Sunday, December 17, 2006


Look at what arrived? My first kit from One Page at a Time. This took my breath away and had me weak at the is just absolutely gorgeous....absolutely packed to the brim with such a beautiful selection!!! It truly is such value for money because the papers are mostly double you can get so many different layouts done with this. And the otp item is fabulous quality. I've never done a clipboard will be having lots of fun with this....I have an idea for this in my head already.

If you haven't tried a kit and get one for your chrissy pressie because it will sell very very quickly!!

Now what else have I been up to?
It has been busy in the Enanoria household..........with boys finishing up with school and Jeromel had his end of year concert at cute.....they did the nativity play. My camera was not behaving very well that day due to flatish batteries and poor my pics aren't fabulous but I have enough to do a layout....will be back to post that one soon.

On the foodie side....I have finally restocked on my Prima Taste products.....I am not ashamed to admit that I am a lazy cook. Prima Taste makes perfect Singapore Laksa, delectable fool proof Rendang and the best ever Singapore chicken curry that has everyone happy to eat just gravy and rice when all the chicken has been polished off. For a couple of months now, all my local stores have been out of stock and I have been using up my stock slowly .....sort of rationing it.....finally I got tired of waiting and contacted the distributor directly and found out that I can buy directly from them. They're quite far away...but worth the drive to get what I I get to drop by and visit Michelle (who is also a big Prima Taste fan).

On the scrapping side......I took a little break from scrapping layouts and did some christmas decorations and presants instead. Mich and I saw the Kaiser Craft Christmas Tree at The Scrapbook Scene and fell in love....head over heels in love with it. Here it is ....all done up in Basic Grey Fruitcake papers and for the first time.....I did beading.....proper beading with tigertail and crimps....nearly went blind beading.....but it was sooo worth twinkles in the light and is just such a pretty centre piece.Basic Grey also like the tree and put it on their gallery....I still get a kick out of them accepting my work. LOL See the stars next to it? I've been making them slowly while watching telly from the BG kits....still have to make the balls this week.

On the publishing front.....I've had a few acceptances this from Scrapbook Creations and two from Scrapbooking Memories and was asked by SM to do a product review....first time!!!! Very excited!!!


Wendy said...

Congratulations on all your success Ruey.
I'm going to go check you out on the BG website right now.

Julie said...

Love the tree Ruey. I've got some bg pages I've been meaning to try my luck with the bg gallery.

Rachelle said...

congrats on the pubs Ruey!!
totally deserved.
and your BG tree just rocks.

connie said...

love the tree Ruey.... stunning.. congrats on the BG..... and for all the mag stuff!!!!...

loving that pack also!!!

iralamija said...

I love every creation!! the tree is beautiful!!


Crissy Gaylor said...

Congrats on your acceptances Ruey! Love your xmas tree decoration! Very cool!!!

Michelle said...

Way to go Ruey! Congrats on the pub!

I LOVE the tree!!! It's just soooo cool!!