Thursday, May 22, 2008

Am I unreasonable?????

This has not been a happy week for me....
our internet is at dial up speed....somehow...I think thanks to a trojan, we have chewed through our 20G the one thing that keeps me sane....the internet is painfully slow.  No cable speed gratification for me.....I have to be patient for everything and patience and Ruey just does not sit well together.  
I have lots which I am meant to be researching (helping DH) and I can't stand how slow it is.  And when DH gets home and wants to do his bit of researching...he has micrograms of patience and he gets angry and we're all getting on each others nerves.  It's a bit of a important time for something that he has in the pipeline and we can't get work done.
I figured that we have outgrown Optus and need to go with another company....someone who will give us speed for a cheaper price....but all the companies that I have contacted will not deal with someone who is on an optus phone line.  What kind of conspiracy is this????  Ok...after the 10th company told me that....I ring Telstra and explain that we used to be with them but switched over to Optus about 10 years ago.  Our address should be in their system...but it's not...and if it's not...then I am a new customer and need to pay $299 for a new line.  FARK!!!  He did say that if I knew my old Telstra number then it will help.    Sigh...that meant having to go into the store room and going through archive boxes to find these things.  I hate going into our's creepy, there are cob webs, dusty, musty...I hate it.  For those who have been to my're probably wondering where my store room is.  hehehe....through my garage, I have a big long storeroom...and if you walk to the other end of the storeroom, there is a coolroom/cellar.  hehehe
Anyways...found the old phone now Telstra will come and put us back on their system....this will take about 3 someone will have to come out and connect it all back up.  The good thing is we get to keep our number.  After that is done....we will be looking for a new ISP.
My birthday is coming up!!!   In exactly 2 weeks!!  People have been asking me what I want for my, friends, hubby, kids, etc etc.  And they keep asking if I'm going to have a party.  This may come as a surprise....I don't like having birthday parties....just don't like it.  Can't think of anything worse to do!!  The whole cake and candles and's not for me.  Not sure if this is a Gemini thing......Jane????  Confirm?  Deny?  hehehe...maybe it's just a Ruey thing.  So no...there will be no party...  I like quiet celebrations.....lunch, dinner, coffee.  So this year, like last year, I will be lunching with my birthday sister Jane at Chelsea heights pub.  Everyone is welcome to join us for lunch....we know it's hard for people to come on a weekday...but hey....the two birthday girls need to eat lunch that day.  LOL  Please let me know if you can come for lunch that day and I'll send on more details.
As for what I want.....I want things for my kitchen/house.  I know that half of you will scoff and say that these are not real pressies...they're not personal pressies....but to me they are.  These are the kinds of things that I don't often get money to spend on.  In between bills, food, clothing for kids, scrapping supplies, eating out, bills, grocery bills, butcher bills, scrapping supplies etc....hehe....I don't have a budget for housewares.    People who have been to my house will know what I mean.  I don't have anything 'nice'.  So yes...for my birthday.....a $10-$20 Myer voucher will be nice.  Then i can save up the vouchers and get some nice things.    If you want to make me something.....I'll be happy too.  I'm not fussed at all....but since people have been asking....I've given it some thought....and that's what I came up with.
ok....lastly....not sure if anyone wants an update about my Urban Lily journal.  Thanks to everyone who emailed and left comments urging me to contact Urban Lily to let them know....I did...I sent them an email and I got a phone call ...which shocked me as I didn't leave my phone number.  2 hours later, my green urban lily was picked up and swapped for a black urban lily journal.  I could have cried.  I know....I'm an ungrateful sod.    I know....I know that I am...but this is my blog....and I can complain and be as unreasonable as I want....I'm allowed to be....because my birthday is in 2 weeks and because my name is Ruey...I can complain because I'm entitled to.  I don't like is boring....I wanted an apple green one.  And no...I wasn't given a choice....Mr Urban Lily showed up at my door to pick up the defective journal and handed me a black one.  So yes....I'm ungrateful and still disappointed.  I'm not going to go into details as to what kind of conversation transpired between Urban Lily and me to get this replaced...but it wasn't a very good experience.      And, you know what....I don't want this black journal....and I don't want a green one....I don't want their pink one.  I just don't want that journal anymore...because each time I see that journal....this memory will spark in my brain.  And it's a memory that I would like to file in the dark archive box....deep in the storeroom of my mind.

Ungrateful sod signing off!!


Laura said...

wow, your layouts are just gorgeous! I love love love them. They are so.. clean!
oooooooh.. I reckon it is time for some blog candy... to get rid of the black journal :)

Felicity said...

Oh lovely what a shame I know how excited you were when you found out you had won the prize and it had the green journal something you had wanted for such a long time. Sigh!!! Thanks for the birthday pressie suggestions - Now off to put my thinking cap on - Two weeks to go Really? Time flies when your having fun ;)

jane fitchett said...

hiya Ruey
yep- its a gemini thing- im not a birthday party girl for myself either.
looking forward to lunch on the 5th- im going to be kid free-whoo hoo

its also very gemini-ish to not be good with the patience either- and the journal- i an soooo with you on that one....maybe green is a gemini colour LOL


mich said...

As much as I would like to give Mr Urban Lily credit for attending to this personally, I still feel that there could be more sincerity. I don't know what it is these days that manufacturers don't seem to get. You get a feedback from a customer that you have a faulty product, you replace it, WITH professionalism, diplomacy and lots of sincere apologies. It doesn't matter who in the chain of distribution might have played a part in it, you just have to do it, more so when it is a prize for a promotion!! It doesn't mean that because it is a prize, the recipient should be grateful regardless of the condition of the prize. It is no good for business when you don't have happy customers.

So no, I don't think you are ungrateful.

I can't make the birthday lunch but I'm sure you know that already. I hope you both have a great time. :)

Pandachu said...

Can I just say Happy Birthday in advance cos being a gong gong, I will probably forget it. And there is nothing wrong with a quiet birthday, infact I would have had one if it wasnt for some intoxicated people this year *wink*

As the the UL episode, ur not ungrateful or anal, the customer is always right! Even if its free!!

welcome to my world said...

Thanks for the laugh. :)
you crack me up, no your not ungeatful your reasonable.
have you watched the season finale of greays yet?

ZHEN said...

Yah its a gemini thing. dun like celebrations too. hehe

Jorja said...

Gorgeous layouts Ruey....Thanks for the present suggestions...I wont be able to make it on the 5th for lunch but I am hoping to see you on Saturday though!!....

Lyndal said...

Hiya Ruey
Hope you have a great birthday - I'll be waving to you from QLD :)

marcela said...

OMG i scrap with Michael Buble!!! And i though i'm a bit crazy :) I love his voice (not so bad to look at either) and he is my motivation man :)Love the LO Ruey! Have to make one of my own now, thanks for a great idea!!! :)