Thursday, April 24, 2008


Life has been busy....a good kind of busy.  The normal life a busy Mum of 3 leads....and lots of scrapping too!  I organised a catch up with some friends a couple of weeks ago...on a Saturday....not really a crop...but rather a stamp & play.  They came armed with their stamps, inks, cardstocks, glimmer mists, some mags for inspiration, their cuttlebugs and we played and experimented and stamped and was sooo good catching up with Michelle, Jorja, Vita, Jane, Lyndal and Felicity.  I made Chilli con carne & pico de gallo and we had them with some yummy tortillas, lettuce, cheese & avocado dip.  I had sooo much fun!!  Can't wait for the next one!

Since then, I've been scrapping quite a bit....inspired to scrap by all the packages of supplies that I have ordered from see.....I was very very paper poor.  Extremely paper poor.....hold on to your chairs everyone....I was down to about 20 sheets of whole paper.  Yes....20!  Isn't that absolutely disgusting?  Luckily, I had quite a few mag publication cheques which paid for my new stash...and there's nothing like new stash to bring out the scrapper in me. yes...I have scrapped.  

Oh and we also had sweet Tyrelle's baptism on the 13th April.  I took heaps of photos that day as I was the official photographer...and was really pleased with how they turned out...and then...the unthinkable happened.  My memory card stuffed day the images were there...the next day, I took some photos of layouts and when I checked...the baptism photos were gone.  GONE!!!  I was in such a panic....I really felt like throwing up...just felt sooo sick with horror that the official photographer had lost the photos of such a special event.  An absolute nightmare.  I did a bit of reading online and found that you can buy programs to retrieve lost images from memory cards....and there were quite a few to choose I bought one...and prayed and crossed my fingers....and yes...there is a very very happy ending....and a huge sigh of relief.  So the point of me sharing this your photos regularly from your camera into your computer...and BURN A COPY TO KEEP.    Hehehe....I'm working on Tyrelle's baptism album right I'll share later on.

Finally, here are some photos taken by the fabulously talented Miss Katie Toland at Crop for Kids.  Truly a fabulous fabulous event and sooooooo much fun!!!

Hey look....that's me there!!!  White tshirt....denim pants....with the daggy bumbag...and I'm looking the other way...but it's me!!!  
View from the balcony...
In the far left hand corner of the wil see a group of scrappers madly rifling through the Trash n Treasure stand for bargains.  Then on the long table in front of the stage, are the prizes for the first raffle.  And then there is another long pile of prizes for the other raffle.  And then all you can see is a white stick in the middle of a pile of 'mystery' prizes for the express raffle.

You'll also notice our colour coded balloons....white, orange, green & purple.  And they all had numbered tags hanging from each bunch at each table group.  So people were told they were at Orange 1...or purple 3....very easy system!

Oh look...there's me again!!!  Chatting with Lou Spiden......hehehe...and no...Katie was not focussing in on us....she was taking a pic of Jane's fabulous layout.

Another shot taken from the balcony....I'm down there don't expect you to squint.  ok...back to the point Ruey....this is the other side of the hall....just behind the pillars is where the shops were set up.  Scraptacular, Scrapanalia and Kitiq...and then the kitchen 'window' is there too!  As you can see....the scrappers had lots of room to scrap on their tables and lots of room for totes and for moving around. husband has left me....yes again!!!  He packed up his bags and flew off last night.  He'll be back in 2 weeks. can all breathe a sigh of relief!  I'm missing him so much...and it's only been 24 hours.  It's easier during the day...I can pretend that he's at work...but at night....I miss right now....I'm thinking....when is he going to bring me my cup of tea????  Then I realise he's not here....and I miss him all over again.  *insert teary eyes* sniffle

Nite nite!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And who would have thought?????

Yah...who would have thought that I would be called an Inspirational Scrapper....hehehe...yes....I know half of you are laughing and saying 'in your dreams Ruey'....but it's true....I's on the WWW so it must be true right?  hehehe......

Ok....seriously, I was truly honoured to be asked and then I felt pressure to come up with a fun and easy OTP item.  But I had a great time doing it!!  Thanks heaps to the fabulous Artz De Scrap DT for your support during our Crop for Kids campaign and for asking me to be Miss April!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

*giggle* wasn't playing tricks on you.....I am indeed posting twice today!!

Finally linked up to the server to retrieve some of my layouts from last year and found some I haven't shared yet...another fabulous Scrapware album featuring my gorgeous gorgeous niece's called...the Shaniapedia!! hehehe

Scrapware Album & Rak winners!

