Monday, November 10, 2008

I set out to shock you....

hehehe....two posts in a day!!!  How's that?

A couple of weeks ago on a Friday, I was chatting on the phone to Lyndal ensuring her that I really hadn't been captured by aliens when on the spur of the moment, I invited her to come and scrap that night.  I had been making cards and could do with some company.  I then sent a quick email out to invite Mich, Jorja, Jane and Vita too.  It was very short notice and to my delight....this group of very special friends all came and scrapped with me that night.    We started around 7.30pm and Lyndal was the last to leave close to 3am!!  I got a few cards done that night and had lots of fun heat embossing!!  Vita brought her Bind it All as Jorja wanted a demonstration.  Jorja and Mich both placed pre-orders for the new Bind it All at Paperific - lucky ducks!!

To my delight...Vita decided to leave her Bind it All for me to play with and play....I did!!!  I never knew how useful a Bind it All was!!!  I made a 6x12" album for house decor/building ideas.  I used lots of papers from my stash that I wasn't too keen on using for layouts anymore.  It's pretty and of course I used the Ki Memories sheer delights for the cover...good protection.

Then I decided to raid my pizza box full of scrap papers to make a smaller album using the remaining bit of wire that I had left over from making my big album.  Decided to make Jeromel's school excursion to the Melbourne Zoo mini album.  Yes, I got to go along on the excursion too - loved it heaps!!

So here is the mini album 

Cover done with Ki Memories Sheer delights available here for only $3.50 per sheet! (little plug for my shop!)

I swear...this gorilla was just soooo adorable!!!  He was like that for quite a long time!!!  At times he would look at his fingernails!!!
Yes...this is my little monkey hamming it up for the mamarazzi.  Isn't that Scrapware monkey cute??
I love zebras heaps!!!  This one was a magnificent looking zebra!!  The kids were all fascinated looking at the giraffes and zebras in that enclosure.

And here are some of my christmas cards.  I've made 35 so far...and I made myself use my old old old ancient stash of christmas papers and embellishments.  Very simple cards but I'm ultra pleased with how they turned out.  wdyt??


Nicole Aspinall said...

I'm still reading! LOL! Lots of cool stuff to look at here. Love the zoo album. hope you are having fun with KitiQ :)

Pandachu said...

Very "crever" ah u...Love that album...i'm still working on my little brother's singapore trip...keke