Friday, January 19, 2007

Truly Blessed.....

It has been one awesome week for me....

Sunday - Scrapping at Katie's place....totally awesome fun and it was good getting together with the Scrap-Pile girls for much chatter, food and scrapping. Thanks Katie for being such a fabulous hostess. We had to make crowns with bells with our preferred drink on it....the idea being to jingle when we wanted a was hilarious. Jane took some will have to post one later when I get one.

Monday - A warmish day......had to go on a long drive errand to get a vanity door for my in laws....all the way from South Oakleigh to Thomastown! On the way back...we went to Tasman meats and stocked up on yummy meat...including chicken ribs.....will be making spiced chicken ribs very very soon!!!

Tuesday - Mega mega hot hot hot day....ended up being 42 degrees!!! It is Miss Michelle's birthday (as well as Abby's birthday) and I had volunteered to have a little lunch gathering at my place......luckily I have air conditioning!!! A few people couldn't make it so it was just a small lunch with Mich, Jane and Vita. I had a really good time chatting to everyone and the kids were all really well behaved and they had a great time.

Happy Happy Birthday Mich!!!

Wednesday - my Lounge lizard day....I didn't want to leave home today ....I just wanted to veg!!! Don't we all need days like that???

Thursday - Delivery day.....had to make a trinature delivery to Shirley, drop a package off for my Dad's friend to bring back to Brunei and then to drop off a big scrapping rak to Dannii. Take kids to work, run a few errands with Joseph at night....all a big blur! Oh...Jeromel just reminded me....I took him to Macca's yesterday for a late lunch.....he doesn't get to go very he was very excited and I was amazed when he decided to have the Pasta Zoo Happy Meal!!! He thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate sippah milk, his pasta and most of all....he actually had half of the dipping sauce.....this is a biggie...this boy will not have tomato sauce!!! He only has tomato ketchup with one thing...chinese ham and omelette..that's it....and even this is a recent 3 months ago. Oh..he says...the best bit was the bionicle

Today - Julia & Matt came for lunch today and I made some homemade sausage rolls and pizza wheels. Jeromel and Matt had a great time playing together and Julia and I caught up on chit chat. Can't believe that these two little boys who used to play together as babies will both be starting Prep this year!So all in has been a fabulous social week for me ....catching up and touching base with friends. This week...I have felt so blessed...blessed to have friends who care enough to visit my blog and leave comments ......blessed to have caught up with so many friends this week.....and for those that I haven't seen lately .......let's catch up soon!!!!

Oh, and especially blessed with warm fuzzy feelings for those girls who took the time to point me in the right direction for those Heidi Swapp kiwi flowers....Christie for telling me there were some at Paper2 and Sarah who said that she bought the last pack there but was happy to share with me. How lovely is that???? I found them on ebay and they arrived today...just too gorgeous!!! And big thank you to the lovely Jorja who sent me a beading magazine!

Next scrapping meet will be at Scrappy Hollow when the fabulous Cass and Kim come on their big scrapping adventure!!

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judee d said...

Busy, Busy, busy. I hope you are leaving time for number one...that's YOU!!!! Don't wear yourself out by doing too much.
Your kids grow up too quickly don't they. Fancy your youngest being a preppy kid. Time flies when your having fun.
Keep smiling and healthy