Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a yummy weekend!!!

It all started off in a mission to save the ripe bananas in the fruit bowl.  We got a big bag of bananas very cheaply at the start of the week....and by thursday....they were looking very I decided to bake.  First off I made Banana Yoghurt muffins.....Mich's recommendation....soooo easy to make and sooo delicious!!   The kids absolutely loved them.  Then right after that....a Hummingbird cake.....fav cake...which I lost the recipe to...thanks Mich for coming to my rescue again.  Didn't get a photo of that one as the camera's battery died. hehehe

Then on Friday......our dinner plans to Hunchbax theatre restaurant fell lovely 3 course dinner while watching 'Humping in the Caribbean' sure exactly what I missed out on.  But in the afternoon, I rang DH and said....what about home made pizzas for dinner....I had found a really great easy pizza dough recipe and was keen to give our little pizza oven a whirl.

Picked up the two youngest from school, took them for haircuts and bought some ingredients for pizzas.  This is my first time making homemade pizzas from scratch.  I usually buy premade pizza bases...but I was adventurous this time.  Here's Jordan.....making a half and half...half hawaiian and half meat lovers.

On saturday, we were still reeling from all the I made date scones which oh soooooo good and then garlic & cheese pizzas for lunch and a batch of olive bread.  Both were absolutely delish..and the olive bread was a winner.

So was two big loaves of olive bread and a mixture of antipasto kinda dishes for lunch.  We had:
  • crispy salami slices
  • pan fried spanish chorizo
  • fresh baby spinach leaves
  • pan fried slices of butternut pumpkin with mushrooms and some olives - this was out of this world lots of food pics to show for this weekend.  I've watched season finales of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.  I've put a whole heap of stuff for sale on ebay.  I've scrapped one layout and had a really great family weekend bonding over fooooooooood!!!


Cass said...

Hey Ruey, I'd love your recipe for olive bread. Sounds (and looks) like something my family would love.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, havn't you been busy in the kitchen! It all looks so wonderful! Well done!
Dannii xx

mich said...

Glad you enjoy those recipes (I know it doesn't happen very often that your kids like my recipes... LOL). Lately, my bananas are being eaten quicker than I can say boo, so I haven't had a chance to have any ripe bananas to bake with. Note to self... must buy some ripe bananas.

Those pizzas look yummy. Your olive bread has just inspired me to bake ....

Vivs said...

ohh drooling over your muffins. its looks yummy. and so as those pizzas!

Laura said...

eeeeek! omg, I would love to meet you!!! That would be fantastic! :) And you are mooooore than welcome to stop by anytime for a bit of scrapbooking and colouring. Well, I am only just trying to learn colouring... You are so welcome to use my stamps.. i have lots and lots and lots.. and even more *LOL*.
hey, you can email me at
P.S: I am totally, totally thrilled that you like my work. eeek!