Saturday, August 18, 2007

What a week!!!

It's been a great week!!

Tuesday I went up to Paper Doll Boutique to catch up with Wendy and Christie. Gave Christie a movie and she rakked me some gorgeous Heidi Swapp and Bella flowers. Yay....I have big blooms again! Wendy got to have a quick flick through my EDM album while teaching a class.......and even made me a coffee too. Queen of multi tasking I tell you!! Then it was off to Arty Pants to their new store. Oh my's a gorgeous's large, bright and sooo spacious!!! The crop room looks great and I can't wait to scrap there!! The store is stocked with sooo many goodies and the 7 gypsies wall is always my favourite bit. I'm sooo glad that Jodie shares my love for 7 gypsies....and Arty pants is by far the best store for 7 gypsies stuff that I have ever ever ever been to. I got more 97% complete stickers.....totally love these stickers....tell's by far the best embellishment that $3.95 can buy.....for that price, you get circle, rectangles, squares, strips. it was fabulous catching up with Judy and Jodie and it's always a long chat. If anyone hasn't been to Arty pants....go and visit......and my EDM album is up you're most welcome to have a flick through.

Wednesday Felicity and Brodie came around for a chat over some Norm and lunch. I had the most delightful surprise when Brodie walked in with a big bunch of gorgeous orchids and a big red chocky heart. I truly feel sooo spoilt. Felicity is such an amazing friend.....can't believe we only met at the retreat earlier this year and since then....we've become really good friends. Felt bad because I had to rush them out to take Jeromel for his dental appointment.

And then in the evening Jane came to visit. borrow some snow wear...but also to have a cuppa and a nice long chat. The butterfly card that I did with the beaded feelers....I gave that to Jane last week......she showed me what she did with it......the woman framed it!!! yah...put it in a hot pink's sooo cute!!! Anyways....Jane's daughter Chloe also loves I will make beaded butterfly and dragonfly for her so that Jane can frame them and put them on Chloe's wall. Jane and I have always had a bit of a barter absolutely love her ceramics and always tell her that she can pay me in ceramics. Tee hee.....I can never get enough of the love hearts....I heard Jane call them the Ruey love hearts. Totally love them...and now I have some bisque ones that I can jazz up myself!! I picked out love hearts and these very very very cute smiley faces...I have a layout in my head that includes hopefully that layout will materialise soon.

Thursday I had a quick catch up with Sheena from Rasberry. To hand over my DT project which was just soo fun to do. I didn't get to stay long because I had Jeromel in the car. His asthma and eczema has flared up very badly so he hadn't been to school this week.

Friday....was a fab day.....I took the boys to school, dropped off Joseph at the station and went to Springvale to do some marketing. Also grabbed some Vietnamese noodle broth Pho and some pork rolls and then headed home by 10am because I was having a little catch up lunch with Mich, Shirley and Vita. The kids were also here....Ellen, Phaedon, Abby and was a bit strange not having Jeromel around. I had a fabulous time chatting to everyone. It's been a while since we've done that...and we must do it more often!!! Mich also brought me more large blooms.....i most definately am not in a hurry to buy them now!!We also had a bit of a photography session as Vita and Shirley had their cameras and were trying out some stuff. I had a bit of a play with Vita's and took a couple of really nice photos....hopefully Vita will post them soon. On the shopping front...yah.....I have packages from Blue Bazaar......a big big big one from A million little things and on ebay...I have pre-ordered my Fancy Pants Soho Swirls and the new Queen n Co felt swirls and leaf trims. Yummo!!! Been very very naughty...and some more beads for my Pandora bracelet. Yah....I am now the proud owner of the Pandora bracelet. It's all Christie's fault.....she showed hers on her blog...and then Kim showed hers.....and then I found out a bit more online then had to get one. At the moment...I have two fixed clips, 2 silver beads, 2 silver beads with bling and two spacers. I need more!!! LOL

I'm also shopping for a new camera...very undecided between Canon and Nikon. I am an 'idiot proof camera' kinda photographer.....but would obviously like to learn more. So I want a mid level camera. Any suggestions??? Any advice???Sharing two older layouts because there's nothing else I can show yet. I've also received 3 acceptances from Scrapbooking Memories this week which I am very happy about!!


Sarah said...

Love those Layouts Ruey,you have been a busy girl! Btw I loveeee Jane's products,thanks for showing me them,I am hooked :P I have finished you layouts and will post Monday for you xx

Scrapper-holic said...

Congrats on your 3 acceptances!! I now always buy Scrapping Creation and Scrapbooking memories whenever I can and the first thing I do is flip thru to see if you or Shirley have any LOs in it. Hee.

Shirls said...

Sounds like you had a busy but fun week. Thank you so much for yesterday. Abby and I really enjoyed ourselves. We must do it again:)

Great layouts and congrats on the pub acceptances!

Michelle said...

Love those layouts girl! Sounds like you had a great week!!!

Hey.. have you got the OPAAT Sept kit yet? Can't wait to see what you do with it. I finished 2 layouts and a card in the weekend... just need to scan them. :)

Have a great week babe!

Edleen said...

Ruey!!! love your layouts as always and ahh...busy busy yeah!

hope you and family are well.
Take Care! :)

Sara Pearcy said...

Sweet layouts. Congrats on the acceptances.

Cameras? I'm a bit of a sucker for Canon. I love the 30D (SLR), but if you are looking for a GREAT compact camera, I've just got my hands on the Canon IXUS 70. rrp$470ish The IXUS 75 has just come out, so it may be cheaper now.

I love this camera for it's many settings. It's fool proof. It has face recognition, so almost always focuses on the face, regardless of where it is in the screen. It also has heaps of settings - children/pets, fireworks, aquarium, underwater, macro, portrait, night, snow, beach, indoor and foliage.

Yes, it's a little exy ($), but if it's in your range, it's perfect. {Also, mine was a free promo from Harvey Norman for signing up with a Telstra mobile plan!! Do you have HN down there?}

Good luck ~ sorry for the long comment. ;)

Thanks for joining me on the challenge of no shopping, too!!

Jenn said...

Love those layouts! Ruey..

wendy treseder said...

Hi Ruey,

It was lovely to see you last week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your EDM album and only wish I had had more time to look at it and talk to you.

Making coffee is almost like breathing for me. hehehe

Can't wait to see your pages in the mags.
Have a great week.