Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ok.....drool away

Definately the best birthday surprise a scrapper could wish for.....a Clip it up!!!! This thing is HUGE!!!! Thank you sooo much to Michelle, Felicity and Vita for this!! I am truly sooo blessed. I have drooled over it but being me, I would never have parted with that much money for scrap storage....I would have rather spent it on scrap supplies. So this was a perfect pressie for me.....truly perfect! I have spent so much time working out what to put on think I can fill up 2 of these units with my stash...bad bad me!!!

Other yummy pressies from lunch yesterday. Beautiful handmade cards....white one with the yellow Frangipani flowers was made by Michelle and everyone at lunch signed it. The pale creamish one with the stamped and cut out bouquet of flowers with bling centres is made by Felicity. I swear, this woman put it in an envelope and told me to open it at home because her card is no good. Oh come on....Felicity...liar liar pants on fire, your card absolutely rocks!!! Jenni Bowlin stamped card from my birthday sister Jane and the blue card with the gorgeous bow is a Katie Toland original.

Jane made me a felt bag and a circle journal album which I have to work has contact details in kind of like a scrappers address/contact book....I handed out all the blank pages yesterday, so hopefully they will come back soon. Jane also gave me some of her gorgeous Crafty Matters ceramics. How yummy are they????]

Shirley gave me some yummy Lavender smelly stuff....I love Lavender smelly stuff....yummo!!! And pinkalicious smiggle goodies from Jess and Katie. And the other bestest pressie a scrapper can get....a years subscription to Creating Keepsakes from my great friend Julia. Thanks Hon!!
Ok.....I know many of you have been waiting for this......the 4 guess bags I got for my birthday!!! How yummy are these??? I think my Brother in law chose very very well for me. The only thing I don't like is the huge padlock on the brown bag in the that is coming off. It even comes with keys which are hanging on the side!!! It reminds me of a prison cell lock...for a prisoner who has been sentenced to life....lock it and throw away the keys....tee the lock is coming off....maybe I'll keep it for an altered project one day.

I have a thing for bags....nice bags....I'm a bag girl and love guess bags.....want to know how many I have? 10....yup.....10......must have cost me a fortune???? I've actually only bought one and that was last week when I went to the 50% off sale. All the other bags have been given to me by my BIL....why???? coz he worked there. It was his last day with that company last week....very very more bags....sob. I told him that he should go work somewhere that has cool stuff as well so that we can buy it for family discount. LOL! My boys want him to work at Industrie, Mossimo or French Connection. I want him to go back to work with Jag/Colorado !!
And lastly....this is what DH and the kids got me....PJs.....I desperately needed pjs....warm pjs. Funnily enough, I've never been much of a pj person.....I kid you not....and tmi....but I sleep in tshirt and undies...year round...undies and tshirt. But last year, I really felt the cold....and shut's not the when Dad was here and went through his clothes, he put a pair of flanalette pjs in the donation pile. I rescued them.....perfectly good pjs....white with plummish brown stripes in them....I wore them a much so that I started hinting to Joseph that I could do with some proper winter pjs. So he surprised me yesterday with PJs from Sussans....ok...the pic above.....he got me the stripey pink pj pants....and with it he got a pale pink long sleeve top....and .....a long fluffy pink dressing gown....oh feels soo warm and sooo soft...but it gave me the heebeegeebies....I can't be surrounded by that much pink puff!!! And I'm fat.....picture a pink powerpuff walking around...let me tell you...not a good look. So I took the pale pink top and the pink powerpuff robe back to sussans and exchanged it for the aqua pjs set and the latte short dressing gown. Yummy....they're swishing around in the washing machine now ...getting all nice and clean before I don them!!


vita said...

ooh.. nice one. lucky lucky girl...

mich said...

I think I need more friends.... more friends to remember my birthday. LOL..

And to FELICITY: What are you on about????? That card is absolutely gorgeous!!! You silly goose!

fleurie said...

OH WOW...awesome pressies there
Love the t-shirts vita made..way cool!
happy belated b'day

Sofi said...

Ruey, sorry I couldn't make it yesterday, however, sounds and LOOKS like you had a brilliant time. Love all the pressies especially all the Guess bags!

The Clarks said...

Happy Birthday Ruey !!!
Love your clip it up I have one but it isn't opened yet!!!
Looks like you were very spoilt!!!

Jody said...

Happy Birthday to Rue
Happy Birthday to Rue
Happy Birthday to Rue

Hope you had a fab day, sorry I couldn't make it. You are such a lucky girl. Don't ya just love Birthdays.


connie said...

OMG i have just died.... and gone to GUESS BAG HEAVEN... these are my fave bags them.. i have the black one pictured in your photo!!!...YUMMMMMMMOOOO..
lucky lcuky girl

love all your beautiful pressie


JazzScraps said...

OMG! You one lucky woman!! All the pressies are gorgeous esp. the *drool* *drool* Clip-It-Up and the GUESS BAAAGS! Agree with you on the padlock - use it for something else except on a Guess Bag!



Felicity said...

Ruey your clip up looks fantastic - Thanks for inviting me - You really have really great friends and the food was yummo too.

welcome to my world said...

You are one lucky lady. The clip it up looks awesome with all the supplies attached.
I love PJ's especially from susaan they have th ebst ones and the best quality.
These are the times that you realies how truly amazing scrapbooking is you make the most wonderful friends and who could be without the scrap therapy.
Love the bags

Pandachu said...

At first I thought the scrapping present was good then U mentioned the 4 handbags....well, we're all girls who need bags n shoes!!

Scrapper-holic said...


I just love your t-shirt and the Clip It Up...I've been drooling over that since i found it on but unfortunately they don't deliver to Brunei. Its still on my wishlist tho. Hee.

Pandachu said...

U need to come home and visit Shania for extra warmth n sunniness dear...hehe

Rach Scholz said...

Whoohoo Ruey :) Are you loved or what!!!

Glad you had a fabbo day chick :D

jilly said...

Happy happy happy birthday Ruey!!!! Mines on 3 June so yet another Gemini to add to my list of friends!!! (Scary how we all seem to flock together eh?) Awesome pressies and stunning photos from yesterday too!

Sue said...

OK pass me a cloth I am drooling everywhere PMSL :)

I love the Clip It Up and those hand bags are just gorgeous - luuurrrve them all :)

Sounds like you had a great birthday and the t-shirts looked great :)

Michelle said...


Awesome awesome pressies! I'm jealous! Especially the clip it up and the guess bags! *gasp*