Thursday, February 01, 2007

An Announcement, exciting news and a prize!!!

First of announcement. Yes.....I join the ranks of those mothers who saw their child off to school for the first day. I was very brave....had tissues in one hand and camera in the other...and didn't need the tissues at all!! Jeromel has been looking so forward to school and
his attitude towards school was fantastic...he was sooo ready. I'm glad I made the decision to keep him home for another year as he wasn't mentally, socially or physically ready to start Prep in 2006. He loves his new teacher and ran into the classroom and settled himself into an activity straight away. Last years transition program helped so much....they did an hour a week for terms 3 and 4....which is a fabulous program. Jeromel is in a class with 18 other children..and there is another child there who is anaphylactic to peanuts as well.
Ok...on to exciting news.....the fabulously talented Carole Janson's deluxe kit has been put up for sale on Scrapping Angels For those who are not familiar with how a deluxe kit buy the kit which comes with cardstock, papers, embellishments AND instructions on how to do the 4 layouts and card that you see in the pic above. Yup yup yup...if you have ever wondered how Carole gets sooo much dimension and pop in her layouts....then you have to get this kit. But WAIT....there's more.....she will be online in the Scrapping Angels chat room on the28th Feb to chat with you....and help you if you are stuck or if you have any questions. How cool is that???

I am in the process of picking out my products for my deluxe kit which will launch in May!! Any one wants to do a class with me??

Ok.....done my announcement and my exciting time for a prize. I've always wondered who reads my blog on a regular basis....who lurks but never comments? Let me entice you out of lurkedom with a rak prize. All you have to do is post a comment and I will get Jeromel to draw out a winner on the 9th Feb.


lee woodside said...

I am always here peeking on on your creations. Love your work. Love your banner too. Did you make it yourself?

Michelle said...

Ruey.. would LOVE to do your class! :)

Happy that you little boy loved school.

Well.. you know I don't lurk.. I stalk your blog openly. LOL!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend ahead!

Julie said...

Hi there Ruey.

I'm not a Lurker either. Love the work you do.

Glad your little man had a great first day back at school.

shirls said...

well, sometimes i don't leave comments but most times i do:) jeromel looked so happy and yes, you were very brave. proud of you,mum:)

Sarah said...

Hi Ruey,
You know i read you blog. Your little man looks so ready for school, look at that big

take care

Michelle M said...

I am an avid reader but never leave comments... I am inspired by your gorgeous work.

Wendy said...

Yes, I must admit I read your blog regularly. I have my favs and yours in one of them. Always feel like scrappin after visiting your blog. Wendy

Wendy said...

Yes I admit, I read your blog too, it is up there with my favs. Always feel like scrapping after visiting your blog!

Sue said...

Hey Ruey
I am a frequent lurker on your blog :)

Love your work it is so inspiring and I love seeing some of the yummy food you have on here too lol.

Look forward to seeing your kit and would love to do a class with you :)

Anonymous said...

yes I do lurk you blog :)
and I have SL a couple of your layouts... love your work Ruey
esp' the scenic route - cape town
you did last year..

Anonymous said...

Semi frequent lurker here. :0)
Your scrapping is amazing.

connie said...

Ruey totally love all those pics of Jeromel's first day of school... you are one clever little lady!!!!.....

Jorja said...

Hi Ruey, I visit your Blog everyday. You are an inspiration and I totally admire your talent. Jeromel reminds me of when my boys first started school - they were just ready to go go go... All the best for the weekend - Jorja

Jorja said...

Hi Ruey, I visit your Blog daily. You are an inspiration and I totally admire your work. Jeromel reminds me of when my boys first started school - they were all just so ready to go. I held my 3 son back for a year and it was the best thing I ever did. Have a great year Jeromel.


welcome to my world said...

yes totally addicted to viewing your blog. My coby starts kinder on tuesday don't know how i will cope with school yet. Good idea for a comp babe your such a clever lady.

Sofi p said...

I pop in and read you blog too Ruey! Always inspired by your goegeous work.

Jerome looks so happy in the photos. Glad his first day went really well.

Tammy said...

