Monday, August 18, 2008

Pink Paislee is here!!!

yes yes yes...I came home late this afternoon to find a big box and several small boxes at my door!!!  I came in and exercised restraint and decided to put dinner in the oven (roast pork belly strips which have been marinated in hoisin sauce, soy sauce, chinese wine and finely diced garlic) before I opened up the box.  

I ooohed and I aaaahhhheeed and unpacked, unpacked and unpacked....and found that there is box number 2 still to be delivered.  I've just enquired and that should come tomorrow.  So now...I am wondering what I should do.  Should I list them now or wait till tomorrow?  

Hmm...maybe I'll go have a chat while I caress those papers and see what they say.

oh oh oh.....while I am on the topic of fashion....hehehe....did anyone watch ACA last week?  I was either cooking or eating dinner at the I could hear it but I couldn't watch it.  But it was about tummy tuck jeans....jeans that lots of women go wild over because it makes them look slimmer.  I heard one woman say she was a 16 but now she's a 12.  Hmm...Ok...I wasn't watching but the thought did cross my mind that maybe...just maybe the jeans sizes are very very generous.  Just coz you wear a size 12 in that pair of jeans doesn't mean you're technically a size 12....or does it?  Anyways...I raced to the tv to catch the last bit and they do look good...they really do look good.  I don't want to know where the fat migrates to when the jeans are on....I guess I just want a pair of jeans that fit well and if they happen to zap away some fat...that's good too.  

I have a lot of trouble finding jeans that fit me....a lot of trouble.  It's not that I'm huge.....and I'm not an odd shape....but jeans shopping is like the most torturous thing I put myself through.  I will go to a shopping centre...aim to spend hours there...try on many many many pairs of jeans to find a pair I am happy with and then buy 2-3 pairs so that I don't have to go through the ordeal for a few years.  

So .....if anyone knows where in Melbourne I can try on some tummy tuck jeans....please let me know....because I'd love to have a new pair of jeans...and being a few sizes smaller would be a bonus....even if it is only just in those jeans.


Felicity said...

Ruey I am pretty sure my Mum has these jeans in her shops. lol I will find out for you. But you are right about the sizing thing. lol

Ros said...

Check out this link and look at the stores in Vic. I know there is a store in Mt Eliza that stocks them.

Lyndal said...

I wonder if your jeans go from size 16 to 12 whether your bra goes from a 12 to a 16 LOL!
Good luck finding a pair Ruey :)