Thursday, May 15, 2008


Jeromel and I have been making notebooks for quite a while now.  These little notebooks were made for the Mother's day stall.  It was his idea....he wanted to make some for the stall.  In the past few months....we've made similar notebooks for classmates, for teachers...they're sooo easy to make....scraps, cuttlebugged, bling...and they're done.  Pack of 5 marbig notebooks for $ cheap as chips too!  We did 10 in an hour.  I cover them while Jeromel cuttlebugs....then he does the designs, puts foam tape behind the cuttlebug 'stamps', chooses flowers etc...then I glue them down.  I'm spoilt....soo very very spoilt!Mother's day started off with me waking early....not really sure why I didn't want to sleep eyes I got was nice....just Jeromel playing quietly and watching tv and I got to have some quiet time on the computer.Then around mid morning...there was a knock at the door and yay....10 long stemmed dark red roses for me!!!  Jordan had organised and paid for this with his own money and signed it from not only himself but his brothers me....that's pretty sweet!!!  
And then I got the thing I really really wanted for mother's day.  I had 4 more spaces left on my pandora bracelet.  So I got DH to take the boys to the Trewarne's and they each picked out a bead to complete my bracelet.  It was soooooo beautifully wrapped up.....and I love what they picked out.  A silver heart from Joseph, pink glass bead from Jeromel, silver teddy bear from Jarryd and a swirly silver bead from Jordan.  
I also got a stash of things from Jeromel.....from the $4 I gave him to spend at the mother's day stall....he got me a red soft microfleece scarf (perfect to embellish...hehehe), a little pink notebook, a pink pen and a lip gloss.  pretty good for $4!!  He also made me a card...and I got a rice stress ball and a couple of pet rocks.  hehehe...very cute.

We had planned on going out....but I wasn't feeling too crash I snoozed, watched a movie....just lazed around and we got some chinese takeaway for dinner.  It was a fabulous day.
This week has been great....spending lots of time with DH....we have been watching movies everynight!!!  Yesterday I went out to lunch with Kylie for her 30th birthday.....we went to TGIFridays at Doncaster........utterly yummy food and we had a great time chatting and catching up while Emma ate Heinz Ketchup like it was soup.  Kylie, next time you won't have to order her a meal at all...just give her the little bowl of ketchup and one chip.  LOL

Ok...I've been tagged....6 unimportant facts about me.....

1.  I love my pillow....dentons.....I missed my pillow when I went on holidays....I took my pillow to a scrap retreat.
2.  I love pjs.....but only pj bottoms.  Prefer a tshirt as a top....just a non matching tshirt...and then flanny pants.....I don't like them to match.  Don't ask me why!
3.  I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to Korean food.  I don't know what to order ...someone needs to take me to a korean restaurant.
4.  After many years of being totally ignorant when it comes with ipods and mp3 players.....I'm now in the 'know'....I've joined the ranks of the gadget lovers....I have an iphone!
5.  My fav tvshows are Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Lost, Criminal Minds and Cashmere Mafia.
6. I'm 39 again this year!!!!

hehehe....I don't know who else to tag....this tag has done it's round many I'm going to tag......the scrappers who live far far away....inspirational girls......Liza, Wati, Naddie, Emily, Pandachu & Jasmin.


Michelle said...

You had wonderful Mother's day! Totally spoilt! Your boys are so sweet!

Ok.. you need to come here and get schooled in Korean food woman!!!

Pandachu said...

Stop making me drool for the cuttlebug...sighs....
Love reading abt ur relationship with ur they think ur "The World's Coolest Mummy"!!

JazzScraps said...

Fantastic Mother's Day you had!! Your boys are so blessed!

A Belated Happy Mother's Day to you, Ruey!!

Loving those little notebooks....definitely a very good idea!! might just do that with my kids too...thanks for sharing!

oh....thanks for the tag, too... (*bite fingers*)

welcome to my world said...

hay there love your pandora your so spoilt.
can't wait to catch up soon