Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas part 2

I got interrupted I will continue my post....

Christmas day was fabulous....we went to Joseph's aunty's place where we got together with the whole family for a fabulous lunch which stretched to dinner...which stretched to supper and we came home at 2.30am....quite respectable for us....if not for Jordan working the following day...we probably would have had breakfast there!

Boxing Day after taking Jordan to work, we hit the shops for the boxing day sales...our first time....and only because Joseph needs new glasses and OPSM were taking 30% off the glasses he's been eyeing for a while now. Dinner that night was at Mich & Peter's place....we had a fabulous time...great food and fantastic company. Thanks Mich and Peter for a really delightful night.

Lastly.....a photo of the men in my life......was so hard to get a photo of them on Christmas day....this was the best I could get after 20 tries.....sigh.....but still the photo captures the goofiness which I love about them all.

Merry Christmas Everyone

lol....I am a few days late....I have been meaning to blog but it has been hard to get on the right computer. We have two computers and my pics are on one....and messenger is on the other.....and with two teenagers on school has been hard to find the time to sit down and compose a blog entry. OK...excuses out of the way.....

Christmas was was how I wanted it....I didn't have to host anything....I had a great time.....we had waaay too much to eat....

Let me share some pics of Christmas eve...
Our menu was beautiful....
Entree - vegetarian spring rolls and crab claws (it was beautifully arranged on a platter...but when I served the mains...I could see that the two younger kids had done some artistic arrangement on each plate)

Baked snapper in foil with lemon grass and tomato
- pic isn't so appetising because we ran out of time and didn't have time to open up the foil to let the fish brown up a bit....but it was delish...this was polished off first...

Then I did some hoisin garlic pork belly....this is the dish of the month...i discovered it a couple of weeks ago and it is just so easy and sooo to cater for the carnivores in the family.....this dish was requested.

Then I did one of my all time favourite dishes....garlic prawns Brunei style. First of all....prawns are well salted and then deep fried until the shell is crunchy...then set it all aside. In a separate big wok.... pan fry a whole clove of chopped garlic, a big red cayenne chilli (no heat but beautiful taste n colour) and one small hot chilli and a big handful of fresh curry leaves until everything turns golden brown and curry leaves are crunchy...then add a big dob of butter....and throw the prawns in and toss well to mix. The end result is something extremely aromatic and absolutely finger licking fantabulous.

And after filling our bellies to the max and collapsing on the couch for Miracle on 34th Street with some carols in the ad breaks.....with me practising to use the manual functions on my camera for Katie Toland's capture christmas tree with the tree lights....i had fun and I love what I captured with my idiot proof point and shoot.....tee's not even a fabulous branded's a kodak...tee hee

I just have to say that I am in love with my tree.....I changed colour schemes last year after being a very traditional red and gold girl. Last year....I threw caution to the wind and decided to do silver, pink and purple and I love it. I also have a couple of garlands in the behind the tree and one above the L shaped windows in the loungeroom....both garlands got the silver, purple and pink treatment as well. My wreath also got a revamp in the same colour scheme.and lastly.....some of my decorations in the loungeroom....DH did this the other night for me...and I absolutely adore how it has turned out. I made the BG decorations...and gave him creative control and I think he did a fabulous job!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Wowsers....coz I stunned myself. The One Page at a Time kit was such a breeze to scrap with....I didn't have problems coming up with my minimum DT requirements at all and did one extra layout!!! I still have enough for a few more...the kit is just so awesome and so generous and soooo inspiring to work with. This is what I came up with...
ok....little known fact...I didn't even realise it myself.....I have never ever used pink alphas....I don't own any.....never thought of buying any....and actually thought it was a problem getting pink alphas in my kit..........even on the my son flower layout......the pink alphas really balance the layout......that's it...I have to get out of my comfort zone and buy alphas in all the different bold.....go PINK!!!!LOL....I left the clipboard to the last.....I was kinda I decided to alter the clipboard so that i can still use it as a functional clipboard....not just a decorative my LOTD clipboard was I can clip up my latest layout and admire it for a while. When mod podging the brain remembered a tip.....I poured on the modpodge and used an old credit card (was just a store card)....and used that to spread the mod podge around....the result was brush strokes....just nice even icing a cake....tee hee....

