Sunday, July 30, 2006

Right behind you....

Did this layout for the How Dare you blog challenge set by the Queen of 3D Carole Janson
One peek at her blog set my heart and brain racing with inspiration. Fabulous challenge and I had a lot of fun doing this at the mini crop session at my place yesterday with Mich and Shirls. We each got one layout done in 3 hours which is pretty good considering how much we chatted.

I've had a fabulous weekend ...scrapping yesterday, friend's house for dinner last night and I ended up at Krispy Kreme for the first time last night with my friend and we queued and to our delight got fresh hot Krispy kreme donuts......soooo yummy!!! Yah...can you believe that I have not been to Melbourne's Krispy Kreme store since it opened? Last Sunday we had wanted to go but one look at the queue and we decided to skip way we were going to queue in the rain and hail!!! Sooo worth the wait and I must say ...their Mocha is sooooo yummo!!! Pity I didn't have my camera with me last night....I should have taken a photo of my donut and my mocha for my 'snapshots' layout!!! LOL....well....I guess I will just have to go back.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Through the M4M Singapore group of fabulous scrapping Mums.....I got sent a pack of goodies for a product challenge. Rules were to use everything in the pack...both sides of the cbx paper and that the products cover 70% of the layout. And yes...that bit of cardboard has to be used too. All the products must also be visible on the layout.

This is the pack...
And after much struggling .....mostly struggled with what photo to use with the products as I found the paper and fabrics to be quite feminine while the quote tag and the cardboard were quite masculine. Anyways....this is my layout....I think it's quite ok...
The new tool that I have been raving about - that I bought at Arty Pants during their open day is the EK Success Corner Adorner....which I used to make the scallopped edge paper...sooo easy to use and soo much fun....effortless scallopping. LOL Thanks Shirley for sharing this fantastic tip.

Another layout done is for the HMITM
pattern challenge set by Shirley. It was was fun.....something I've wanted to do. And Jeromel loves it heaps!!! He said that I must love him a lot to make such a big heart. Awww.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Few more layouts for Jeromel's ABC Album

M for Monkeying Around with boots the monkey (from Dora the Explorer)......we caught him giggling when he was supposed to be asleep....his excuse....Boots was being funny and telling him jokes and keeping him awake.
N for Naybe. Jeromel has very cute Jeromel-ish .....he says Naybe instead of Maybe and he says berember instead of Remember.....and let's not forget I'm a magenius. Very cute sayings.

O is for orange. This was his favourite favourite jumper last year. Photo was actually taken at a Ted's camera store when the salesperson was demonstrating a camera and printer I got this photo of him.
P is for Peanut Allergy.....

You were diagnosed as being allergic to peanuts when you were only 6 months old along with dairy, egg and wheat. You’ve outgrown the others but it seems that the peanut allergy will be with you for a while. You’ve had 3 repeat tests and they’ve shown that you’re anaphylactic which is the most severe form. We have to carry the adrenalin injection (Epipen) with us at all times in case we need it, it only buys enough time for the ambulance to get to you. You have never ever ingested peanuts but you are sensitive even to the smell and touch of peanuts. On this occasion, we had gone out to dinner for Popo’s birthday and even though our food had no peanuts, there must have been trace amounts on the table or chair. You were tired after childcare and were rubbing your eyes…before we knew it…your eyes had bloated, and you were very sick. Poor darling, we hope you grow out of it.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm a Princess

I'm a princess according to the gorgeous Susan Johannes
LOL....that's what she said when she tagged here I go fulfilling my princess duties...

1. How old are you? the doorstep of turning 40!

2. How many kids do you have if any? 3 handsome boys - Jordan 17, Jarryd 15 and Jeromel 5

3. Are you married, single, divorced, widow? Married

4. What is your occupation? Nanny

5. What are your passions? My husband, children, family, scrapbooking and passionate about enjoying life

6. Are you a dreamer or a dream seeker? Oh a dreamer for sure...and sometimes, I will move out of procrastination and dreaming mode and go make it come true.

7. Are you happy with the way your life has turned out? Yah....I am happy....I've been married 19 years and still so much in love. I have really great kids. I wish we had more money for a bigger house, more holidays........but then that's a wish that the majority of people essentially....I am happy with the way my life has turned out.

8. Are you a scrapper and if so how many hours a week do you scrap? How many hours do I scrap? I think the question is how many hours am I not doing something scrap related. LOL.....I'm obsessed.

9. What do you want to do before you die? I'd love to travel around the world and I'd love to fly over Antartica.

10. What is your favorite food? Noooooodles!!! I'm a typical asian gal who loves her hawker stall type food.

11. What is the food you hate the most? Oatmeal....can't stand the smell of it...can't even bring it upon myself to cook it for the kids.

12. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? oh...there are so do I choose? I am a ditzy klutz.....I embarass myself a lot......I get embarassed about myself.....enough said.

13. What is the happiest day of your life thus far? Today because I am alive and enjoying life. Tomorrow is looking great too.

14. Are you a neat freak? Or a dirty house cleaner? What is a dirty house cleaner? Who would clean a clean house? I'm a slave driver....I pay my older sons to vacumn and clean toilets...they also tackle dishes. I'm not a neat freak....I'm not obsessive.....with 3 boys my house is cluttered and can get messy...but it's not dirty.

So now I guess I have to tag three am tagging....Miss Jane , Rachael Axton and Jodie Armitage
Why these 3 super talented ladies? Curiosity I guess.....nah..just like to get to know them a little bit better. LOL

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A mini Tooot mini toot.....I'm a member of the DT for Arty Pants!!! The shop opened today and Mich and I went to check it out and spent some money....quite a bit of money. If you're in Vic, make the trip to Arty'll love it. They have Foofala buttons!!! My favourite purchase of the day is a very nifty little tool which I can use to make scallopped cardstock or patterned paper. No more being stingy and saving my US bought scalloped Bazzill and tracing and having to painstakingly cut out the scallops. I'm in the middle of the very soon I will share my layout as well as this nifty little tool. *muaks* Shirls for sharing this with me.

This is my latest favourite layout of meeeeee. I did this over a week ago but wasn't able to share it because of course I have to let Arty Pants have first look and it's up in the shop. Love the Heidi Grace papers which Mich brought back from Singapore for me. The dotty paper is nice and fuzzy and texturised. Why eyelets?? Because it was an eyelets challenge.......scrappers....take note...I am predicting that eyelets will make a comeback. LOL Heaps of stitching on this layout as well and I even added some beautiful dragonfly beads. And I absolutely adore the new Heidi Swapp ghost big and they make such an impact on the layout.

This colourful layout was done for the HMITM Rainbow Brite challenge. Challenge was to use red, green, blue, yellow, orange and violet in a layout as well as two other embellishments (ribbons n buttons). I started on it quite late as I have had a fairly full on week PMS-ing. Enough said about that.....we don't need to go into the nasty nitty gritty details which will make me look like a BITCH. LOL

Ok...I took the photo early yesterday morning because we walked out of the house delighted to find that the front lawn was all frosted over. It was sooo cold that the dew had frozen. The lawn was white and it looked like it had been sprinkled with snow. The look of delight, wonder and awe on Jeromel's face was so hard to capture...but I managed this shot which I absolutely adore and I just had to scrap it.

oh...I do have other photos of him and the lawn.....will be scrapped when inspiration strikes. LOL

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beautiful Moment....

This is my last layout for the Everyday Moments album comp for July. I love the photo sooo much. It was taken during my sister's wedding reception last year in Brunei. Jeromel's Gung Gung (grandad) was taking him around to chat to various people and the photographer captured such a beautiful moment.....

I see a look of gentleness and pride on my Dad's face,
I see such gentleness and love in the way my Aunty is holding him and she looks interested in what he had to say
and Jeromel looks soo sweet and he's obviously enjoying himself and he looks sooo dapper in his mini tux....this must have been before he got very disheveled while dancing up on stage with the son did this!!!

Thanks for looking!!! I'm wondering who reads my blog regularly.......maybe hardly anyone...but if you read this....please post a comment and say Hi!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Everyday Moments Album competition

For Keeps is running an 8 month long competition along with 10 sponsors (Basic Grey, Scenic Route, Junkitz, Li'l Davis, Heidi Swapp, sei, Sassafrass Lass, Carolee's creations, Micheal Miller, and Strano)....where each month, there will be a little bag of free products from the sponsor of the month with the mag and you have to use those products to create 3 layouts following a particular theme. Still with me?

In a nutshell....this month is Junkitz and theme is Family. So 3 layouts using Junkitz products that came with the mag with 80% of the products used being from the list of sponsors. So all in all....24 layouts to do. I've opted to do a landscape 8.5x11 as I have never done that another challenge for me. So far...I've done two layouts and loving it heaps.

First layout is Legacy of Love featuring my parents and my children. Totally love this layout and I used clear dimensional paint, black dimensional paint, Pebeo Crystal touch and glitter!!

Second layout features my hubby Joseph and our boys. Again...lots of Junkitz products and I had a lot of fun using the paper punches.

One more Junkitz layout to do...which is half done on my table...will probably finish it tonight. Thanks sooo much for looking!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

What is it about J's????

