Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas part 2

I got interrupted I will continue my post....

Christmas day was fabulous....we went to Joseph's aunty's place where we got together with the whole family for a fabulous lunch which stretched to dinner...which stretched to supper and we came home at 2.30am....quite respectable for us....if not for Jordan working the following day...we probably would have had breakfast there!

Boxing Day after taking Jordan to work, we hit the shops for the boxing day sales...our first time....and only because Joseph needs new glasses and OPSM were taking 30% off the glasses he's been eyeing for a while now. Dinner that night was at Mich & Peter's place....we had a fabulous time...great food and fantastic company. Thanks Mich and Peter for a really delightful night.

Lastly.....a photo of the men in my life......was so hard to get a photo of them on Christmas day....this was the best I could get after 20 tries.....sigh.....but still the photo captures the goofiness which I love about them all.


Anonymous said...

love the photo of the men in your family. i hope you got a photo of yourself in there too:)

vita said...

fantastic photo... looking forward to see it scrap.