And my brain stores lots of seems to absorb lots of 'how to' tips......I don't know why...but it just does. It's kind weird and bizarre.....I wish that my brain will remember my shopping dwindling bank balance when I am scrap shopping....that I must order school books and uniforms for next year....I wish my brain would remember useful things like that. lol

So all in all.....a very scrap productive weekend!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Look at what arrived? My first kit from One Page at a Time. This took my breath away and had me weak at the is just absolutely gorgeous....absolutely packed to the brim with such a beautiful selection!!! It truly is such value for money because the papers are mostly double you can get so many different layouts done with this. And the otp item is fabulous quality. I've never done a clipboard will be having lots of fun with this....I have an idea for this in my head already.

If you haven't tried a kit and get one for your chrissy pressie because it will sell very very quickly!!

Now what else have I been up to?
It has been busy in the Enanoria household..........with boys finishing up with school and Jeromel had his end of year concert at cute.....they did the nativity play. My camera was not behaving very well that day due to flatish batteries and poor my pics aren't fabulous but I have enough to do a layout....will be back to post that one soon.

On the foodie side....I have finally restocked on my Prima Taste products.....I am not ashamed to admit that I am a lazy cook. Prima Taste makes perfect Singapore Laksa, delectable fool proof Rendang and the best ever Singapore chicken curry that has everyone happy to eat just gravy and rice when all the chicken has been polished off. For a couple of months now, all my local stores have been out of stock and I have been using up my stock slowly .....sort of rationing it.....finally I got tired of waiting and contacted the distributor directly and found out that I can buy directly from them. They're quite far away...but worth the drive to get what I I get to drop by and visit Michelle (who is also a big Prima Taste fan).

On the scrapping side......I took a little break from scrapping layouts and did some christmas decorations and presants instead. Mich and I saw the Kaiser Craft Christmas Tree at The Scrapbook Scene and fell in love....head over heels in love with it. Here it is ....all done up in Basic Grey Fruitcake papers and for the first time.....I did beading.....proper beading with tigertail and crimps....nearly went blind beading.....but it was sooo worth twinkles in the light and is just such a pretty centre piece.Basic Grey also like the tree and put it on their gallery....I still get a kick out of them accepting my work. LOL See the stars next to it? I've been making them slowly while watching telly from the BG kits....still have to make the balls this week.

On the publishing front.....I've had a few acceptances this from Scrapbook Creations and two from Scrapbooking Memories and was asked by SM to do a product review....first time!!!! Very excited!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 can't be December already!!!

I can't believe the year has gone so quickly and it's already time to drag out the Christmas tree and go pressie shopping and buy food and send christmas cards.....stop snickering u organised girlies......I am feeling sooo unorganised this year. I need to start making those lists to keep me in check.

I went to lunch with the BB girls last Sunday at Campari's and had a fabulous time. It was just great to get away from all the testosterone in the house and immerse myself into girly scrap! The food was really great....I had Linguine di Mare (garlic oil based) and then finished it off with a Coffee Tiramisu & latte......absolutely heavenly. I am already planning to go back to have the Seafood Paella which I shamelessly asked Wendy for a taste

ok...layouts that I am sharing...

The other two layouts for my last 2 layouts for the Everyday Moments album - sponsor product Carolee's creation rub ons...and theme is seasons. Quite enjoyed doing these two layouts....very quick to do.

and wait....there is a bit more news. I found out a couple of days ago that I won 2nd prize for a Scenic Route competition at A Million Memories. Thrilled with my Rockland prize pack!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

2 layouts and some news to share....

Jodie from Arty Pants set another challenging challenge for the DT again. LOL....that's why they're called challenges. This time....we were only allowed to use cardstock and art mediums (paint, ink, pen etc) embellishments at all. no brads, no eyelets, no ribbons....but the bit that had me in tears was no chipboard!!! made me realise that I am soo reliant on my chipboards....chipboard alphas for my title, chipboard embellishments covered with was good to think outside the square and go back to basics and create a layout.....not just a layout....but being a DT challenge...the added pressure was on to create a wow layout. I love the end result and my little batboy has declared this his favourite layout. He was pretty sad when we dropped it off at arty pants...but on the other hand....pleased as punch that it will be on display in the store.

