Saturday, July 15, 2006

What is it about J's????

I have had a fabulous fabulous week. Last Sunday, Mich and Shirley came to my place and we then went to Paper2 and caught up with Jane, Susan and Jen. First time meeting the fabulously talented Shirley, the amazing Jane who is also in the current issue of FK in the Introducing section (congratss!!) and also first time to meet two EB scrappers Susan & Jen. I shopped till I was silly and between Mich and myself....we got enough points on the loyalty card in one visit to entitle us to 10% our next spree!! We spent heaps!!

Then we went to Sails on Main for lunch and oogled through each other's albums and even did a mini photo shoot right in the middle of the packed restaurant......we were noisy and laughing and having a ball!!! i will come back and post pics on that soon.

Ok...down to scrapping.....this week...3 layouts for Jeromel's A-Z album

J Friends

J for J Friends. What is it about J's? When I was first pregnant, we had a hard time choosing names....we had a very well thumbed baby names book with post it notes everywhere....finally we decided that if the baby was a boy, the first name would start with J (after DH - Joseph) and the second name start with R (after me). So much easier...we eliminated the other 24 letters of the alphabet and concentrated on two sections.

Our boys are named: Jordan Rhys, Jarryd Rhain and Jeromel Rhowan.

We had a hard time choosing Jeromel's name and thank goodness we don't have to choose names again. LOL

So little one Jeromel has lots of good friends that start with J....Jessica, Jye and Jaime....what a co-incidence huh???

K for Karaoke
Ok...this Karaoke layout is kinda didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I might re-do this at some stage...but for the time will stay. Enough said about it....

L for Laughter
I took this photo of the boys during Christmas last year and I love it heaps. After taking lots of unsuccessful photos with one of them always with a funny face or closed eyes or rolling their eyes....I told them to laugh...and they roared and I got this fabulous photo!!

This layout was done for the HMITM eyelet challenge...where you have to use at least 20 eyelets amongst the journalling. A fun layout to do and decided to do it on DH since he had already started complaining that it's been a while since I've done a layout on him. LOL He loves it and I had lots of fun with the eyelets.

I've done a few other layouts....I will be back to post about them....


Michelle W. said...

awww. Love those layouts!

Shirls said...

girl, you have been super productive. love all of them. your kids has got great names!!!