Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy 16th Birthday Jarryd!!!

We have had such a busy week!! We had visitors everyday since Saturday! Family visitors.....the kind who stay for lunch & dinner and even overnight!!!

We got to go out Tuesday night with 2 other couples (Joseph's relatives) to the casino and it was fun!!! Our first stop was caffeine and I headed straight to Coffee bean tea leaf and it was gone!!! I was sooo sad :( It is now called Cafe....owned by crown....not as good...but I was relieved that my favourite sofas were still there...right in front of the tv screen. We chatted for a good hour and a half before exploring the casino and settled on rapid roulette...minimum bet of was fun. We didn't win but didn't lose too much either so that was ok. We finished the night off with a stop at the food court for some yummy chinese congee before getting home at 1am.

Jarryd, our middle son turned 16 yesterday. Anzac Day baby! when I was given my choice of 3 days, I was amazed that the surgeons scheduled caesareans on public holidays and quickly booked for that morning. It's fabulous that his birthday falls on a public holiday. DH's aunty had stayed the night with us and MIL came around lunchtime and stayed all afternoon and we decided to go out for dinner....I was over cooking......over entertaining...we went to a fabulous chinese restaurant near our house and had a great meal....came home and our visitors didn't go home till midnight. when I went to hit me....omg....what kind of mother am I? I forgot to get cake!!!! WE didn't get to sing happy birthday at all!!! We wished him happy birthday, gave him his gift (money & phone credit) and took him out to dinner and made sure we ordered the requisite noodle dish for long life....but we forgot cake!!!

This morning....while cuddling with Jeromel in bed....another thought lit up in my foggy sleep deprived brain.....omg....we forgot to do Jeromel's 2nd head lice treatment!!!! It was supposed to be done a week apart and we should have done it wednesday had all slept in!! So I kept Jeromel home to treat his hair.......and it was good.....nothing to find!! Then I couldn't scrap....I did everything but scrap...I vacumned, unloaded the dishwasher, washed 2 loads of laundry, made lunch for us, tidied up....sigh....told myself...after lunch...I must scrap!!!

But life had other plans for me....lunchtime, I got a call from the vice principal at the high school....oh no....Jordan was really sick after his athletic events. He just about collapsed in the bathroom at school (ewww) and couldn't muster the strength to get up....the poor boy had to wait about half an hour before someone came to use the bathroom and discovered him. He was assessed by staff in the bathroom before they decided to take him home. It took two guys to take him out to the car...he could barely walk...could barely stay awake....could barely talk....pure exhaustion. It was pretty scary to see him like that. I rang the ambulance service to get some help and they told me that it was ok to let him have a sleep but to wake him up every hour to check on him. Jordan's girlfriend Felicity came home with him in the vice principal's she helped to look after him as well. After about 4 hours...he was much better....he got up to eat something and have a shower.

By 4.30pm, Jarryd was home and everyone was I left him in charge and quickly dashed out to the shops to get something for dinner. Got some chicken breast schnitzel and some salmon & beans...and something for dessert to make up for us forgetting to get Jarryd cake.

Now....for something out of the blue.....Moxie Scanty Panty Liners - love them love them love them!!!


Sue said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Jarryd :)

Ruey - absolutley love your latest LO - Yarra Cruise - great colors :)
And the box album is gorgeous - will be making one of them for xmas!

Cute little tin too lol - havent seen them but I have quite a few of the little round canisters hehe ;)

Michelle said...

OK... first I'm LMAO at the panty liner! Where did that come from?! But the tin sure is cute.Happy birthday to Jarryd and hope that Jordan is feeling much better.

connie said...

Happy 16th bday to Jarryd... wow 16 hay.. what it would be like to be 16 not a care in the world!!!

Moxie??... been seeing these little babies around.. look very the box they come in!!!

Take care

mich said...

Are those liners individually wrapped???? Cos I HATE liners/pads "exposed". They NEED to be individually wrapped IMO.... for hygiene reasons... and it's easy to take out in your handbag!! DUH!

vita said...

What a week! I am exhausted even reading it. Hope you get a relaxing scrappy one for a change. Happy Birthday for Jarryd.

Crissy Gaylor said...

lol Moxie! Just got a free sample online off them. Love the tin though, so will be buying them! ;)