Friday, September 08, 2006


One week into spring and what do you know???? Winter is back in full force...past few days it has been sooo cold.....lots of rain...lots and lots and lots of rain. It was not fun for two days a twork being stuck in the house....we couldn't go to the park...we couldn't go to the shops....we were stuck at home. Orlando and I got cabin fever....we did a lot of dancing and marching up and down the hallway.....the 16 month old little cutie pattotie can spin and groove!!!

I have one more day left with Orlando next week and then I won't be his nanny anymore. I quit because I am needed at home.....with two high school boys (Year 11 and Year 9) and a isn't easy....Joseph and I were finding that we were constantly hurrying them....chasing them to get up....rushing them off in the morning...barking instructions etc.....then after work....I'd be rushing home to either drive one to work, pick one up from work and pick one from Grandma's...and rushing to cook dinner. All they would see was one stressed mother who would destress all over Dad when he finally got home. Enough is enough.....something has got to give and my sanity was worth more than my job. LOL

I've had a fairly stressful have been collapsing into a heap on the couch every evening. DH thinks it's great because we have been snuggling and watching telly together. We watched the 9/11 special ...and we even watched Memoirs of a Geisha....beautiful beautiful movie. scrapping done at all.......nothing much to show except for the canvas which I did last week.

Ok....12x12 canvas for Miss Hannah's 3rd birthday...same photo...but this time teamed it up with Mod Red Gerbera papers. I absolutely adore the Technique Tuesday Petal stamps and petal tiles.
Next is a little explosion album which I made for Kylie's new baby Emma. Love the cover! tell the truth...I did one layout last weekend....but it was snapped up by Scrapbooking Memories....4th one accepted in a fortnight! Very happy!!


Shirls said... have been collapsing into a heap on the couch every evening. DH thinks it's great because we have been snuggling and watching telly together

i bet joseph is happy about that;)

great canvas and mini album and congrats on another layout getting pub. you are on a roll

jilly said...

These look sensational Ruey! You go girl! We've got the huge age difference with the kids too and all I seem to do is hurry them too - its very difficult isn't it?
No rest for the wicked!

iggydodie said...

Your LO is so beautiful ! there is so many details !!!
And the cover of your explosion mini album is gorgeous !

NuttyScrapper said...

Hi Ruey!
So happy to find your blog! I think I found it another time, but forgot to bookmark it. Another blog to stalk...
Totally love your work :)

connie said...

Love your layout , love love love your mini album.. you are a beauitful scrapper Ruey!!!


Sri said...

Hope you have a better day, Ruey!!

Orlando?? Is that a popular name in Australia/NZ?

Carole Janson said...

Ruey, I am not surprised at all that SM are snapping up your layouts, they are so damn gorgeous, love the canvas, talk about funky wow, wow, wow, I really love everything you do, that little album is so gorgeous too. Congrats on your win, I am so pleased good on you.

Have a great weekend Ruey, and I really hope you get time to scrap so I can see your gorgeous creations.


Nicole Rayner said...

love the canvas and the little album, so cute and the coulours are adorable. Big congrats on the win, you must be thrilled.
Have a great day,

Joanne Bain said...

Was just blog surfing and come across your blog...Wow what a beautiful LO so bright and funky..
Have a great day

iralamija said...

Love all your work!!!!! is really nice!!!