I have had a fabulous fabulous week. Last Sunday, Mich and Shirley came to my place and we then went to Paper2 and caught up with Jane, Susan and Jen. First time meeting the fabulously talented Shirley, the amazing Jane who is also in the current issue of FK in the Introducing section (congratss!!) and also first time to meet two EB scrappers Susan & Jen. I shopped till I was silly and between Mich and myself....we got enough points on the loyalty card in one visit to entitle us to 10% our next spree!! We spent heaps!!

Then we went to Sails on Main for lunch and oogled through each other's albums and even did a mini photo shoot right in the middle of the packed restaurant......we were noisy and laughing and having a ball!!! i will come back and post pics on that soon.

Ok...down to scrapping.....this week...3 layouts for Jeromel's A-Z album

J Friends

J for J Friends. What is it about J's? When I was first pregnant, we had a hard time choosing names....we had a very well thumbed baby names book with post it notes everywhere....finally we decided that if the baby was a boy, the first name would start with J (after DH - Joseph) and the second name start with R (after me). So much easier...we eliminated the other 24 letters of the alphabet and concentrated on two sections.

Our boys are named: Jordan Rhys, Jarryd Rhain and Jeromel Rhowan.

We had a hard time choosing Jeromel's name and thank goodness we don't have to choose names again. LOL

So little one Jeromel has lots of good friends that start with J....Jessica, Jye and Jaime....what a co-incidence huh???

K for Karaoke
Ok...this Karaoke layout is kinda didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I might re-do this at some stage...but for the time will stay. Enough said about it....

L for Laughter
I took this photo of the boys during Christmas last year and I love it heaps. After taking lots of unsuccessful photos with one of them always with a funny face or closed eyes or rolling their eyes....I told them to laugh...and they roared and I got this fabulous photo!!

This layout was done for the HMITM eyelet challenge...where you have to use at least 20 eyelets amongst the journalling. A fun layout to do and decided to do it on DH since he had already started complaining that it's been a while since I've done a layout on him. LOL He loves it and I had lots of fun with the eyelets.

I've done a few other layouts....I will be back to post about them....

Sunday, July 02, 2006

boy oh boy!!

This is for the How much is too much Week 4 use 50 stickers or more on a layout.....I stopped counting after 60 and that was just one side of the page....tee hee! Heaps of fun to do and I really like the way it has turned out.

I've had a fabulous weekend.......I got to scrap ....I got to sleep in......I got to go shopping and most of all.....we took the kids to watch Superman today. Everyone really enjoyed the movie and although Jeromel did get a tad scared in the middle and had to sit on my lap for the rest of the movie.....he's pronounced it 'the best ever' movie and wants to watch it again. After walking all around Southland looking for a comfy pair of school shoes for Jarryd.....we parted with $80 for a pair of size 13 Hush puppies for him.....let's hope this pair lasts him a while!!! I'm totally scared now...because in all shops....they only go up to a size 13......what happens after this??? Custom made?? $$$$$$$$$$$$ Surely there must be a shop somewhere for BIG Feet??? Maybe it's time to revert back to the ancient chinese custom of binding feet??? hahahahaha...first I'll have to catch the 6'1" 15 year old boy....then pin him down then bind his probs!!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm a Magenius!!!!

Playing catch up as usual with some of the challenges!! The layout above is for the How Dare you blog challenge. I had so much fun doing this layout. It's a photo which I have been struggling to was taken 15 years ago (yah...I'm that behind!!)....and it's of my son really enjoying a bbq pork bone as a teether. He has this intense look of concentration and satisfaction on his face that is just sooooo adorable. How dare he look so cute?? How dare he grow up?? This boy is now 6'1"....crikey!!! Had lots of fun using the gorgeous scallopped Bazzill and the beautiful Cactus pink papers (thanks Mich!).

Following layout is for the How Much is too much blog challenge....which is to use at least 5 kinds of fabric on the layout. of me on my 2nd birthday (lol....I told you I was behind in my scrapping!) and my 5 fabrics are prima flower, tafetta (scrunch dyed in walnut ink), pretty patterned fabric, walnut ink stained lace, embroidery thread and a li'l davis canvas word. I ummed and aaaahed over this layout sooo much ...but I do like the end result. WDYT??

I'm a magenius!!! He yells out!!! He means to say "I'm a genius".....but he thinks the word is "I'm a Magenius" it is for the time being. It's soo cute and he always says it with such enthusiasm that I don't have the heart to correct him. Let him be wrong for a little while longer....let someone else burst his bubble......for now...I will enjoy my Magenius!!