Monday, July 23, 2007

Where has time gone????

Has it really been 10 days since I have last blogged? What have I been doing?

ummm....let me try and remember....

14th July - Scrap n Chat!!! Organised by KitiQ and Bons was a fabulous day out. I had a fantastic time chatting and distracting everyone. It was great catching up with Vita, Felicity, Clair, Jane, Sofi, Tash, Rach, Bon, Kelly, Danielle and etc.....if you are in the etc category....please forgive swiss cheese brain is just shocking. I had a fab time with Jane at the Crafty matters demo. I shopped.....for Mich and myself. And I did one layout. tee hee...a layout of a photo that was taken oh.....over 5 years ago. was a christmas layout too!! Straight after the crop....we went to Joseph's cousin's place for dinner and then played cards till it was pumpkin time! DH was on call that weekend and right after dinner....he got a call and had to take a cab into work! Poor man

15th July - Ellen & Phaedon's birthday party. Mich put on a wonderful spread....everything was sooo yummy and I had a fabulous time chatting, laughing and eating. Jeromel had such a good time he didn't want to go home!

My week was quiet....well quiet because I stayed home.....didn't feel all that crash hot most of the time I was on the couch with my best friends...foxtel and my hot wheat bag firmly planted on my belly. *Aha* I hear you all say. Tee hee

Last weekend....we went up to Mt Buller on Saturday....had lots of fun. Quick little collage of photos. Can you see my beanie?? Ok....Michelle Tan tagged me a while ago....but I didn't understand what the tag meant...until I realised that all I had to do was put this up on my's not a link to anywhere...just a pretty decoration. This has been going around a if you haven't done one....then I am tagging you. tag was by Michelle Vass
The Rules: So this is how it works. I must post the rules, 7 random things about me and then tag others to do the same. Sound fair enough, right? These are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1. At 13, I came to Australia without my parents as an overseas student. I lived with my Aunty for a while and then went to boarding school.

2. I went to Korowa CEGGS for a year....but it was too far to travel from I transferred to Tintern CEGGS.....and eventually went to boarding school there.

3. After HSC, I got into a Biochemistry course at Swinburne and moved out to live in Camberwell. I was 17 and lived above a post office with 2 other students (brother & sister who totally ignored me).

4. I lived in that shop house for a year paying $20 per week.....the location was great.....but it was damp, smelly and disgusting. While living there....I worked as a waitress in a chinese restaurant. The pay wasn't great...but the food was. a student, you work for free great food.

5. My father came to Australia to visit me and when he saw the conditions I was living in. He felt really bad. He had already he bought a flat in Box Hill as an investment and I moved there.

6. I met Joseph just before I was 19....we were introduced by a mutual friend....and we were set up on a blind double date. It was love at first sight.

7. We got married 6 months after we met.....small garden civil marriage. It wasn't a shot gun wedding....we were just so much in love and knew we were right for each other. All together now.....'Awwwwww'

Whew....that's 7. If anyone hasn't done this tag or would like to reveal a bit more....YOu're tagged!!!
And then I got some news to share too...big news....!
I got a very exciting phone call from For Keeps waaaaay back in April......I was told that I was one of the winners in thEveryday Moments Competition!!! I was surprised, stunned and very very happy. I really loved the long 8 month long competition.....those 3 layouts a month really made me think a lot about my everyday moments and I tried very hard to capture those moments. My prize was absolutely awesome.....$1000 worth of scrapping was a huge box was just like Christmas!!


welcome to my world said...

congratulations babe
You album was awesome!
welcome back to the blogging world

KimA said...

Congrats on the EDM win Ruey!!! Post some of the layouts so we can have a looky :0)

mich said...

WHAT did you do to your beanie?!?!?!?! Are those scrapbooking ribbons and flowers I see???????? ROFL... you are just a bit obsessed! hehehehe..... Congratulations again for the EDM win. You did an excellent job.

jilly said...

AWESOME news about your EDM win Ruey - I'm so happy for you I could just burst lol!

Pandachu said...

Congratulations on the EDM...cant wait to see ur work!

heike said...

Congrats again on your EDM win. The mag still hasn't made it up here. Dying to see it.
Very interesting facts about you. I lived in some very 'interesting' accomodation when I was a student,too, lol. :)

Sarah said...

Wtg Ruey,you rock girl!!

Love the 7facts about yourself,I did that not long ago on my blog ;)

connie said...

WOOOHOOO Ruey.. you go girl..
cant wait to see your album!!!


Sofi said...

Huge congrats Ruey on wining the EDM comp! I'm so thrilled for you!

Yvette Adams said...

Hi Ruey

I loved reading about you in the tag.
A HUGE congratulations on the EDM win! That's awesome!

Michelle said...

LOVE that album and really enjoyed reading those little tidbits about you... :)

CONGRATS!!! Wow $1000 worth of scrappy goodies! You lucky girl!

Liz said...

OMG Ruey... congrats on being one of the FK EDM winners...yay...

susan j said...

Ruey , you legend!! Saw this in FK today and totally lOVED your entry!! You rocked it baby!!

Katja said...

Congrats Ruey! A well deserved win :)

Katja said...

Congrats Ruey! A well deserved win!

judee d said...

So absolutely fantastic. Congratulations Ruey, Your work is ace.
Keep smiling and healthy

Scrapper-holic said...

Congrats Ruey on your EDM win. I still remember reading your blogs and wondering what EDM meant! Well done!!

Cass Hunter said...

Congratulations on the EDM win, Ruey! Got my copy yesterday and your LOs are absolutely gorgeous!
Well done!!
Cass H

Sara Pearcy said...

Yay for you!! I had read that you'd won the EDM comp. The secret's out!! Have fun with your new stash.