Sunday, April 22, 2007

An awesome month!!!

It has turned into an absolutely awesome month. Rach told me that I am also in For Keeps this month!! I was absolutely gob smacked.....this means I am in ALL 4 magazines this month. Mich called it a Quadrella..............*happy dance*.
This layout is a Awards for Excellence layout. I entered last year and obviously didn't win but FK kept one of my layouts for future publication....which I guess is now! Since then, FK haven't accepted any of my layouts.....sigh!

Anyways, I love this the scenic route, the 7 gypsies stickers, dimensional dots, and I fell in love with the scenic route chipboard alphas then. Flowers were cut out and 'popped', 7 gypsies stickers were mounted on chipboard first to give them more dimension.

Yikes, I nearly forgot that Michelle Tan tagged me! Which reminds me that Adeline tagged me many moons ago.....same kind of tag....reveal little known facts and idiosyncrasies.....

Here's the deal, I list 7 random facts about myself and then choose 7 people to tag to do the same thing on their blog.

1. I have an irrational fear of snakes. I can't even stand looking at pictures of snakes....I recoil immediately in repulse and freeze up inside. And I 'swear' that whatever brief glimpse I have of a picture of a actually moves.

2. Each time I get my mail from the mailbox, I always check the stamps...just in case Australia post haven't 'stamped' it....which means that I can re-use the stamps. When I find one of those stamps....I'm happy...even if it's 50c....coz it means that I have a free stamp to use. LOL...sad case!

3. I am the most unphotogenic person ever!!! I look crap in 97% of photos. My friend Susan Darcy actually took some unbelievably great photos of me last year and I have overused them.....DH keeps telling me that I have to book another photoshoot.

4. I am not very girly. I don't like shopping for clothes because of how big I am...I get depressed when I have to go and shop for clothes for an event. I don't like buying make up or perfume. I don't like girly strappy high heeled shoes with bling....don't like them....because comfort means everything to me.

5. I don't enjoy cooking. Yes, people tell me I am a great cook and that my food is tasty....but 90% of the time, I don't enjoy cooking meals. I enjoy baking...but not cooking everyday meals. I cook very simple nutritious meals for my family and I must be doing something right because they are sooo tall and healthy looking....I am going to knock on wood and have a little brag....but my teens have no acne. And it's definately not attibuted to great genes because Joseph and I still suffer from acne!

6. I have had 3 c-sections. My first was an emergency c-section after being in induced labour for 13 hours....Jordan ended up getting stuck. He was average size.....head circumference of 36cm & 51cm long. It was found out that my pelvic outlet is smaller than 'average' it only opens up to about 34cm which is why Jordan got stuck. With my subsequent pregnancies...I could have tried VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean).....I! Luckily I made that decision because as far as my body is concerned, it produces very consistent babies....all my babies have EXACTLY the same length and head circumferences. BB1 and BB3 are even the exact same weight 3590gms while BB2 was only 20gms lighter.

7. I scar very badly.....I suffer from keloid scars and with my first c-section my scar was like a really thick knotted was horrid. Plus pregnancy hormones had me breaking out in acne on my back and chest and I ended up with huge (and I mean huge) keloid scars all over my back....which is something I am very self conscious about.

Ok....that was soo revealing.....while having breakfast...I was wondering if I was going to be able to find 7 things....and once I got going...I could have kept going until I got to

I am tagging....
Shirley, Vita, Felicity, Jasmine(Jazz), Sofi P, Jane Fitchett and Kylie Wise ;P


mich said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! It doesn't happen very often!!! If you only knew what a quadrella win would fetch you at a race. Alas... not so in scrapbooking. Our husbands still have to work ... sigh.

connie said...

I LOVE this layout too Ruey!!..

and congrats on getting all 4 mags... you go girl!!... bit surprized that you have never made FK b4.. you work is AMAZING!!!!

Take care

Crissy Gaylor said...

Congrats on your quadrella! Wow! I truly love your layouts! So inspirational!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the quadrella! That layout is really beautiful!

jacQ said...

wohooo!!! way to go quadralina :)
heehee.... love the LOs... you're amazing at churning them out.

Peta's page said...

Congratulations!!!! Your work is wonderful!!! I am envious NOT jealous of you!!! good on you! like mich said..... winning a quadie at the races............ if only in scrapping eh?!

Scrapper-holic said...

Well done Ruey! I think you should be in more publications cos your LOs are just amazing!

Sofi p said...

Ruey, huge congrats on all the pubs!!! Thanks for the tag :)

Dee Molina said...

Yay Ruey - Yay Ruey - Yay Ruey

(imagine that said with the Ricky Lake type action going on)

Crap, if that Lo didnt make last year FK well, why am I thinking of entering this year :O

Love your stuff and thanks for sharing your box!

vita said...

Big Congrats, Ruey... You must scrap this moment with all the layouts. It doesn't happen often.

JazzScraps said...

I thought a comment here last week...apparently I must've forgotten to click the 'Publish' button. Anyway, first of all...

CONGRATULATIONS! for being published in not 1, not 2 but FOUR magazines!! You make us proud here!!

Anyway, I see that I got tagged by you. Buy Michelle tagged me as well, so I guess I can be exempted,right? He! He!