I was asked by Ange from Scrapware to do a mini album for her to take to SIA using some of the fabulous new products. This album is absolutely gorgeous and sooo easy to work with. It has wooden scalloped cover and the inside is chipboard tabbed pages. How cool is that!!! The new products also include the journalling bits which are sooo cute...they have things like hearts, skulls, crowns, ticks, curly brackets cut out of them....or the very cool 'note' word sitting on top. And the 'date' journalling bit on the front cover....what a great idea huh??? they come in two different sizes and these are such an effective way of putting a date on a layout! Truly these journalling bits are going to become a staple in my stash. How easy to just ink and journal on them? or just slap on a bit of paint and then journal away??? Please do yourself a favour....hound your LSS or your fav online store to get them in!!!! And those of you who are overseas......don't fret.....Ange does overseas orders let your LSS know about the Scrapware website and get them to place an order.

Ok....winner of my rak from my last

Blogger Sue said...

I was just coming to have a look and see if you had updated yet and you have *lol*
Your LOs are all awesome, I love the cards you did, especially the last one - just beautiful.

8:41 PM
Blogger Scrapper-holic said...

Yeaaa finally Ruey's back!! Great to hear that CFK was such a success. And loving all your work!! As always so inspiring!! :-)

1:16 AM
ok ok....I picked accident.....the folded up bits of paper just got intertwined. hehehe...Ladies...please send me your addy and I'll get your raks out to you!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!!!! know....I've been asked 6 times today when I'm going to update my blog. 6 times just today...and oh..maybe half a dozen emails in the past week. So here I am...although....I was just tempted to just put in the title...with a little comment.....and leave it at that. But then I thought about bloglines alerting you all that 'omg that woman finally updated' and thought that would be a bad April Fool's day prank to play...and that you might not love me anymore and delete me off your bloglines. Ok...insecurities and jokes out of the way. I am updating.....

ummm.....where do I start?

Crop for Kids was a huge success!!! It was sooo much fun although I got off to a bad start. I alarm is only set to go off on I slept blissfully until my phone started ringing. I swear...I have not showered, dressed and hopped into the car so quickly in my entire life. I am soo grateful that I had the sense to pack the car with all the things the night before!!

The whole day was fabulous. I got to catch up with sooo many lovely people and met sooo many fantastic & generous ladies. The atmosphere was just abuzz with fun and chatter and all day people were spending left right and centre on trash & treasure, krispy kremes, coffee, drinks, lucky envelopes, raffles etc. I was so touched by the generosity of people that day. We managed to raise over $11,000 for the Royal Children's Hospital!!! Our final tally isn't in yet...but it's absolutely awesome that we went over our $10,000 goal!! Bring on next year!!! If anyone would like to be part of this fabulous charitable event as a committee member, supporter, donor, please do let us know!!

Easter was lots of fun .....we got to catch up with lots of family and friends. No easter egg hunt pics from our household. We've never ever done one. We don't even buy for the kids....well...unless it's after easter and they're all marked down. Our kids sure lucked out!! they did get some from family and friends it's all good. Jeromel did well at the Easter raffle at school....he scored a huge bowl full of eggs and a fluffy rabbit and silly mummy forgot to take a pic of it!! Couple of easter related pics to show. These were some quick little easter gifts I made for Jeromel's teachers. I gave myself half an hour to come up with some quick gifts and was pretty pleased with what I made. the clam shell boxes are actually wedding bonboniere boxes which come precut and prescored. I just did a little stamping, stuck on some flowers and bling, tied on a ribbon and folded, put in 3 little eggs and vua la. heheheJoseph and I were given this beautiful tea set by our old friends on Easter Saturday. A belated chrissy gift.....I was mesmerised with how gorgeous the set is....can you just not see a brad design in that set???
The holidays have been good. We have been catching up with lots of friends who we don't get to see very much during the school term. Funnily enough...Jeromel pointed out that we have had friends coming over instead of us going to them...which is I suppose in a way good. We've caught up with Julia & Matt a couple of times now.....Saturday night we arranged to have poker night with the Vasses....and instead of poker, we ended up playing with the wii that Julia & Sean brought over. My boys had sore arms for the following two days. I should arrange a proper poker night's been ages since I have played.

On the scrapping front. Not much to show. I few projects here and there that I can't share yet. But these are two layouts which I did for arty pants. Excuse the not so great pic of the layouts. I forgot to take a proper photo of them before I mailed them off!

And a couple of layouts which I did just for I could practice scrapping again. hehehe
And lastly....a few cards I made which were donated to the Royal Children's Hospital.

ok finally (I already used up 'lastly' in the last had to resort to finally....)
an apology to Kylie.....we actually spent Leap day together...I invited her over for lunch!!! our first time catching up since I got back from holidays!!! I totally forgot all about it until I got an email from Kylie who had read my embarassing!!! Sorry Kylie!! I did have a very nice day.....just have swiss cheese memory from not blogging often enough. That'll learn me. just for a little test. A rak give away. A test to see how many people still read my blog and own up to it. Ok...I'm giving away a rak....leave a comment and I'll pick a winner randomly and send out a rak.