Friday, June 23, 2006

Did you miss me???

Sorry sorry for not blogging was truly depressing...I had nothing to blog about......I worked...I got sick (nasty chest infection)....I didn't have an ounce of mojo to scrap....nothing to blog about except to whinge and whine and complain about life in general. Tee the last few days, things have improved with my health and I have scrapped!

Ok....a peek at what I have done. I finished off the second round of the Blue Bazaar Amazing Race. Jay started off the major again as she had the brilliant brainwave of doing a cupboard style interactive layout with opening doors. The challenge was to scrap about our stash of ribbon, to show our ribbon and the ways we use it. Both Jay and I have quite a stash of with the help of the ever helpful google....I came up with 'The Ribbonerie' as the is the name of an IRL ribbon cool would that place be? I bet they have drool buckets near the door so you grab one and drool into it as you walk through.

With the BB Amazing race major .....each partner has to do half a Jay did the left hand side and I did the right hand side....Jay's side is visibly has a more old time western feel to it and mine...I was trying to achieve an asian feel with the shoji like cupboard door.

Then next on the list was to finish off my Blue Bazaar Amazing race minor challenge which was to make a total of 3 recipe tags to send to my partner Jay. I had my recipes picked out with recipes..true and tried recipes. But the whole tag thing had me kinda uninspired and stumped.....thanks to Mich's rak of some lovely Cactus pink papers.....the tag design and idea materialised rather suddenly. Recipes are: Entree (Caesar Salad), Main (Chicken Schnitzel) and Dessert (Amazing Chocolate Cake).
Thanks for looking!!!

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Shirls said...

lol about the drool buckets and talking about drooling, that's what i'm doing after seeing your ribbon collection