Tuesday, November 07, 2006

That's 1, That's 2......that's 3.....that's it.....TIME OUT!!!

Photography by Susan Darcy
This is Susan's daughter Jaime.....absolutely adore this photo...it is sooo her....she's girly yet very cheeky and although she's painted like a girly butterfly......she's still her cheeky self. I had so much fun doing this layout........esp doing the butterflies and putting in a glittering flight path.

Now for my Arty Pants DT Projects for October

This month...I was given Scrapbooking Australia Chocolate Box papers to work with....very very challenging as these papers are totally not my style. That is why it's a challenge....I plodded on and am very proud to say that I made them work for me. Very happy with what I did. The whole middle section of the 'Stay sweet forever' layout has been mounted on chipboard so it's like a framed photo.

With the Peppermint Chocolate box papers....I used it to alter a CD tin. I find that this green goes beautifully with bright bright colours....the Prima itty bitty bag of flowers were perfect for this.This It's my time layout was our challenge layout...inspired by Ali Edwards to pick an hour and then scrap about it. Very simple layout using the 3 bug paper and scalloped bazzill. I've been told that my layouts recently are quite 'clean'.......and yah....they are.......I'm in a 'clean' simple phase atm.....I have a layout on my scrap table with all the letters of the alphabet on it....it's busy busy busy and I still can't bring myself to stick it all down....so it's waiting for me to get into a 'busy' mood. LOL
This month....I am Guest DT at Scrap-Pile
I've been given some fabulous products to work with and they'll be done in a days....I will upload them on the 15th....so go and check it out. This time out layout is a challenge set by Mich to use at least 2 pcs of chipboard (not counting alphas). I adore this photo.....love his pout....love the angle at which I took the photo....love the colours. Chipboard wise....I mounted the tick tock tick tock sticker strip and the T is for Time sticker onto chipboard for some added dimension and used the Collections reos.

While on the subject of Time out.....I use the Time out method with Jeromel as his main form of discipline. A couple of years ago...I did the 'How to talk so your kids will listen' short course with Kylie and it was fabulous...an eye opener. And this time out works sooo well with Jeromel. When he is doing something wrong....he gets warnings....I tell him what he is doing wrong....then I say 'that's 1..................' then he is given the chance to stop......often...he is having fun with whatever he is doing wrong, so he doesn't stop....a few seconds later....I'm in his line of sight again and holding out two fingers....I tell him 'that's 2.....'

If I get to 3....then he knows he goes to time out. But in 95% of cases....he's already stopped at 1 or 2..........which is why I love this....because he gets the opportunity to stop this behaviour because he knows what the consequence is.

So where is his time out spot? I don't have a naughty spot like the Nanny.....I don't even like labelling a child as naughty.....really dislike that word. ok....that's another story....

Jeromel's time out spot is on his bed. He always has a basket of books next to his bed and he sits on his bed and reads books while he waits for the timer to go off. Timer???? 1 min for each year of his life....so he gets 5 mins set on the timer in the bedroom. He can hear the tick tick tick of the timer and he knows what when the bell rings...he can come out.

Do I ever have to drag him there kicking and screaming? When I started time out.....we had to do that 2 or 3 times initially ....that's it....and time out doesn't start until he's calm....and I started off with a very very short time out so he got used to the whole concept of time out.

This time out method has been my sanity saviour.......I'm so grateful for this method. Thanks Kylie for asking me to come along!!!


Kylie said...

You're welcome! Glad it worked for one of us. ;)

Crissy Gaylor said...

Love your AP challenges for October Ruey and the 3D floral effects on your first layout! Stunning!!!

Crissy Gaylor said...

Ruey, no one can tell us what happened to DH's eye, only that it has never happened before!

Susan said...

I love this layout of jaime too :) and you are right, tis so her, she is girly very girly yet such a cheeky funny character at the same time :)

let me know if you want some more girly pics, i did more of my girls recently :)

Tammy James said...

Ruey all of these pages are just beautiful. Love the phase you are in at the moment. TFS

Julie said...

Awesome pages. Love the first one.

jilly said...

Gawd you're good at this Ruey! Look brilliant!

jane said...

looove those butterflies- theyre the ones you showed me at Dylans?
love the others too- mmm coffee

Sarah said...

Wow, your layouts are just so fantastic. I love them. Popping by your blog is SO inspiring. Also loved your 'time out' story. Thanks for sharing :) And the butterflies....I LOVE those!!! Where did you find those?

CarolineO said...

Hi there, blog hopping here and found yours, your LO's are amazing particularly this latest one with all the 3d elements, I'm loving the Australian scrapping style. And yes what are those butterfliues, they're amazing.

Carole Janson said...

Ruey everything is so gorgeous and yummy love them all, and the butterflies are gorgeous, and I loved the glittered flight path.

Have a great week.

Best Wishes

Suriyati said...

Hi there,

Your layouts look awesome. I like the last LO.. it looks tight and neat and simple too.

oh!! the first LO looks great especially the butterfly on your daughter's face and how you incorporate it in your LO. Awesome!!

oh!! am going to link you to my blog. I hope you don't mind,a nd if you do, please let me know okay.