my last OPAAT kit. My term with OPAAT has come to an end and I've been fortunate enough to have had 2 terms with I've had a year of opaat kits and I will miss them heaps!!!
Oh..and another mega exciting event......Blog sales have started at Crop for Kids!!! We started a day and a half ago and have sold over 120 please don't miss out..... go and check it out as they are limited edition and exclusive ....and at $2 a pack with $1.80 postage within Australia, you'd be crazy not to order any.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lurgy rules!!!

Well.....our household routine was turned upside down....DH got sick....then DS#2 got sick.....Jeromel was still sick. They were sooo sick they slept all day...and all night...I ended up sleeping in the loungeroom on the futon so those nasty sick germs wouldn't attack me in my sleep. I visited them every few hours to give them medication and hydrate them. DS#1 started to feel unwell I put him on massive doses of echinacea and vitamin C because he has VCE exams!!! Poor Jeromel recovered from the flu and seemed ok for a day...then it all started again...this time worse...the poor baby ended up with a chest and ear infection....and had to go on antibiotics. By the time he finished his antibiotics....he was exhausted....he'd go to bed at 8.30pm to wake up at close to lunchtime the next day!!!! He only went back to school this monday!! So I have well and truly been STUCK AT HOME...not had a CHILD FREE DAY in ages!!!

ok...few pics to share....

Firstly....DS#1 had his VCE Fancy Dress up luncheon day.....he chose to go as Donald Duck much to Jeromel's delight....tee one morning...I had the pleasure of driving Donald duck to school....on the way....we spotted a Fireman and an Army dude we picked them up....tee hee....just Jordan's classmates...but was a first for me....having Donald duck, a Fireman and an Army Dude (sounds better than soldier) in the car. hehehe

Then that night....DS#2 had his Year 10 formal. He wasn't 100% well....but persisted....armed with his panadols. Pin stripe suit .....bright purple shirt and a paler purple tie. He went in a group of 7 other friends. They hired two topless with a red leather interior and the other was white. Such yummy yummy cars!! All of the 8 kids had either one or two parents present taking pics....mothers taking pics of the the group were well and truly mamarazzi-ed. The few dads that were there were more interested in the cars!!!! hehehehe
When Jeromel was feeling better a few days later.....with a little persuasion from his mother.....he got dressed in his brother's hired Donald duck outfit....tee was soooo huge!!!! LOL...but oh sooo cute!!It wasn't all bad when they were sick.....they slept all the time....they didn't want to it was just Jordan and myself and we ate leftovers for days. LOL....which left me plenty of time to scrap. Will share those soon!!