Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dare to be Sassy!!!

Did this super quick layout for the Amazing was a pitstop clue and my god....all hands on table got into a mess.....the floor around me was full of hands were shaking...and oh the adrenalin rush!!! I got it done and we are team number 3....wooo hooo. Clue this time was to be inspired by the Christina Aguilera Pepsi ad. So I came up with this little layout featuring my Sassy niece Tiamara.

The other layout I finally did was for another amazing race (lol...yah....I am one of two people I know who are doing two scrapping amazing races at the same time). Challenge was to use at least 6 photos and scrap about my family. I've always wanted to do this....very very simple layout with maximum impact.
And oh yes....there is more....for the BB Amazing AR partner Jay and I had to do a Time Capsule layout on what's happened so far in 2006. We decided to do an interactive layout with lots of added things so it was like a real time capsule. The BB AR rules are that we have to do half of the layout...physically on each page....we have done half each. Jay did the orange bits and I did the blue/green bits.

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Michelle W. said...

awww. I love them all!!! Just gorgeous!