Ok....this summer layout is the only layout I have done for November EDM album!! So I am officially two layouts 5 to churn out this month!! Why am I late? Because I found it soo hard to get hold of Carolee's creations papers/rub ons etc....and had to wait till Scrap Pile got them in. And fabulous Cass from Scrap Pile also got some of the plain SEI cardstock in! With EDM, it's kind of frustrating that we can't use bazzill if we want to comply with the 80% sponsor I am absolutely in happy land now that I have some plain SEI cardstock to work with.

I had lots of fun with this layout. Did this during the crop at my place on Saturday and I asked for some of Mich's paper and with two co-ordinating sheets.....we both got a layout done each. Onsert product this month are the Carolee's Creations rub ons....on this layout....I added the words enjoy on the photo and the colourful blocks on the page corners. post title did say I had some news. It is big news to me....exciting news...fabulous news. This morning I got selected to be part of a kit club design team!!! I am now DT on One Page at a Time.

I am absolutely reeling with joy that Capella and Toni have picked me to be on their team ....I absolutely adore their style and their kits which are bright, funky and fun. The whole DT is fabulously talented and I'm really looking forward to getting to know the team and working with the kits.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anniversary dinner

This is what I cooked for our anniversary dinner. First I made the salt & szechuan pepper chicken spare ribs and served half with fruity mayo (hongkong style).....then the other half got cooked with okra and nonya sambal. This was surprisingly so quick and easy and tasty that I will be making it again ......sooon!!!!

Gosh....has it really been that long????

It's my wedding anniversary today......19th anniversary....yah...can you believe that? 19 years!!! We find it hard to believe doesn't seem like that long ago!! I have spent half my life with blessed to have found love so early on. We were truly very young when we met and married 6 months later......and wasn't a shot gun wedding because we didn't have our son till nearly 2 years later. LOL...just had to clear that up!

Anyways....I so happened to be picked for the November Guest DT for Scrap-Pile and what better way than to kill two birds with one stone and do an anniversary album with the gorgeous Junkitz box bookz and my favourite Scenic Route papers. So you are all in for a giggle and a laugh while you take a wander down memory lane with us.The journalling and the title are the lyrics from Nat King Cole's song 'Too Young' . This is 'OUR' song because we were always told by family and friends that we were too young...but we've proved them wrong. Anniversary plans for tonight because we have a meeting at the primary school where Jeromel will be starting Prep next we will do something another time.

Asides from that....I had a crop here on Saturday and Vita, Shirley , Mich and Jane came....had an absolute ball and I did one EDM just one layout....I was too busy chatting and being a hostess. Again we had Rendang but this time with chicken flavoured rice and wasabi potato & prawn salad. And dessert was Mango and sticky coconut rice...and there was a bit of durian too. Yum yum!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

The things he says !!!!

In Sydney....Jeromel came running up to me and gave me a really big hug around my belly....he really squeezed me with all his might.....took my breath away!!!

I's a big hug! Jeromel steps back with a big look of pride on his face...puts his hands on his hips and says 'yes, I squeezed you so tight you're lucky your head didn't pop off!!'

rofl....where does he get these lines from???

This is my Arty Pants layout with the same Scrapbooking Australia Christmas papers.....relieved to have finished with them. As much as I didn't like these papers.....I actually really like my layout and the gift box. I'm a magenius!!! LOL

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We're back!!!

We're and sound.....we have flat bums and I have amazingly arrived with my sanity intact.

We had a really really good time........the drive to Canberra was a breeze....I drove part of the way and quite enjoyed doing 110kph!!! We stayed at the Carotel Canberra in a family cabin....2 bedrooms in really nice surroundings for $155 per night. Had dinner at a buffet place and did a bit of sighseeing the next morning before driving to Sydney. On the way to sydney we bought a box and a half of huge luscious sweet fresh cherries from a road side stall.....and then further along....a box of mangoes. Delish delish!!!

Our Sydney apartment in Parramatta was just gorgeous.....really really beautiful and luxurious!!! Masterbedroom had ensuite & queen sized bed, another bedroom had a QS bed and the last bedroom had 2 single beds. Big living area and gorgeous balcony overlooking the golf course. We did have a hiccup in that the air conditioning didn't work, there was no foxtel (as advertised) and the TV didn't work because the antenna wasn't connected. Consequently...I had bored grumpy was a bit on the warm side for us Melbournians who just had a cold snap....which resulted in the little one's asthma playing up and he also got a massive bloody nose which meant that he moved from the bed he was sharing with his grandma to our bed.

