Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!!!!

hehehe....you know....I've been asked 6 times today when I'm going to update my blog. 6 times just today...and oh..maybe half a dozen emails in the past week. So here I am...although....I was just tempted to just put in the title...with a little comment.....and leave it at that. But then I thought about bloglines alerting you all that 'omg that woman finally updated' and thought that would be a bad April Fool's day prank to play...and that you might not love me anymore and delete me off your bloglines. Ok...insecurities and jokes out of the way. I am updating.....

ummm.....where do I start?

Crop for Kids was a huge success!!! It was sooo much fun although I got off to a bad start. I overslept.....my alarm is only set to go off on weekdays....so I slept blissfully until my phone started ringing. I swear...I have not showered, dressed and hopped into the car so quickly in my entire life. I am soo grateful that I had the sense to pack the car with all the things the night before!!

The whole day was fabulous. I got to catch up with sooo many lovely people and met sooo many fantastic & generous ladies. The atmosphere was just abuzz with fun and chatter and all day people were spending left right and centre on trash & treasure, krispy kremes, coffee, drinks, lucky envelopes, raffles etc. I was so touched by the generosity of people that day. We managed to raise over $11,000 for the Royal Children's Hospital!!! Our final tally isn't in yet...but it's absolutely awesome that we went over our $10,000 goal!! Bring on next year!!! If anyone would like to be part of this fabulous charitable event as a committee member, supporter, donor, please do let us know!!

Easter was lots of fun .....we got to catch up with lots of family and friends. No easter egg hunt pics from our household. We've never ever done one. We don't even buy for the kids....well...unless it's after easter and they're all marked down. Our kids sure lucked out!! they did get some from family and friends though....so it's all good. Jeromel did well at the Easter raffle at school....he scored a huge bowl full of eggs and a fluffy rabbit and silly mummy forgot to take a pic of it!! Couple of easter related pics to show. These were some quick little easter gifts I made for Jeromel's teachers. I gave myself half an hour to come up with some quick gifts and was pretty pleased with what I made. the clam shell boxes are actually wedding bonboniere boxes which come precut and prescored. I just did a little stamping, stuck on some flowers and bling, tied on a ribbon and folded, put in 3 little eggs and vua la. heheheJoseph and I were given this beautiful tea set by our old friends on Easter Saturday. A belated chrissy gift.....I was mesmerised with how gorgeous the set is....can you just not see a brad design in that set???
The holidays have been good. We have been catching up with lots of friends who we don't get to see very much during the school term. Funnily enough...Jeromel pointed out that we have had friends coming over instead of us going to them...which is I suppose in a way good. We've caught up with Julia & Matt a couple of times now.....Saturday night we arranged to have poker night with the Vasses....and instead of poker, we ended up playing with the wii that Julia & Sean brought over. My boys had sore arms for the following two days. I should arrange a proper poker night soon...it's been ages since I have played.

On the scrapping front. Not much to show. I few projects here and there that I can't share yet. But these are two layouts which I did for arty pants. Excuse the not so great pic of the layouts. I forgot to take a proper photo of them before I mailed them off!

And a couple of layouts which I did just for me.....well.....so I could practice scrapping again. hehehe
And lastly....a few cards I made which were donated to the Royal Children's Hospital.

ok finally (I already used up 'lastly' in the last para...so had to resort to finally....)
an apology to Kylie.....we actually spent Leap day together...I invited her over for lunch!!! our first time catching up since I got back from holidays!!! I totally forgot all about it until I got an email from Kylie who had read my blog....how embarassing!!! Sorry Kylie!! I did have a very nice day.....just have swiss cheese memory from not blogging often enough. That'll learn me.

Ok....now just for a little test. A rak give away. A test to see how many people still read my blog and own up to it. Ok...I'm giving away a rak....leave a comment and I'll pick a winner randomly and send out a rak.



maxandmimasmummy said...

How nice to click on the link to your blog and see something new!

Glad to hear you had a lovely Easter even if it was without the obligatory chocolate overload.

Great work with CFK, I had a ball. Can't wait for next year!

Sharon x

Julie said...

Love the layouts and cards here Ruey. I often pop in to see if you have updated as I like checking out your new stuff and reading about what you have been up to.
CFK sounds like it was alot of fun. Pity I'm out west.

jane fitchett said...

ahh, thank goodness for bloglines-LOL

you have been a busy girl Ruey, you and the girls did a GREAT job at Crop For Kids.

love the LOs and the easter boxes- did you know i have never eaten a pomegranate in my life!!


Felicity said...

Yay an update "Finally".

lol Love all your new work ;)

Anonymous said...

Ruey, your cards are awesome. Love them... Can't wait to see you satday.

Kylie said...

About time you updated, I've been waiting for my apology. ;) Was great seeing you guys over the holidays! xx

jodee76 said...

I love your Lego Layout Ruey. And the layouts you did for us are amazing! (They will be up on the websits soon) We've had so many comments about them and a few of the girls at our Friday crops have 'borrowed' your card ideas :)

Good to see an update!


Michelle said...

Since I'm such a loyal stalker of yours.. you should give me the RAK! Hahahah... good to see that you've updated!

Pandachu said...

Hi Ruey, I'm one of ur loyal stalkers that asked u to update...keke!!Sure u wanna send a RAK all the way from Oz?

nic said...

I open your blog daily waiting for an update! What is this 'bloglines'?

I am hearing so much about CFK, I think I might have to join in next year.

Cass said...

Love the cards, especially the superstar one. :)

nicnac said...

I really should look into this bloglines thing.. I just check myself every day! EVERY day! LOL!

Lyndal said...

Dare you to do a one-liner next month Ruey LOL!
Hope to see you Saturday :)

Jorja said...

An update!!!! Yeah....see you on Saturday....

Sue said...

I was just coming to have a look and see if you had updated yet and you have *lol*
Your LOs are all awesome, I love the cards you did, especially the last one - just beautiful.

Scrapper-holic said...

Yeaaa finally Ruey's back!! Great to hear that CFK was such a success. And loving all your work!! As always so inspiring!! :-)

welcome to my world said...

how cool is that i love pommegranate(sp) too! :)
Your pages and cards look fantastic. can't wait to cartch up soon.

Sarah said...

love the work girl,simply gorgeous!!!


So glad you updated,I still read hehehe

judee d said...

Not leaving a comment for the RAK. I enjoy reading all about your trials and tribulations and you certainly have lived up to your standard once again. Love all the lo's,cards and gifts yu have created. Again You have beaten you standard. you keep on going girl.
I am glad you didn't go through with the april fools joke, although I would still keep on checking you and your family out. (Does that classify me as a stalker). i was wondering on when you would leave another post. but then I can't talk, I haven't updated since while on my holidays. bad bad blogger, aren't I.
Keep smiling and healthy

jowong said...

me me! Faithfully click on your link at least once a week.

Great LO and cards!

Robyn W said...

i drop by and check out what you are up to, but i do lurk....love your layouts

Trish said...

wow lots to share now you have fianlly updated !!!
All gorgeous work