Monday, March 19, 2007

Never stressed about desserts!

It was party time at our house on the weekend! It was a joint celebration for Jeromel's and Joseph's birthday....and we ended up celebrating with Uncle Dem and Tom as well as their birthdays are all quite close together. A very fun time with lots and lots of food...would you believe that I forgot all about taking food photos of the main course???

We had :

BBQ Loin Lamb chops, Nando's chicken and Hoisin pork ribs
Seafood Potato salad
Green salad
A huge bowl of prawns
Beef Rendang
Joseph's favourite Tomato and basil salad
Uncle Dem's famous Tanghoon (vermicelli)

And these special beauties....these are called Filipino Fresh Lumpiah...or fresh spring rolls. Very time consuming to make...the inside is stuffed with finely julienned pork, chicken, prawns, beans, carrots and turnip (bang kwang). The crepe itself is freshly made from scratch and is beautiful, eggy and soft. This is eaten with a garlic flavoured creamy sauce and because they are sooo time consuming to make and the crepe making process is quite tricky....I'm not that fond of making them. But since Joseph requested these for his birthday....we compromised with the menu (as in more bbqs since he is the bbq master) and less cooked dishes.

Now we're onto the fun part...the part where I remembered to get the camera...cake blowing time!! LOL Cake time was a real group affair....Joseph, Jeromel, Tom and Uncle Dem each got their own cakes....and thank goodness we only had to sing happy birthday once...coz everyone was itching to dig into the desserts....I'm not quite sure....but maybe we didn't have enough desserts....let me take you through them....

Mango Gateaux from Bread Top....
the lightest of sponge cakes, fresh cream, egg crepe around the outside, lots of sliced mangos inside and on top of the cake.
Taro (Yam) Gateaux from Bread Top
This was the first cake that I saw just as I walked in...the last Taro Gateaux....I had to have it.....this is sooo delish. Again, the lightest of sponge cakes with the most beautiful combination of fresh cream with mashed taro and a hint of coconut milk.....yummilicious!!

Baked Blueberry cheesecake topped with fresh blueberries and jam glaze
Not sure where Nucel got this from....but it was favourite bit was the fresh blueberries on top of the cake
Broken Glass Dessert
What??? ok..there is no broken glass in it. It is a gelatin dessert that is really pretty, when you cut slices, you can see the green and red jelly that has been suspended in the white milky gelatin. This is a Filipino dessert and made by MIL.

You would think that would be enough desserts...but there were more, there was another whipped cheesecake, an almond fruit cake, maha blanca (white corn dessert), and steamed kueh made by Cher.

After all that was game time!!!!!
Crop for Kids fundraiser money box came out and got started that night passed around the lolly jar and people made a donation. And then it got left on the card table and it got topped up that night after we finished our card game at 2.30am.

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Danura said...

Hi! Thank you for the visit and the mention :) Your work here is inspiring! Im only starting out. Looking forward to seeing your work in future!


Sue said...

Oh Ruey - yuuummmmmoooo!!! It looks like you had a delicious party and what a champion you are making those rolls :)
Great idea getting the donations too for the crop!
Must say a HUGE thankyou for my RAK - you are a sweetie *mwah* greatly appreciated :)
Well now I am really hungry for some dessert hehe - might go see if I have some chocolate to suffice the craving lol.

Shirls said...

oh no!!! dessert photos...shouldn't have given this post a happy birthday to everyone, especially joseph and jeromel:)

mich said...

Those Lumpiahs were winners! I really wanted more and really could have gone for it.... but I was being considerate leaving some for others.... sigh...

Can I have that for my birthday next year? :) :) :)

The Clarks said...

oh yum those desserts look evil!!!!
Well done on getting donations already for crop for kids Great idea

Pandachu said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm humbled :) I have to stop myself from talking 2 much abt ur work to ur sis :p. Another thing I admire abt u is ur lovely cooking skills *drool* and I love how the night ended in great Asian style...*ahem* games!

judee d said...

STOP!!!!!!!! You're making me hungry, don't forget I have to fit into a special outfit in 12 days.
They all looked so scrumptious. What a great idea about handing around the tin for crop for kids. You certainly know how to party.
Keep smiling and healthy

Michelle said...

*gasp* You didn't take photos of the mains?? :D

Wow! All the dishes look soooo good! I'm coming over to dinner!!! :D

Jody said...

OMG Ruey, my mouth is watering.
Yummmmmo.......any chance for the recipe of those lumiah... they look and sound delicious

Felicity said...

Ruey, OMG How much fun is your house? and they Yummy food - You are making me hungry

Sofi p said...

Those deserts are just divine! Happy birthday to everyone! You all look like you had a wonderful time.

Deanne (aka ~Dizzy~) said...

Oh Ruey - that's just not fair to a 7mth pregnant women to post all those yummy food photos.. I think I'm visiting your blog lately for the food photos more than the scrapping ones LOL !!!

Happy birthday to your boys - looks like you all had a great time !!!

vita said...

Ruey, you must give me the recipe for the lumpiah skin. I lost the one my mum gave me when we moved house.
Happy Birthday to Jeromel & Joseph. Hope Joseph won big on the poker & Jeromel got lots & lots of pressie.

Crissy Gaylor said...

OMG my mouth will not stop watering!!!! You are not helping! LOL! I get bad cravings as it is!

Sarah said...

Wow....always amazing food shots when I pop by your blog...hungry now :)