After a few complaints in the morning...we moved to another apartment in the next block ($50 cheaper)....slightly smaller living area (no balcony)...but there was airconditioning and there was foxtel which the kids were rapt about. The lovely lady also refunded us what we paid for our first night's all up I paid $189 for two night's accomodation. What a bargain!!!!

We did lots in Sydney.......highlights:

1. Temasek Restaurant in Paramatta - yummo and the chef made a special meal for Jeromel when he was notified about Jeromel's peanut allergy.

2. Exact change toll booths on the throwing the coins into the basket and watching while it counts then opens up the boom.....we threw coins in one by one.....Joseph said it might even start busking for us. LOL

3. Driving over the Sydney harbour bridge....what a buzz...what an experience.....we did it a couple of times just coz it was so much fun.......nah...we got lost and somehow ended up going over it again.

4. Making a wrong turn into the opera house parking lot meant that we had to pay the $28 parking exxy???? I ran to the pay booth and explained the problem and the nice man said that he would let us out for free!!! What a nice man!

5. Our last night we drove all around the city and did the harbour bridge again, the opera house, took in the sights of the bustling city lights....most of the christmas decorations are up already....we drove to Kings cross too!

6. StarCity....we went there for dinner thinking it was a big complex like Crown and it is really small...not many places for us to have dinner the boys ended up having subway and playing pool while we went to the noodle place and has some really good asian food....huge servings.....when I say huge...I mean huge....a plate of noodles was big enough to fill two large rectangular take away containers. Parking was a killer though $17 flat rate !!!! We didn't play at the casino....Joseph went upstairs to get his poker chips...he's collecting $1 and $5 poker chips.....we will try and get the ones from all around Australia. Can anyone help? We've got VIC, ACT and NSW and are looking for other states......we will pay of course!! some.......will share later! The 10 hour drive home was a bit of a killer though....Joseph was a hero and drove all the way home....I kept asking if he wanted a break but he insisted he was fine....we did stop every 2 hours for a toilet break and for everyone to stretch their legs.

I will leave you with one of my Arty Pants November projects. I was given quite a few sheets of the Scrapbooking Australia Christmas papers...and again, really not me at all...but a challenge is a challenge and I am never one to back down when issued with a I used most of the papers for this decorated gift box and have another layout on the drafting table ready for a photo.What do you think?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

And we're off.....

And we're off for a bit of a road trip....driving from Melb to Canberra...staying overnight then driving to Sydney and staying a couple of nights there and then back to the time we've crossed the border....I will have had enough of being on the road...will be sick of driving...but it will be too late to turn back.
Thought I better post a few of my little projects.....I've just sent my first two Circle journals off.....felt like such a nervous mother sending these two babies out. Can't wait till they are back home.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

That's 1, That's 2......that's 3.....that's it.....TIME OUT!!!

Photography by Susan Darcy
This is Susan's daughter Jaime.....absolutely adore this is sooo her....she's girly yet very cheeky and although she's painted like a girly butterfly......she's still her cheeky self. I had so much fun doing this layout........esp doing the butterflies and putting in a glittering flight path.

Now for my Arty Pants DT Projects for October

This month...I was given Scrapbooking Australia Chocolate Box papers to work with....very very challenging as these papers are totally not my style. That is why it's a challenge....I plodded on and am very proud to say that I made them work for me. Very happy with what I did. The whole middle section of the 'Stay sweet forever' layout has been mounted on chipboard so it's like a framed photo.

With the Peppermint Chocolate box papers....I used it to alter a CD tin. I find that this green goes beautifully with bright bright colours....the Prima itty bitty bag of flowers were perfect for this.This It's my time layout was our challenge layout...inspired by Ali Edwards to pick an hour and then scrap about it. Very simple layout using the 3 bug paper and scalloped bazzill. I've been told that my layouts recently are quite 'clean'.......and yah....they are.......I'm in a 'clean' simple phase atm.....I have a layout on my scrap table with all the letters of the alphabet on's busy busy busy and I still can't bring myself to stick it all it's waiting for me to get into a 'busy' mood. LOL
This month....I am Guest DT at Scrap-Pile
I've been given some fabulous products to work with and they'll be done in a days....I will upload them on the go and check it out. This time out layout is a challenge set by Mich to use at least 2 pcs of chipboard (not counting alphas). I adore this his the angle at which I took the the colours. Chipboard wise....I mounted the tick tock tick tock sticker strip and the T is for Time sticker onto chipboard for some added dimension and used the Collections reos.

