Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm in lurve!!!!

yes..u read it right...I'm in lurve....feel deeply and madly in lurve with a piece of furniture. ...yes..something that will not lurve me back. But that's ok. DH and I have been married nearly 20 years...and we've never owned a new lounge suite. We've had handed down lounge suites and 2nd hand loungesuites for years....our current one has been in the family for about 15 years!!! And in our house for 10 years!!! It's served our boisterous boys very well...and it's past retirement age and DH and I have been shopping around for a replacement for a while now. We're fussy....we had to have leather...nice leather...not slippery smooth cold leather...but leather with a bit of texture, softness and warmth to it. It has to be firm has to be has to be has to be comfy. I kid you not...we've tested over 100 couches!!! A couple of weeks ago, we ordered this beauty from Bay Leather Republic. Meet Verona...and pls don't be horrified...we wouldn't order a white lounge with 3 boys....we ordered it in chocolate brown. We got a 3 seater and a 2 seater. I *heart* it mucho mucho!!Scrappingwise.......not done very much because it has been a bit busy in this household. DH was home sick this week and with everyone was great...but threw all routines out the window. I did this layout for Aussie Dares
for the Freestyler scraplift challenge. I was inspired by all the layouts....didn't know which one to I set out to scraplift Nic Howard's layout....loved the way she layered the alphas in the title and wanted to give that a go...and then when I finished my layout...I realised that it also had a sprinkling of inspiration from Wendy Redshaw-Bruhns with the curly arrow. So maybe it a fusion freestyler scraplift....I had fun...I scrapped a layout which I absolutely adore and in the end, what matters is a moment and a memory was captured. Mission accomplished!! Also very proud to announce that I am now one of the contributors for Aussie Dares. I also made a couple of cards, an easter gift box and a double layout of Jarryd...and a circle all in all...not too bad I guess!

Happy Easter everyone!!!


jilly said...

Welcome to Aussie Dares Ruey!!!! Looking forward to getting inspiration from your gorgeous gorgeous work!

vita said...

Happy Easter to you too, Ruey. Brilliant layout. I hope to see you sometime this week.

Felicity said...

Ruey, I can see why you are in love with your new lounge OMG how modern and spunky is that. Looks so good you could sleep on it. Hope it gets delievered soon.

connie said...

I love your new couch too Ruey... just stunning!!!.. great layout also..

take care