Hi Ruey,
I always get a grin at the prizes drawing out the lurkers but I'm Sooo guilty of doing it. I comment here occasionally but not as often as I pop in. Rebecca Sower had something like 636 names to draw when she cleared out her studio!! 600 !!!

Mel Nunn said...

Hi Ruey, I have dropped by a few times and rudely left no comment for you... naughty me :P . Awesome on being such a brave mum too.

Michaele Bunting said...

Hi Ruey,
I'll confess I'm a lurker and absolutely love your work. Your blog is in my favourites and I check it out almost everyday.
My little boy started grade 1 on Monday and has had a fabulous week.
This is my first time leaving a comment and I hope I will know how....a bit technically challenged. LOL!
Michaele Bunting

vita said...

So glad that Jeromel enjoy school. He looks so grown up in the photos. Love all the layouts you did for the OPAAT too.

Dee Molina said...

Hi Ruey!!!

I'm not a lurker either -- I'm open and upfront about whereabouts on your blog ;)


Scrapper-holic said...

Hi Ruey

Sorry i haven't been in touch lately. Just recently got back on the net after some computer hiatus and then now busy with new baby. Thanks for you congrats message on my blog!!

Jeromel looks so happy to be in school!!

I would also love to get one of your kits when its ready in May. Please let me know how i can go about doing it from Brunei.


Dannii said...

Hi Ruey!
You probably know that I lurk around your blog a bit, I think your scrapping is awesome! Sorry I don't comment much, but I definitely do admire! Keep up the good work!
Dannii_b (from EB)

Deanne (aka ~Dizzy~) said...

Alway looking at your blog Ruey, your scrapping really inpires me as I love your style (also your food pictures keep me coming back - you know that !)

Yeah for Jeromel and his first day bet he had a blast !!!

Megan said...

I am a frequent visitor to your blog Ruey but am so slack at leaving comments on yours or lots of people's for that matter. I promise to do better from now on!!

Naomi said...

You Caught Me!

I'm another one that lurks too much but that's only because you leave me to shame :(

Being an EB mummy I eye off all your creations from off there & on here, so I get double the excitment.

Happy Birthday to my little man who will be turning 3 of the 9th of february too - great I feel old.

Felicity said...

Hi Ruey,

I am coming out of lurkerdom as well. Great news to hear you are running a class I will be there with bells on. Your work is such an inspiration to many of us on EB :) Felicity.

jilly said...

Ruey You know I'm a lurker from way back lol!

Pick me, pick me!


KimA said...

Hi Ruey - I do lurk from time to time ;)

Leenie said...

Nope I never come here, and I'm not here today either ;)

louisespiden said...

*hand up* Yes, I hereby de-lurk!

JazzScraps said...

Hi Ruey! Wow!! When you announced there's a prize to be won, this particular post has 31 comments (up-to-date)!! Hee! He!
My initial intro to your blog was through Adeline's blog. I'm afraid I don't read your blog everyday. I do envy you being in a place where scrapping resources are available aplenty. Am curious to know what's gonna be in your kit but I guess I'd have to wait like everybody else! Any chance of it being available here in Brunei?

judee d said...

Gee did someone mention prize!!!! It only takes that word and so many visits.
I am so glad that Jeromel enjoyed his school experience. Well done Jeromel.
Congrats Ruey on
1. being a brave mum
2. having your kit announcement
3. announcing your class
4. being a great person
Thanks for visiting me. I am sure there will be plenty of photos of the wedding, outfit and of course not to forget Jodie's new baby.
Keep smiling and healthy

susan j said...

You know I always pop in over here. I LOVE what you do!!

willisahogarth said...

Hey Ruey,

I'm loving all your latest stuff!! And Carole's kit looks really cool!!



Dani said...

Lurk- Yep yep yep!
I love seeing your latest creations, just for that extra bit of inspriation :)

sueluvsit said...

I have just found your blog from3A's site. iluv the name of your site and I agree with the girls, Iiluv your work i would LOVE to do a class with you.

lusi said...

Lurker lurker lurker lol ;) Love seeing your creations Ruey and love al the stuff you get up to :)
Lus x