Monday, February 25, 2008


My baby turned 7 on Tuesday the 19th Feb. Just having come back from holidays and all the expenses of getting all the boys organised for the school year, left us broke. Very very broke. So instead of having a little party for Jeromel, he had a class party this time. He was very clear on what he wanted. 2 chocolate mud cakes from Coles (they are his favourite cakes!), he wanted lolly bags for all the kids in the class and he got his teacher to agree to a pass the parcel game! Jeromel and I had lots of fun doing the party bags.....he did really well with the stamping and the Fiskars Stamp Press made it all soo easy!!
After our little family celebration dinner at home, he was surprised with a Leapster!!! During chinese new year, we went out to dinner with the Vasses and Jeromel got to play with Ellen's leapster and he really enjoyed it. So being the budget conscious Mummy, I sold off all his leap pad consoles and books and in return, snaffled up a bargain on ebay. A 2nd hand leapster, adapter, case and 7 games ...and between the price of what we sold his old stuff for and this one...we only had to top it up by $20!!! We've only given him 2 games at the moment ..and will slowly give him the others. The Vasses also got him the Cosmic Maths he has 3 at the moment.Wednesday - today is where I finally make good on a promise I made in March Mich, to make her Lumpiah for her next birthday. I was on holidays when it was her birthday, so when I got back, I arranged a catch up lunch with a bunch of the bestest girls in the whole wide world and I put them to return for food. LOL.....yes, they got an invitation to lunch with strings attached. So they all came early....10.30am and we chopped, we mixed, we cooked, we flipped crepes, we chatted, we laughed....we had soooo much fun!!!

So this is's a Filipino fresh spring roll. The crepes are all made from scratch and it's filled with a stirfried mixture of pork, chicken, prawns, carrots, jicama (yam bean), green beans, onions & garlic. And it's served with a delicious garlic white sauce. It's a pretty time intensive recipe which involves lots of work, so it was great having all the help!! And I am sure that as you look through the photos....everyone had lots of fun making them and totally enjoyed the food at the end.

The rest of the week was pretty busy too....Jordan went up to Brisbane for the Soundwave concert on Thursday night. He flew up by himself and stayed with a good friend up there and came back last night. Friday, Miss Jane and Luke came around and we went out to the Clayton shops and I took Jane for a bit of a wander through the asian grocery shop......I think she enjoyed it heaps!

Saturday, Althea, Tia and Tyrelle came over in the morning to visit and yes...that cute little baby boy did a poop at my house again! Althea and I took the kids to maccas for lunch (my DH included) and we had a good long chat while Tia and Jeromel played. Then DH, Jeromel and I went to do a bit of furniture shopping.....we didn't find one we liked...but we came home with a karaoke system...which kept Joseph busy all what else for me to do but to scrap! yes...I scrapped.....30 layouts....hehehe....ok...they're all 6x6 layouts for the Southern Cross Kids Camp...I committed to 20...but was having so much fun...I did 30 in 3 hours before I decided to call it a night.

Sunday....I took Jeromel to his bestie's birthday party at Kidspace. He had a fabulous time and I had an equally great time chatting with all the Mum's over coffee and finger food. Then it was a quick dash to officeworks to pick up a Carbon copy book for Jordan's lab class, then in the evening, we went to maccas for dinner then picked Jordan up from the airport. Great to have him home again. Missed him lots while he was gone.


Vita said...

Happy Birthday Jeromel. Looks like you had a great time with the Leapster there.

nic said...

Happy 7th Birthday Jeromel!

You have grown up so much.

I hope you had a great day


Jorja said...

Happy Birthday Jeromel and it looks like you had fun making your lolly bags with mum, they look fantastic. Lumpiah mmmmmmm! Absolutely divine and I had the bestest time making them. 30 layouts in 3 hours, thats a fantastic effort Ruey and for a great cause!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Jeromel :)

Wow you were very productive with all those LO's Ruey - fantastic job!

Can you pretty please post the recipe for those spring rools, they look so delicious and I really want to make some now :)

Michelle said...

OMG I am soooo hungry right now and looking at pictures of lumpiah doesn't help me one bit!!! Arrrrggghhh!!!

WOW!! 30 huh? I want to do them too... just haven't started yet... will start tonight. :D