Monday, June 12, 2006


I had this conversation with Jeromel (my 5 year old) a few weeks ago and since then....I've been meaning to scrap it....finally did it!!!

Conversation goes:

M: You're so cute Jeromel
J: I know!!
M: How do you know you're cute?
J: Bcause I just know
M: Is Manoy Jarryd cute?
J: Yes of course!
M: Is Mummy cute?
J: No, of course NOT
M: Why am I not cute?????
J: Because girls are beautiful,
You're not cute Mummy,
You're Beautiful

My heart just melted....
BTW...Manoy Jarryd is the filipino term for Big brother Jarryd....Jarryd was in the room with us when the conversation took place.

I adore some of the converations I have with Jeromel....those deep and meaningful ones where I ask him about life and what he thinks.....his responses are always so straight to the point and so clear cut and full of forgiveness and love...sooo innocent and pure.

I did the 'it's all about me' layout yesterday....simply had to use my new prima flower stash which Mich gave me for my birthday. Joseph took that photo of me while i was in the midst of a sooky laa laa session where I was whinging about how my life revolves around the kids, laundry, cooking, housework etc........a real pmt-ing-tanty session. So now you see where the title 'it's all about me' fits in??

Now the photo looks glamorous doesn't it??? I was actually leaning on the kitchen counter pouting...when he brought out the camera and I didn't want to pretend to cheer up and pose and I didn't want a pouting I kept leaning on the table...but i decided on a semi smile. As I recall....I managed to buy a few hours of uninterrupted scrapping time after that mini tanty.


em said...

Love your layouts!! I especially love the crummpled paper on the not cute one!

Scrap Addict! said...

I love your LOs! They are all so beautiful!! :)

Shirls said...

great layouts, ruey. wish i look as good as you when i'm complaining about my oh-not-so-glamorous life. colin wouldn't dare to bring out the camera at times like


Anonymous said...

Ruey, Jeromel is so cute! I love the layout, love the journalling. A

Rach said...

Awww how cute (the not cute one LOL)!!

And I LOVE the Me page, just awesome.

Thanks for the congrats on the publication, and yep, it's my first time.. hopefully many more coming our way!! hehe

And thanks for the BB AR comments too! LOL I took Amanda right out of her comfort zone there! Can't wait to see yours.. :)

susan j said...

I LOVED that LO of you on BB and i STILL LOVE IT NOW! hE HE.

your little boy is too cute. Don't you love it when they say things like that?