While on the subject of Time out.....I use the Time out method with Jeromel as his main form of discipline. A couple of years ago...I did the 'How to talk so your kids will listen' short course with Kylie and it was eye opener. And this time out works sooo well with Jeromel. When he is doing something wrong....he gets warnings....I tell him what he is doing wrong....then I say 'that's 1..................' then he is given the chance to stop......often...he is having fun with whatever he is doing wrong, so he doesn't stop....a few seconds later....I'm in his line of sight again and holding out two fingers....I tell him 'that's 2.....'

If I get to 3....then he knows he goes to time out. But in 95% of cases....he's already stopped at 1 or 2..........which is why I love this....because he gets the opportunity to stop this behaviour because he knows what the consequence is.

So where is his time out spot? I don't have a naughty spot like the Nanny.....I don't even like labelling a child as naughty.....really dislike that word. ok....that's another story....

Jeromel's time out spot is on his bed. He always has a basket of books next to his bed and he sits on his bed and reads books while he waits for the timer to go off. Timer???? 1 min for each year of his he gets 5 mins set on the timer in the bedroom. He can hear the tick tick tick of the timer and he knows what when the bell rings...he can come out.

Do I ever have to drag him there kicking and screaming? When I started time out.....we had to do that 2 or 3 times initially ....that's it....and time out doesn't start until he's calm....and I started off with a very very short time out so he got used to the whole concept of time out.

This time out method has been my sanity saviour.......I'm so grateful for this method. Thanks Kylie for asking me to come along!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Welcome to Shania Daniela Narcis! clever sister popped out a baby girl last Friday. Meet Shania Daniela Narcis born in Brunei at 11.15am on the 27th October weighing 3280gms (majority of that weight must be in her chubby cheeks). She is absolutely perfect and we can't wait to meet her! Must buy a lotto ticket this weekend. has been a while since I blogged......there truly wasn't much to blog I got my layout done in time to mail off to Scrapbook creations for their cover comp. I won't win so am posting it on my blog for all to see. I do like it though...but it's not cover material....why? Coz someone who has a cute kid layout will win the comp....I'm not son said layout does not scream buy me buy me buy me. LOL...but that's ok....I tried and that's good enough for me. Jannah if you are reading my are most welcome to prove me wrong....rofl!!

Photography by Susan Darcy

Ok....other layouts done are my EDM layouts for October....sigh....truly mojo ran for the hills....this months theme is Home and sponsor is Michael Miller....who make fabric paper. Secondary sponsor is Basic Grey and coz the fabric papers were pale pink, bright pink and bright orange....Romani just really suited. I think I may be in quite a linear kind of mood ....tee hee!

Asides from that....other highlights....

Dylan Hartung Fundraising Crop Day was a huge success as the organiser Jody raised more than $10K that day!!!! Fabulous effort!!! We got to meet Dylan's Dad Tim and hear him talk about Dylan.....I had quite a few teary moments.....for Dylan & his family....and will pray for his recovery. Jodie and Danni from Arty Pants were there demonstrating the Cricut too ....fabulous machine!!

I had an absolute ball that day!!! Never been to a crop before....truly never.....and my scrapping tote has been was packed and it has travelled! Did I scrap that day??? Nope....didn't even finish a layout because I had a splitting I couldn't concentrate on scrapping....I could shop though...funny eh?? I had a good time catching up with friends...and meeting online friends for the first time and making new friends. I donated my Scrapbook Creations prize ($200 worth of Derivan Matisse Kindy Glitz & Paint Minis) to the event for the fundraiser as I won the same prize a while back - there's only so much kindy glitz a gal can use! Wendy from Paperdoll bought it and a new friend was made that day.

