Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Food for thought....

Cooking dinner is always a challenge for me. I don't really enjoy cooking. I cook because I have to and I am lucky because my family is not fussy. 98% of the time, I cook family favourites which I can virtually cook with my eyes closed. My boys will eat anything I put in front of them....even vegetables. Our dinner has to have something green on it otherwise it isn't complete....and preferably rice.

Last night, I was faced with 5 basa fish fillets which my family love. We usually just have it quite plain....just coated with rice flour which has been seasoned with sweet hungarian paprika, garlic salt and pepper and then panfried. But after pan frying the lot, I decided that I would go one step further and do more....dress it up.....
First off, stirfried some onions, garlic and snake beans with some brown bean sauce and chinese wine.....and plopped it on top of 2 fish fillets.......everyone loved this concoction!!!
Next , I thought sweet and sour will be nice to balance the saltiness of the ground bean sauce. So I stirfried onion, garlic, added tomato sauce, some brown sugar and then a big pile of my favourite chinese pickles (papaya, cucumber and carrots). This one was omg scrumptious!!!!
With the last piece, I decided on something spicy. So some Prima Taste sambal chilli got cooked with some fresh Truss tomato wedges. Then I sprinkled some fried onion pieces on top. This one was spicy but every bit was polished off the plate. LOL....no layouts to show. Been quite busy with our overseas visitor and I have been making cards and a couple of altered items because I had to get them ready as gifts....and a couple of layouts...but nothing to show. So I hope you're contented with food pics.

On the topic of scrapping, have you been to Fireside Crafts?
Their first kit 'First Fire' is very very yummy and they're a new local business and the sneak peeks to their next kit looks FABULOUS!!!

A few weeks ago, I did something different.....I was inspired....very very inspired to make up a few kits of my overflowing stash and put them on ebay. I called them Mojo kits...because scrappers always complain that their mojo deserted them....so I thought that if you are mojoless then you can go to ebay and buy a mojo kit. LOL!!! Crazy me. They were received very well and I'm inspired to make more mojo kits sooon. I know Nicole reads my blog because she emailed to say that I hadn't updated my blog for a week now....so thanks Nicole for loving my kits. Can't wait to see your creations with them.

Will blog again tomorrow with birthday pics!!!


Sarah M said...

Happy Birthday Ruey

i hope you have had a wonderful day...

take care

welcome to my world said...

welcome back.
Can you come to my house and cook T. You make it sound so effortless.
Hope you had a great day today.

shirls said...

the fish look yummmmmy!!! happy birthday, girlie:)

Michelle said...

YUM! Can I come over for dinner please please please... I'll do the dishes after!