Saturday, August 26, 2006

But wait....there's more!!!

LOL...two more layouts for my Everyday Moments Album....theme is Snapshots, sponsor of the month is S.E.I. and the onsert is iron ons which I used for both layouts.... one more layout for the EDM before the end of the month.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I haven't been idle....

LOL...long time between blogs...but I haven't been back to finally post my layouts from last week. I'll start off with a couple more layouts for Jeromel's ABC album.

Q for Quiet time....Jeromel suffers from excessive ear wax in his ears...his ears are not self cleaning at all. When he was little...he had speech problems....he couldn't say F and S and had to have intensive speech therapy. It was found out that he had loss of hearing....nothing major....just that his ears were chockablock full of wax. I swear...the ENT dude pulled out wax plugs nearly an inch thick.....of clean white candle wax....I had my own little Shrek!!! keep his ear canals clear....we have regular ear candling sessions...which Jeromel really enjoys. R for ride....first time riding after his training wheels were taken off his bike. He was quite excited about the prospect of them coming off....but wasn't quite ready for Daddy to let go of him.
Oh...this layout...I absolutely adore. I made it through the first round of the Effer dares and the next challenge was to do a layout using exactly 13 if I haven't done enough multiple photo layouts lately!!!

We have this gorgeous magnolia tree on our front yard ..a truly magnificent tree....full of green leaves in summer, autumn starts growing flower buds and leaves go brown and drop off, winter...the flowers bloom (no leaves on the tree) just big magnolia blossoms....then by spring..the flowers have fallen and the tree is bare naked.

Jeromel has taken a liking to this tree because it's the right size for him to climb and being 5...he's very much into climbing trees. So I decided to capture his antics and the blooms on the tree. The photos were taken over about 2 the tree is in various stages of bloom.

For this challenge....I decided to use my hambly overlay and my Kodomo Inc took me a long time to align the photos so that the swirls weren't covering up Jeromel's face...and it's a simple layout...but I adore it. And I didn't get through to round 3 of the Effer dares.....competition was very stiff and the layouts that progressed were fantastic.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Amazing Scrapping kids...

Yesterday..I had a little crop session at home with Mich......while we are scrapping...Jeromel decides to get out his craft bag and so some scrapping too. I was a tad pre-occupied with my layout and during the course of the afternoon...he comes and begs for a few photos...which I gave him that he would leave me to scrap in peace. To my amazement....he produced some lovely works of fact....he did 7 layouts compared to the one that I did!!!

Shirley popped by as well for a visit and Abby got into scrapping with Jeromel as well...enjoyed herself so much that she didn't want to leave! What do you think of his scrapping work? I might have to wrangle him a spot on Arty Pants junior DT!! Does he qualify Judy?

I'll be back later to post some of my own layouts...stay tuned.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fantastic end to the week!

I've had a fabulous weekend... Friday was a lovely lovely productive day....chores after kinder drop off...then went to the park in the afternoon to catch up with Ann, Robbie and Claire....whom we haven't seen for about 6 months.....sort of lost touch when playgroup disbanded...and recently discovered that they are now just living up the road from us. Friday night I actually got around to scrapping my Arty Pants first DT challenge layout which was to use 6 or more photos on a layout....I adored the layout I did.....finally got around to using the SEI Petals and Paisley papers...and did some beading on the layout...and kept adding more ...and i multi tasked and scrapped while watching a movie...Tristan and Isolde...beautiful movie.

Saturday night...we had a fabulous time. MIL and FIL invited themselves around for dinner, then a friend said he was coming too...and more friends said they might pop in for a when I mentioned it to Mich...I invited them too and to my surprise....Mich said yes.....although...I thought she was sort of kidding since they live so far away. We had a nice dinner....half of it was takeaway chinese food....crispy roast pork and bbq pork. MIL brought some pasta and filipino crispy 'internals' (I'll spare you the details - but it was tasty), I cooked Pan fried soy ginger salmon, some stirfried garlic shoots n sugar snap peas and baked honey soy wings. Can't remember what else...but we had more than enough to eat and then we started on poker...had lots of fun......Mich's first time ...beginner's luck didn't kick in until her last hand!!! We'll have to organise another poker night.

Jeromel, Ellen and Phaedon had lots of fun as well. Jeromel was kind of bossy with he is with other kids...but when it was time for bed...he was sad that Ellen and Phaedon had gone home...he wanted them to sleep over. I don't know about Phaedon...but I think Ellen wouldn't have minded. Right Mich??? rofl!

Today.....was the Arty Pants little afternoon tea where I got to meet the other DT members...Steph, Chrissy, Connie and Carrie. So nice putting faces to names.....esp Chrissy as she will be moving across to the other side of the country to WA!! And while I was there...DH took the kids and got Krispy Kreme!!! Woo hoooo!!! What a way to end the cup of coffee and a fresh Krispy Kreme! Yummo!!

And I just checked my mail and I won the Scrapping with Scraps blog competiton. Thanks Jilly, Sarah, Lusi and Chrissy!!!! Off to bed now before I turn into a pumpkin!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

What a week!

Seems like it has been forever since I have blogged and mojo went on a holiday to mojo island and is only reluctantly returning after lots of prayers from me. Ok...layout on the top was done for the Scrapping the Scraps blog competition. Showing support for my Arty Pants fellow DT members Chrissy, Jill and Sarah. *waves*

Next layout was done for the Effer Dares - Last Scrapper Standing Challenge #1. Did this layout today...did the journalling while at work and quickly assembled the layout after a dinner party for Mum's birthday. Loved doing this layout as I absolutely adore the photo and I've been threatening to do a layout on DH's mid life crisis. I didn't let him read the journalling until I was done and I'm glad that he likes it...journalling and all.
Finally.....I'm published!!! After months of's in the For Keeps magazine!!! Absolutely thrilled to see my layouts in print. Now I guess I have to pull up my socks and try to get more work published....must admit I have been rather slack in submitting layouts consistently.

Asides from scrapping....I've had a fabulous week...had a fabulous 5 hour lunch with Mich and Shirls on Monday. I had promised to make Chilli Crab for Shirl's birthday lunch...but after my mad dash to Springvale....I was told by fishmonger after's crab. Sigh..turns out fishermen or crabbers don't work Sundays....and they come from Melb only gets crab about Wednesday onwards...sigh. So after a panicked phonecall to Mich...we agreed that Chilli Crab with sandcrabs or blue swimmer crabs just wouldn't be right and decided to make laksa. And since we all like oysters....two dozen oysters were added to the basket too! Jeromel and Abby enjoyed fish tofu and banana milk.

Of course I can't leave you imagining the are the foodie pics....compliments of Shirl's new camera.