Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's been a Yummy Week!!!

It has most indeedly been a yummy week.......the baking bug came to visit and I have had sooo much fun. We made these delicious Doggie Malted Biscuits which are just sooo cute!! Jeromel had an absolute ball making these...the teens helped by eating the chocolate chips and milo cereal so they were banished by Jeromel. The biscuits are just absolutely delish and were almost too cute to eat.

Then the next day, Jeromel was again asking to bake, so I googled up a basic biscuit recipe which he could roll out and cut out using his playdoh cutters. I also found some cake decorations and some white and milk choc chips and he went to town decorating the biscuits. I think he did a pretty good job!!! I think his little gingerbread men shapes are just gorgeous!!!
Then I decided to make some wickedly moreish Cranberry, White chocolate and Oatmeal cookies. I found the recipe on My Little Cyberspot
and have been meaning to make them. I shopped for the ingredients over a week ago and didn't get around to making them and boy were they worth it....sooo delish!!! They are soo wicked that I am sure the addition of the 50g of oatmeal puts them in the healthy category. Thank you Ruth for sharing all your fabulous recipes!!!

LOL....was there any scrapping done this week? Well....I finished a 'handmade from scratch' mini album I started at Katie's crop last week. It is finally finished....and it is just gorgeous...I took photos of it all...uploaded it to picasa...did my cropping and then just when I was about to upload onto clicked to me that I can't share it....because it has the Kinder's name on has photos of other kids in it. Why don't these thoughts click before I go to the trouble of taking pics and all???

In an effort to spend more time with the boys before they ALL head off to school next week....I haven't done much scrapping at all .... and it has been really nice taking a break....but .....I shall have to start scrapping because packages have arrived and there is work to be done!!!

Check this out!!!! Is it not just utterly drool worthy? When my kit arrived, I oohed and aaaheed....then began the unpacking and examination of each little bit and I caressed, and drooled and there was some happy dancing over the shimmer shapes. If you're as much in love with this fabulous kit as I am....quickly head on over to One page at a time to secure your own kit!oh oh oh oh oh.....did you notice anything different on my blog? no no no...not the baking instead of layouts.....I have a new blog header!!! Isn't it fabulous??? Made specially for me by Pauline the digi goddess. Pauline actually made me 3 fabulous blog expect a change once in a while.

I also got a new blog header for Shania's blog.......made with love by the fabulously talented Carolyn . Thanks sooo much! My sister absolutely loved it to bits!!! Hasn't Shania just grown sooo much? She is absolutely gorgeous!!!


Sarah said...

i love the things you have been cooking with jeromel. Wow might have to give that a try with my

and that kits looks yummyy too, might have to get one of those..ohh...

Take care

Michelle said...

Them cookies look good! Wanna send some my way?! :)

I'm back girlie - will catch up soon!

shirls said...

ooooh, i can see you scrapping those baking the biscuits look so cute.

i love the new banner:)

Julie said...

The cookies look yummy Ruey. So does the kit.

It is a pity about the album but I'm the same with pics of others on my stuff too.

vita said...

How cute are those cookies? Have fun with your kit.

- Sandy - said...

Your cookies look so yummilicious!!!!

Makes me wish I'm there when the cookies are out from the oven! *slurp*

Sofi p said...

Ruey, those cookies look so yummy!

sandy said...

Yr new Blog header ROCKS!!!

Make me wish I have one that looks 1/2 as good! :P