Then, last Saturday was Paperific.....I had so much fun shopping!!!! Shopped till I had no more money left with Mich and Shirley. I bought Twinkling H2Os....never used them before and I was assured that $2.50 for a small pot was great 4 to try. Bought stickers to make cards because there was one clever lady who made awesome cards with silver stickers. Bought more collections chipboard....I can't get enough of collections stuff!!! And.....I made ATC cards for the first time the night before paperific. I made 9 thinking that I could trade....thinking that I would be the only one without ATC't laugh....within 2 mins of walking in...a lady wanted to swap and then...that was one else asked and I didn't see anyone else with now I have 8 left....what do I do with left over ATCs??? Anyone want to swap???? Please don't laugh at my ATCs....I've never made them before....they're sooo amateurish! Thought I'd post a pic of the ATCs....although I've used different papers.....they've all got the same theme though....funny scrapbooking sayings. The one on the lower right hand corner has said...Born to Scrap, Forced to work.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The things he says !!!!

My son cracks me up big time with the things he says....this latest one is soooo hilarious he had his parents in stitches. I still get such a good giggle when I think about it.

Yup.....Jeromel's nickname is Stinky Malinky....and of course his mother had to scrapbook about that.....totally love how this page turned out with the transparencies and the Heidi Swapp mask.....very simple to do but effective. Did the journalling with my new Zig Photo Signature pen....I have been hunting for this pen since Shirley told me about it....and finally found it when I happened to stumble upon a stamping shop!! Fabulous pen!
Oh No is a half hour challenge layout set for me by myself. LOL.....all night I had been online and had tidied up my scrap table and not I decided to do the HMITM blog challenge to use 25 stamps on one layout.....tee hee....I stopped counting at I really like how it turned out. Love my new Autumn leaves journalling, ledger tab and Golden moments stamps. So glad I ordered them from USA.....sooo much cheaper!!!

This is my layout for the Aussie Dares blog challenge set by yours truly. One manufacturer...I chose Autumn Leaves.....aren't these papers and rub ons fabulous????

hmmm........what else have I been up to.....let's see....

Did the never ending housework, worked, we had the hottest october day in 100 years last thursday when it reached 38 degrees, and on Friday after school, Jeromel got sick with Asthma and as a result...I've been housebound with him for the past 4 days...only went out this afternoon to take Jordan to work at KFC...then quickly ducked out to the supermarket and fruit shop to replenish essentials. I took today off work so that Jeromel could have an extra day to recover and he still needs his puffer quite often.....but seems stable we are off to work tomorrow as Orlando's Mummy has an early morning meeting....but has a quiet will see how we go....we can just work for half a day if Jeromel gets too tired.

Is anyone doing the Scrapbook Creations Cover competition? It's due this friday and the layout is still on my scrap table.....slack slack slack....mojo ran away again I think I need to bribe it back with some Weis Mango Sorbet....or some Durian. Mich???? Saturday??? Durian??? lol...let's see if she reads my blog.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I challenge YOU

I was thrilled to be asked to set the new challenge for the How Dare You blog.....and I came up with a 'from one manufacturer' challenge. Go visit the blog to see my layout and for the details of the challenge..........and now issuing a challenge to those who visit my blog to do the challenge!!! Email your layouts to

I did it...I did a poppet layout for my Arty pants DT challenge. Sigh....I didn't think I could...and it's not GREAT...but it was the best that I could do as I was born without the drawing gene...but I LOVE IT!!!
Now for my September Everyday moments album layouts....this months theme is Celebrate and sponsor of the month...if you haven't guessed is Sassafras Lass.

Absolutely love this layout I did of baby Emma....isn't she absolutely sweet? Adore the dreamy feel with such a pale pale layout. I have never done a layout this pale before. I absolutely love Susan Darcy's photography. Susan is just so talented....absolutely adore her preggy and kids photos. Between Kylie and Susan....I am guaranteed to get given girls photos when I am in the mood to scrap girly girl pink layouts.

Jeromel must take after me...he is creative...he loves to cut and glue and paint and draw and goes through sticky tape like his father owns shares in it. He created this playdoh creation of my mother....complete with glasses....and if you can see that he has even made an 'adam's apple' on the throat. It is a totally wacky creation and the details he made just amazed me. I had to celebrate his creativity!I love to celebrate birthdays because it means I get to have cake!!! LOL....and coz it meant that I got to use the Sassafras Lass stamp on this the middle of the flower.

ok....excitement aside.....

I'm back at work...yah....u read right....I got asked to work for another 6 weeks while O's family prepare to move back to SA. He wasn't settling in at childcare and unsettled at a lot of my plans have been put on the back burner for a few more weeks.