Sunday, July 02, 2006

boy oh boy!!

This is for the How much is too much Week 4 use 50 stickers or more on a layout.....I stopped counting after 60 and that was just one side of the page....tee hee! Heaps of fun to do and I really like the way it has turned out.

I've had a fabulous weekend.......I got to scrap ....I got to sleep in......I got to go shopping and most of all.....we took the kids to watch Superman today. Everyone really enjoyed the movie and although Jeromel did get a tad scared in the middle and had to sit on my lap for the rest of the movie.....he's pronounced it 'the best ever' movie and wants to watch it again. After walking all around Southland looking for a comfy pair of school shoes for Jarryd.....we parted with $80 for a pair of size 13 Hush puppies for him.....let's hope this pair lasts him a while!!! I'm totally scared now...because in all shops....they only go up to a size 13......what happens after this??? Custom made?? $$$$$$$$$$$$ Surely there must be a shop somewhere for BIG Feet??? Maybe it's time to revert back to the ancient chinese custom of binding feet??? hahahahaha...first I'll have to catch the 6'1" 15 year old boy....then pin him down then bind his probs!!!!


Shirls said...

great layout, ruey. love the stickers framing the photo. talking about big feet, abby is wearing a size 7/8 now and she's only 2.5.

judee d said...

Hi Ruey,
Gee I envy you having time to sleep, scrap and shop the 3 s'sss.

I am the other half of artypants and am getting to know all the people on the dt. Your work is great and I look forword to meeting you.
thanks for the inspiration.


jodee76 said...

Luv the LO! Might have to try something like this. What a great challenge!