Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And the winner is.......

I am sooo sorry for the delay in posting the winner. It has been chaotic in the Enanoria household!!!

Ok....long list of reasons....firstly my computer died. Found it off one morning and couldn't turn it back on....it wouldn't even boot up!!!! Very sad!!! We used to have 4 computers in our computer room and recently downsized to 2. So, it was very sad to be down to 1 computer. DH tried to fix it using bits he had....but that didn't work. And he was adamant that he wasn't going to buy replacement bits for this old computer....so we were going to have to make do with 1 until we had money to buy another new one. Luckily Kylie came to my rescue when she offered her DH's assistance. It was a problem with the video card and $15 later...my computer was restored!! Thanks Rob!!!

This is soooo embarassing, but it is terrible how reliant I have become on my computer. All my email, my contacts, my blog links, msn messenger, ....and without my computer....I couldn't download my weekly dose of Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Prison break, and Heroes!!! As soon as I came home...I backed up my email.....I started to download my shows!

Then my Dad came...so now both my parents are here, then somehow it dawned that Chinese New Year had some how snuck up on me....so there was house cleaning to do, chinese new year reunion dinner and first day celebrations to organise etc etc. We had a lovely chinese new years and will post more about that later.

But I better get down to business. What a thrill it was to get so many comments and so many people delurking!!! Thanks for saying Hi!!! The winner of my humble rak as drawn by the gorgeous Malinky is......


Deanne, if you email your address to me, I'll get that RAK off to you in the next few days. If I have promised RAKs to anyone else, they'll be sent out soon too!!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Let's Crop for Kids!!!

This is a fabulous fundraising initiative to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital. Can it get any better? Is there a better way of spending Good Friday? You get to spend all day scrapping, shopping, winning prizes, eating, chatting and just soaking up the creative inspiration oooozing from everyone around you. This is a huge mojo gathering event....attend the crop and your mojo will be sooo energized and recharged!!

I will be donating one of my Scrapping Angels May Deluxe kit!!
Angel Carole and Angel Sofi have joined me in donating one of their kits as well!!
And the cherry on top of the cake is that everyone who attends will get 20% off their first Scrapping Angels kit!!! How awesome is that??? Huge thanks to Trish & Tara for their support.

Now of course....here are the important details loving cut and pasted from Mich:

We are having an All Day Crop to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. We would love for this to be a huge event within the Victorian Scrapbooking community and hope that you can all help us achieve our goal of donating a sizable amount to this very worthwhile cause.

Crop for Kids
The Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal
When: Friday 6th April 2007
Where: Mulgrave Community Centre
355 Wellington Road, Mulgrave (MelRef 80 D1)
Time: 10am - 5pm
Entry Fee: $25
We hope to reach our goal by holding raffles, auctions and competitions throughout the day. Please check back next week as we start to add some very exciting news about the event.
Also if anyone has any ideas or would like to help out please contact us at cropforkids@iprimus.com.au

The blog for this is Crop For Kids. So if you can add the link to your blog and help spread the word in forums and so on, that would be great. Even if you are not in Victoria, we can still use some donations and help in many ways.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

An Announcement, exciting news and a prize!!!

First of all....my announcement. Yes.....I join the ranks of those mothers who saw their child off to school for the first day. I was very brave....had tissues in one hand and camera in the other...and didn't need the tissues at all!! Jeromel has been looking so forward to school and
his attitude towards school was fantastic...he was sooo ready. I'm glad I made the decision to keep him home for another year as he wasn't mentally, socially or physically ready to start Prep in 2006. He loves his new teacher and ran into the classroom and settled himself into an activity straight away. Last years transition program helped so much....they did an hour a week for terms 3 and 4....which is a fabulous program. Jeromel is in a class with 18 other children..and there is another child there who is anaphylactic to peanuts as well.
Ok...on to exciting news.....the fabulously talented Carole Janson's deluxe kit has been put up for sale on Scrapping Angels For those who are not familiar with how a deluxe kit works....you buy the kit which comes with cardstock, papers, embellishments AND instructions on how to do the 4 layouts and card that you see in the pic above. Yup yup yup...if you have ever wondered how Carole gets sooo much dimension and pop in her layouts....then you have to get this kit. But WAIT....there's more.....she will be online in the Scrapping Angels chat room on the28th Feb to chat with you....and help you if you are stuck or if you have any questions. How cool is that???

I am in the process of picking out my products for my deluxe kit which will launch in May!! Any one wants to do a class with me??

Ok.....done my announcement and my exciting news..now time for a prize. I've always wondered who reads my blog on a regular basis....who lurks but never comments? Let me entice you out of lurkedom with a rak prize. All you have to do is post a comment and I will get Jeromel to draw out a winner on the 9th Feb.


see...I did scrap!! Layouts from the fabulous One Page At a Time Feb kit.

When we got our sneak peeks of the Feb kit....I ooohed and aaahed
When I got my kit....the pink overwhelmed me....I had doubts....doubts if I could scrap 2 fabulous layouts with the kit contents........I found myself not able to stop at 2 layouts....I did 4 layouts and a card!!!

I'm going to blog again tomorrow...there will an announcement and exciting news.....there may even be a prize!!