Thursday, August 14, 2008

oh Gosh....where has time gone?

No....I didn't I didn't get lost among all my yummy Kiti Q I didn't get buried under the pile of pizza boxes I was getting to the post I have just been busy.  Busy planning, busy ordering, busy packing, and most of all...busy watching the Olympics!!

Anyone who knows me knows I am not one of those sports fans.  I don't watch footy, tennis, golf, cycling, swimming etc.....I'm not into all that.  But every 4 years....all of a sudden...I'm drawn to it....for the whole duration of the olympics...I'm fascinated....I'm a fanatic.  Ok....maybe it's because I am an Olympics fan.  Oh and of course...favourite bits would be opening ceremony, closing ceremony and medal ceremonies in between.  Medal ceremonies can move me to tears...I get all choked up....and if the winner cries...that's it...I lose the plot and have to weep along. you really wanted to know that little bit about me.

Ok...opening ceremony...I was bummed out that I couldn't watch it live....see
...we had a wedding to go to.  A couple decided to get married on the 8/8/08 and 8.08pm.  It was a fun wedding but I was still bummed out I couldn't watch the opening ceremony live. was great wasn't it?  I was right about the little girl lip syncing!  Ok

What's happening at Kiti Q?  Lots and lots and lots of new stuff is due in any day now.  Pink Paislee Vintage Moon and Pop Fashion has already left the states on Monday, so is due anyday now.   I've ordered lots of paper and alpha stickers.  Only two of the stamps and two of the rub ons.  But I am anticipating that the Topsiders will be what people will be wanting to get their hands on.  And that's in limited stock!!

So what I am going to do is put together a few "I want it all" packs.  So if you select a Pop Fashion "I want it all pack", you will get:

6 sheets of patterned paper ($1 each)
2 die cut sheets ($1.50 each)
1 transparency overlay ($3.40 each)
1 pop fashion icon black rub on ($4.95 each)
3 sets of Alpha stickers (white, green and pink) $2.95 each
1 set of Borders topsiders ($7.99 each)
1 set of Shapes topsiders ($7.99 each)

All for $42.00

Now, that is a very very cheap price.  In the US...the rrp for the topsider is USD$7.49!  Australian distributor has them at the following RRP - topsiders $11.95!!  rub ons $6.95! Overlays $4.95!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I do like a bargain and I enjoy passing on bargains to others...that was a worry to those who know me well when I bought Kiti Q....would I change? Would I survive in this cut throat business?  But this is how I want to do business.... I want to sell to you at a good a price you'd pay if you were buying from USA.  

Another thing I've learnt lately...and Mich helped me test it that if there is only say one 'I want it all' pack in the store...and Mich and I wanted it.  It looks like it's in our cart...but it's really only like a redemption the first one who gets to the checkout gets handed the coveted pack and the other person will get handed an 'ooops - too late' ticket.  So, if you want something very very very badly....hurry up and check out...and then go back in and continue shopping.  You will only pay one lot of postage, even if you have checked out 4 times that day.   And no...I won't think you're the most absent minded'll just be one smart savvy shopper.

Ok....blogger is not playing's not letting me put up any pics....not fair!!!
I'll be back to post pics!


princess said...

Welcome to this "crazy" business, tow kay niu ;).

welcome to my world said...

hay babe sounds like your enjoying the new venture well done.
Thanks for sharing the bargains!

chat soon

Melanie said...

What awesome service Ruey :) ordered and posted within a few hours!!!!! THanks for my pack today - will be using them up asap :) Cheers Mel