Monday, May 01, 2006


Ever since I saw Burberry Girl's (Michelle W- Some like it hot blog) Rock on layout...I fell in love with it. I shopped everywhere for epoxy stickers luck in I actually talked Mich into shopping with me from a US online store and got all my yummy epoxy stickers and a whole heap of other stuff of course.

Last night I decided to tackle this layout. This has always been the photo that I had in mind to scrap this doodling layout with. It is of Jarryd and his Aunty Jen when we were in Brunei. The cheeky boy had these cool sunglasses on and they were really being crazy when the photo was taken by my sister.

Michelle...did I do a worthy job with this layout??


Ok this is a crazy spur of the moment layout done for The Amazing Race challenge which was to use some of the lyrics from Ben Harper's song 2 Hands. So here is my 20 min layout which I actually like...I wish my handwriting was better though. Sigh

I can change the world with my own two hands
Make it a better place with my own two hands
I'm going to make it brighter
I'm going to make it safer
With my own two hands


Michelle W. said...

Of course!!!!! You did an amazing job!!! Love it! Thank you for saying kind things about me. You're too sweet!!!

LindsayT said...

You did do an amazing job!!! I love Michelle's work!

Agnes Tan said...

Ruey, where did u get that doodle-pp? It's so groovy manz! Kool!

Shirls said...

omg, ruey. how long did that take you? that is so cool!!!!


javascrapper said...

Ruey! that's awesome! awesome with a capital A!!! :)

javascrapper said...

Ruey! your doodling is awesome! awesome with a capital A!!! :)

susan j said...

That is such a COOL LO, but you already know I think that. I love the 2 hands LO too. FANTASTIC!! Thanks for adding me to your list too.

mich said...

Great layouts! You know I'll never say no to shopping, domestic or cross the seven seas.... bwahahaha

Sri said...

Awesome LO!!