Monday, March 12, 2007

Poster girl duties......

Ok...before I launch into my adventures over the last few days, I have to share something exciting. The lovely Trish Reed from Scrapping Angels
emailed me today to tell me that the things that I had picked out for my May kit had started to arrive!!!! How egg-citing!!!! Can I tell you how much fun I had picking out the things for my kit? Everything is from CHA2007....I am so fortunate that the timing was right and I was lucky enough to have been able to pick things out of the CHA 2007 sneak peeks!!! The colours, textures, shapes, ....everything was agonised over....every little detail was ooohed and aaaaheed and ummmmeeeed and aaaaaaheeed over until I was happy with the kit.

Trish has said that there has been quite a bit of interest in my kits already and wanted me to let people know that they are limited edition kits...once they are sold...they are gone....they won't be re-ordered again. There is no subscription system, but you can pre-purchase with your credit card or if you live outside Australia, you will need to have a paypal account. The March kit sold out in a day and the April kit which is to be launched on the 1st April ....apparently there are under 10 kits left!!!

So if you don't want to miss out on my first Scrapping Angels deluxe kit...head on over to Scrapping Angels, sign up and email Trish about pre-purchasing it. With the deluxe kit, you will get full step by step instructions to create layouts as well as an online chat session where I will be available to chat or answer questions about layouts etc.

Ok....poster girl duties.....

I had a really fun day on Friday....after the school drop off, I went over to ' I can love u long time' Wendy's and picked up 3 Crop for Kids posters and a big handful of leaflets and headed up to Arty Pants.It's been a while since I visited and can I just say that everytime....EVERYTIME...I have been there...the shop is different. Stock has always been moved around and rearranged....there's always stacks of new products and new things for me to play with! I had lots of fun chatting to Jodie and Judy and I got my new DT pack which is oh sooo nice.

While there...I also got to road test the cuttlebug...Jodie only had the embossing I bought some cardstock and tested out the swirls, flowers and embosses soooo deeply and with such amazing detail. Was lots of fun!!! And I also got to take the EK Success Curvy cutter home to road test.....I used it for my Squashed Rasberry cuts effortlessly....and yes...while the packet only says that it cuts up to does cut a nice 12 inch circle when you put the cutter on the outside of the circle.

During my time in the shop, Judy not only put the large poster on the front window in prime position, but she photocopied the large Crop for Kids poster and put them all over the inside of the shop as well ....wtg Judy!!!

Ok...after I left Arty Pants....I went to Scrappers Warehouse (the purple shop in Narre Warren) to drop off a poster and some leaflets for them to put up in the shop, but the owner Gabby wasn't there so I left the posters and leaflets with the girls who were working there that day. I hadn't contacted them prior to dropping by, but I figured there's no big deal in putting up a poster in the front window to advertise for a Good Friday Crop for Kids fundraiser right??????

After that.....I decided that my last remaining poster and smallish stack of leaflets should go to someone fun.....someone whom I have been meaning to visit for a while off I top up on petrol and make the drive to see the lovely Wendy T at Paperdoll Boutique in Frankston. It was lovely to catch up with Wendy ....who had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing to put up the poster and leave the leaflets on the counter. But who stunned me by saying that she's thinking of cancelling their crop for that week and having it at the fundraiser....what a fabulous's for such a great cause and everyone who attends will get a goodie bag with lots of yummy things in it.....and the opportunity to win lots and lots of prizes!!! Wendy took it up one more notch and is going to donate a prize as well. How awesome is this woman???? Muaks Wendy, your generosity is touching!

This month, our Arty Pants DT packs were so kindly sponsored by Rasberry......have u heard of them? I hadn't! But now I have ....they're Australian and make such cute funky papers & embellishments!! I got to work with their range cutely called Squashed Rasberry ....I went over to MIL's specifically to use her sewing my stitching experience at the retreat.....when I was putting this layout together...I knew that machine stitching would make the I exercised some self control, packed the things up and headed to MIL's. Love love love the end result.

This weekend saw me do my entries for 2CJs as all in all, quite a productive long weekend. Not as productive as last weekend at the retreat...but not too bad considering that on top of this...we had a family gathering last night and we've also been out furniture shopping for a new lounge suite.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!!!


Shirls said...

sounds like you had fun going to the shops dropping off the poster and shopping too:) i'm so tempted to get the curvy cutter. hmmm...what will i do with the cm circle cutter???

vita said...

Good on ya Ruey for delivering the posters. Off to check the Rasberry now... and the Angel kit too.

Scrapper-holic said...

Wow your stitching is fab! Are the letters for your title chipboard?

Pandachu said...

Wow! What an amazing LO. It really makes one look at the focus of the picture. Love the lettering and stitching!!

Btw, I'm a friend of ur sister here in Brunei n of Scrapperholic. Love ur work!

JazzScraps said...

WhaaaaT!! You're making me nervous...

Just as I am about to enjoy my Feb kit, you tell me the March kit is sold out and the April kit has 10 kits left!

I'll definitely e-mail Trish...I'm getting for 3 persons here in Brunei (think Scrapper-holic's mentioned this already)

jane fitchett said...

hi ruey
the layout is fantastic- might have to take a visit to arty Pants to have a look at at those paper irl :)

Michelle said...

Cute layout!! The shops sound super fun! Now you got me all curious about the curvy cutter!! Need to google it.

judee d said...

Hi Ruey,
Glad your enjoying the Curvy Cutter, it is sooooo much fun isn't it.

Jodie had a baby girl yesterday, Tuesday 13th at 7.30p.m. Chelsie Olivia weighing in at 3.3 kg. All are well, Dadis on cloud 9 and still floating and I'm just soooooo happy.
Keep smiling and healthy

Miriam Kaye (Australia) said...

Hi Ruey,
Met you briefly on the AMM forum seems like ages ago - we were both trying to finish madly layouts for the EDM Comp. You're going great guns with everything - congratulations. Love your LO's too, in actual fact have put a pre-order with Scrapping Angels for your May Kit - sounds divine :D

Take care,