Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

It has been some has been some week!! M4M Amazing race started off with a big bang and there have been days where it truly has been a race against time!! Mich and I are partners and we are TEAM CHUNKIES (We don't skinny dip...we chunky dunk!!).

This layout was for one of the challenges where we had to scrap on why we scrapbook. This is my layout ...
The journalling says: Scrapbooking is our way of planting Memory Seeds so that future generations can enjoy the flowers that bloom from them.

At the bottom of the the soil are teeny tiny triangular shaped pale green bling blings.

Yesterday...this layout had to be submitted after 2pm....we made team #2. Then surprisingly, next clue was revealed to write a 8 line poem with mother, child and love in it. That one was done in about 3 mins...then the next clue was released....a scraplift of a 2peas a range of product range which had to be used....a pit stop amazingly....I did the layout speedy gonzales style and got us to Team No#1!!! Wooo hoooooo....this was my layout:

This layout was done in about an hour while cooking dinner for my boys and me getting ready to go out to dinner at the Titanic Restaurant. We had a fabulous time last night at dinner and the Titanic show was fantastic...we were in steerage class (work function)...but it would have been great to have been in 1st class and get all dressed up in period clothing.

Today we caught up with family for my Aunty Vivien's birthday ....we had a great time chatting, eating and watching the kids play. In Feb, it was my neice's 1st bday and I made her a cousin loved it and asked me to make one for her mother's this was my gift for my Aunty. The chinese words say popo which is grandma. A very very simple canvas but it was very time consuming cutting out all those flowers....the chinese characters were again done by Mich...and I printed them out....put dimensional magic on them to make them pop out. My Aunty loved her canvas heaps. The whole family went for a nice walk among the autumn leaves today....more pages in mind now!!!


Michelle W. said...

love those layouts! They are so fun and colorful!

(hey, I can read Chinese characters on that one! lol.)


mich said...

WOW... I love the canvas!!!! That is sooooo colourful!! Glad you like how the Chinese words turned out.

Shirls said...

loving the layouts too, ruey. next time i'm going to get mich to help me with chinese characters too....hehehe. gonna check out the titanic restaurant website now.