Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pink Paislee is all in stock!!!

Yay.....parcel man came and dropped off the other box this morning....just after Vita left....hehehe....so....everything is now in stock!  Quick head over here and start shopping.  What do you think of their new alphas?  I think they are absolutely gorgeous!  Check them out here

I forgot to mention.....in the past couple of weeks.....I've also managed to catch up with a few people ....

Felicity invited me over for lunch....hot quiche...yummo and she also got some yummo dips and crackers.   I had a fabulous time and came home armed with a few sets of her stamps to play with.  I was sooo excited to come across the bampop robot and she had the superman robot too.  Sooo cute!!!

Jane aka squiggle of Crafty Matters popped by for a bit of a chat and I got some of her new new new Crafty Matters....if you haven't seen them...you must go and check them out...they are sooo gorgeous!!!  Gorgeous russian babushka dolls, new new beep beep cars, handbags, birds, butterflies and cupcakes!!!  What are you waiting for???  Quick click here!!

Vita has also come by twice.....to chat, to pick stuff up and to shop.  hehehe...she was the first one to go through the Pink Paislee stuff and she got to open stuff up!!  I always feel so happy when Vita comes....we always have a good chat over coffee and when she leaves...I feel all inspired to scrap!  Thanks Vita!

Lyndal - my witty hilarious friend....also came around to pick up stampin up and Kiti Q stuff.  For those who haven't met her....she is one funny funny funny person.  She had me in hysterics with her renovation stories...and I've told her ...she simply has to write a book or do a mini album about her renovation stories!!  After what she told me....I'm more adamant than ever that I don't want to renovate.  My next house has to be the way I want it.....no renovations!

Jorja - I've been to her place twice in the last few weeks!  Once for a crop...where we also celebrated  Vita's birthday...and once for a yummy dinner last saturday where we got to meet her family and friends!   Jorja is such a fabulous hostess....and oh...her food is divine and her family and friends are just lovely.  One of her friends Katerina is convinced I have greek blood in me and wanted to take some blood for a DNA test.  hehehe...she doesn't know that I have an insane phobia of needles & blood.  It will take a lot of yummy food to bribe me into a blood test.  lol

Mich - hehehe...where do I start with Mich?  We caught up at Jorja's on both occasions and she came over yesterday before her hot stone massage (yah...u read right....let's all sigh in jealousy)...and dropped off some things and had a cuppa with me.  We chat lots...on the phone and on adium.  We ring each other up so often that I have her number programmed in my head.......I meant to ring DH at work one day and rang her by mistake.  How freaky is that?  She thought it was hilarious....DH didn't. lol

So while I have been busy.....I've managed to have little catch ups with these friends of mine....who keep me inspired...who make me laugh....who keep me grounded.....who encourage me....who support me.....who make me spend money.........yes....I am so blessed to have these friends who feed me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you!!!

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