Monday, April 02, 2007

Hooray for School holidays!!!

Hooray for holidays...hooray!!! Ok ok......I can hear all the WTF?? all the way to my house. Yes, not many people like school holidays....but I do. Why??? Coz I get to sleep in.....I don't have to wake up at 6.45am to get myself and the kids ready for school. It also means that I can plan to have a pyjama day....a day where I don't have to get out of pyjamas until at least after lunch. School holidays are easy for teenagers.

Jordan is a night he goes to bed after midnight and can sleep until lunchtime. He's grumpy if he has to wake before lunchtime year during the school term...he's always grumpy.....he's always in a much better mood by the time he's home from school. And the chirpiest when it's around 10pm.
Jarryd is a bear....he likes to sleep....hibernate.....he will wake up relatively early....have breakfast...and then watch tv or play on the computer....then if I am out of my bedroom...he will go and crash in there for an hour or so...if my bed isn't available...the couch is his next choice....he likes to have naps. He's the bear.
Jeromel is a typical 6 year naps during the bed by about 9.30pm during holidays and is awake at about 9am. This boy likes to sleep too! He was never like this for the first year of his life...he was a baby cat napper or is that a kitten napper? He would do short 30 - 40 sleeps...and would only fall asleep when he was in the sling or in my arms. We thought he was totally spoilt....until we took him to the chiropractor.....omg....what a difference!!!

Jordan and Jarryd love school holidays...they get to sleep in...they get to play on the computer...they get to laze around....they do extra shifts at work......and thus..have social lives....they go out....they shop...they lunch with friends...they go to movies....they don't get bored.

Jeromel was devastated when he was told that he didn't have school for 2 weeks....the teacher said that most prep kids are very sad about she only told them a few days before end of school. This morning, Jeromel asked what uniform he should wear and I reminded him that it was school school....he was quiet...but accepted it. We went out on errands of which was to the Nestle Peters Icecream factory....omg..if you live in have to first time...usually, my cousin or my friend buys for me...but now they both, after much persuasion from my boys....I decided to go....a box of 24 nudie Berry icypoles for $10 and a box of 18 choc top cornettos for $15!!! My boys were happy.....they had their holiday treat! On the way home...Jeromel asked when we were going to holidays. I said he was having school holidays now....but he kept asking when we were going to go on stay at a different place kind of holiday...then it clicked.....he thought school holidays was when we were going to go away. He has been on holidays before...overseas holidays, interstate holidays....and little overnight holidays in Victoria. Then he was silent for the rest of the way home...when we drove past the school, he had a look down the street and he said....the school is still didn't go on holidays.....and then wanted to know who came up with the wise idea of 'school holidays'. Sigh!!

LOL....if you're all still reading and haven't gone....then I suppose I should show you some food pics to show...but I have some layouts!! These are all from my One Page At A Time April kit....hurry...there are still some left...but they are bound to sell out quickly. The alphas are by Around the Block..they are called Shrinky Stickers (Doodle).....if anyone can find them....please let me know...I want another pack or two....I love them!!!!

One other thing I had to do today as to deliver a stack of Trinature brochures to Wendy and Jess for the Crop for Kids Good Friday appeal. The brochures will be going in the goodie bags that everyone will receive when they go that day. From what I hear...there will be a lot of yummy things in the bags.....yummy things like AC ribbon....and a Fiskars apron....and lots and lots of other things....and of Trinature brochure which gives you 10% off all orders placed until the end of June. What is trinature?'s not a scrapping product....tee hee....Trinature is an Australian company that makes enviromentally safe biodegradable cleaning & personal products. Two of my kids are asthmatics and suffer from eczema as well...a few years ago, to my relief, I found Trinature and loved their products...loved them so much that I decided to join up and sell them...or back then it was just to buy them at a cheaper price. If you are looking for any trinature products or want more info...please send me an email or leave a comment! Ok...shameless plug done. LOL


welcome to my world said...

wow girl what took you so long.
I'm now really trying to get to the crop for kids on friday with jody...fingers crossed. So how's all of the downloading going...i'm patiently waiting for my next fix :)
Can't wait for the little may crop will be great to catch up/meet everyone.

vita said...

i love school holidays too. i have been looking forward for it more than amanda. i guess it's different when you have school age kids.

i can't wait for the crop on friday & the may one too. it will be great to catch up.

judee d said...

I always enjoyed the school holidays, when my kids went to school that was. In the ancient times. I too enjoyed the sleeping in and having time to do as I want instead of having to watch the clock. They go so quickly so enjoy.
Keep smiling and healthy

Pandachu said...

I've always wondered how I could use a whole piece of beautifully patterned paper with lots of florals n swirls. Ur 1st LO here is a good eg. Thanks for the tip n keep up the good work ;)

connie said...

I love school holidays too... cause like you i love a good PJ day!!! today... he he he.. got out of my jummies at 1pm im so bad!!!

loving the layouts Ruey!!

Take care..

Scrapper-holic said...

Jeromel is just so cute! Love the journaling for his Sense of Humour LO.

JazzScraps said...

Ooooh!! Your LOs are fabs!! I saw the April OPAAT kits and I love them (they're in my fave colours!) but I have committed myself so much to scrapping supplies this month, I'm using up all my willpower not to get any extra ones for the time being!! Sob! Sob!!

Shirls said...

everyday is a school holiday for me. doesn't make much difference with abby at kinder for only 3 hours a week.

great layouts, ruey:)

Michelle said...

She finally updates! LOL! Been stalking your blog girlie! Glad to hear that you have school holidays right now... poor Jeromel... he probably misses his friends! :) Ok.. If I ever end up moving over there.. you need to take me to that ice cream place!

Great layouts.. really like them!

Rach Scholz said...

She doesnt post for two weeks then she writes a bloody essay PMSL

Spewing you can't make it Friday Ruey, but we'll catch up again soon!

Can you email me? Let me know how much that kit is.. I'll put the money in your account if you want? Or pay Mish.. whatever :)

Rach xx

iralamija said...

Love your work!!

Bety :)