Monday, March 05, 2007

Long time no blog!!!

I am sooo sorry for being such a bad blogger!!!! LOL...I have been told repeatedly to update my here I am about to inundate my blog stalkers (cough cough splutter splutter) with more pics and tales of my adventures. Ok last blog post was about Chinese New Year. Chinese New year celebrations go for 15 days starting with the eve which is called the reunion dinner. This year, for reunion dinner, we decided to have steam was a crazy 38 degrees in Melbourne and we had to shop ridiculously early so that we got the freshest possible meat, veg and seafood plus avoiding the stampeding shopping crowd later on and escaping the heat. What is steam boat? Steam boat is an asian style savoury fondue....a pot (or in our case....2 pots) of hot stock simmers in the middle of the table on top of 2 portable gas stoves. And around the table, you will see an assortment of raw ingredients. We had chicken, pork, beef, rockling fish, prawns (cooked because we didn't like the look of the raw prawns), seafood tofu, lobster/fish balls, rice vermicelli, egg noodles, egg, vegies etc. The idea is to put raw things into the hot stock...wait till it is cooked, fish it out using small wire sieves and then dipping into our favourite sauces or spices before enjoying it. By the end of cooking all the meats and vegies, the stock will be soo tasty and we finish it off with noodles, a poached egg and some of the delicious stock. It is the kind of dinner that takes a couple of hours because you eat slowly and chat heaps while waiting for the next batch too cook or while waiting while your stomach expands so that you can stuff more in. LOL Thank goodness for air conditioning. We finished our meal off with fresh asian fruits, mangosteens (purple fruit), seed pearl mangoes, lychees, longans and chinese mandarins.

Ok...on the scrapping front:

my One Page at a Time (OPAAT) March kit layouts. I was sooo honoured to be chosen as featured designer with the talented Dayami this month and the kit I received was sooooo yummy!!!! It was a breeze coming up with the layouts ....I struggled a bit with the box....struggled with finding a purpose for the in the end, I decided that I would use it as a keepsake box for Jeromel for it will store art, birthday invitations, little boy treasures etc....he loves it!

Asides from those layouts....I also finished all my EDM layouts!!!

I will blog again in the next few days...I promise and tell you all about the fantabulous time I had at the Scrapanalia retreat!!


Jody said...

Hi Ruey

Your Chinese New Year sounds so yummmmm, and really loving your OPAT kit layouts.

Chris and I have decided we definately have to get to a Scrapanalia retreat. Sounds like they are awesome fun.

Deanne (aka ~Dizzy~) said...


Stop posting food pictures !!! LOL my mouth is watering ..... mmmm

Sounds like Chinese New Year is great fun at your place. Love the memory box and the LO's !

jilly said...

Hi Ruey! Glad to see you've finally updated!!!!! Layouts stunning as always! Happy New Year to you!

Sofi p said...

I love all the photos from Chinese New Year.

It was such a wonderful weekend at the retreat, and really can't wait to do it all again soon!