Friday, September 26, 2008

Captured by aliens!!

Ok...seriously I don't know where time has gone!!  A blink and it's September...and end of September!!  I think I've been captured by aliens.  yes, it might be the only explanation......because I don't know where a month has gone!!

Before I go waffling on .....I need to tell you about Kiti Q....Ki Memories Sheer Delights.  OMG...these are seriously seriously seriously gorgeous!!!  I was so surprised when I came home to find a big box from Ki's early!!!  That's almost unheard of!!!  I wasn't expecting it until mid october!!  So I got dinner underway then opened up the box and melted into a big puddle of rapture!!!  They're not transparency, they're not paper, they're gorgeous transclucent patterned plastic!!!  They are the newest thing to hit the scrapbooking market!!  No one has done this before!!!  Layouts using Sheer Delights as their background are going to be so gorgeous and easily given to non scrapping friends too as they are sturdy enough to stand up.  Their transclucency is just spectacular.  (so spectacular that I can't spell anymore!) Seriously beautiful enough to decorate your home with this.   This is going to rock the people who love OTP projects!!  

let me see....if I blog I might just remember bits and pieces...

My Dad is here visiting...and was supposed to go home earlier but extended his trip as his house is being renovated.  So, we've enjoyed his company.  He keeps me busy too as I drive him around, talk to him a lot, more person in the house means more laundry.  Jordan is now sleeping in the computer room as he gave up his room for his grandfather.  

The last few weeks of school were so busy!!!  Jeromel had lots of rehearsals for his school play.  The school puts on a play every couple of years and it's a Japanese play as it's a Japanese bilingual school.   Yes, Jeromel learns did the older two boys.  But no...Joseph isn't'm not Japanese either.....but the 3 boys know Japanese more than they know filipino or Chinese.  *shrugs* - maybe the aliens made me do it.  I dunno!!!  hehehe  
But it's a great's not just a school where you learn Japanese as the 2nd's a bilingual they may do science in japanese today or art or maths or sports....they have teachers who only speak to them in Japanese.  They learn how to read, write, sing in Japanese and they learn so quickly.  It's amazing how kids are just like sponges!!!  By the time the older two boys finished Grade 6, they were at VCE standard of Japanese and in their senior year....they go to Japan with the school.  Very cool!!

So back to the topic....Japanese was called the Bamboo Princess - Kaguyahime.  Beautiful play and it was written by one of the teachers...she wrote the script, wrote the songs was fabulous!!  Jeromel's class were horses....very cute horses who wiggled their behinds!!  One of the highlights of the play was a taiko drum performance by some of the older grade 5 and 6 kids.  I'm a huge fan of taiko drums and each time I see them perform, I am amazed at how well they do it.  The taiko drummers get requested to perform at many schools and festivals now.  On the first day performance, they did it for the local high school for their japanese class and also for the caulfield japanese school.  The first night performance, our local politician Hong Lim and the Japanese Consulate General of Australia came.  And on the 2nd night performance, the VIP guest was the principal of the Melbourne Japanese school.  I took the camera....but the photos are pretty crapola coz our seats were crappola. Is Crappola spelt with one or two p's????  

On the scrapping front...yes....been scrapping but nothing I can share.  But I assure you...I have been scrapping!!!  I might try to find some photos to make this post look the morning...right now...I'm sleeeepy!!  Nite nite!!


Lyndal said...

Hiya Ruey
I'm glad I'm not the only one who lost September LOL!

david santos said...

Great work!!! Congratulations!!! Have a nice day.

Lyndal said...

October seems to have disappeared too LOL!