Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ungrateful & Anal????

Postie has been busy this week!!!  Noteworthy prize from Scrapbook Creations/ Bumblebee crafts arrived on Monday.  Gave most of it to Kylie for her birthday with some other non scrap stuff as well.  Vita also got a few bits and pieces when she came on Thursday.

And then on friday..the big one came.  $500 worth of Urban Lily.It doesn't look like much coz you can only see some of the paper.  You just don't know how much paper there is.  84 sheets!!!  Yes...I got 7 different collections....each collection has 6 sheets.  And I got 2 of each collection.  You do the equals 84 sheets of Urban Lily paper.  I totally love the board books and the secret keeper cards and there were also a couple of sugar cubes...some rub ons ...but the most prized part that I have been waiting for is the Urban Lily Journal.      Ok....I'm totally chuffed that I won the title of Scrapbooking Memories People's choice award.    I was nominated by SM and the people voted and I won and for that I'm blessed that people took the time out to vote for me.  So I didn't do this for the prize...the prize is just a bonus...a very welcomed bonus.  So I hope I don't sound ungrateful when I say this....but the one thing I was really looking forward to was the journal....and I got a reject.  The front cover has like a big vinyl 'melt' mark on it...big dinted mark and the inside of the back cover has like big black dirty marks all over the vinyl.   If I had purchased this journal and received it like this.....I would be writing to complain.  But Urban Lily donated this prize....and I won I guess I shouldn't complain huh?  But my name is Ruey....I'm anal about some things.  LOL

I've had a great scrapping week.  Been doing some layouts for me...for fun.....they're busy....they're funky.  I'll be sharing them soon.

Oh...and check back coz I'll be giving away Urban Lily raks soon!!  


dannii_b said...

Oh wow! All that stuff looks positively awesome! Well done and Congratulations! You so deserve it!!!

Cass said...

:( Sorry to hear that your favourite bit of the prize was broken. Don't worry, you don't sound ungrateful, just disappointed. Maybe you could email Urban Lily and sweet talk them into replacing it. It would be good advertising for them when you tell the scrapping world how generous they were to replace it. ;)

Lee said...

Congrats again Ruey on your win!

I think you should email, I think they would be more than happy to replace it :-)

Jorja said...

Congratulations Ruey....wonderful prizes from Urban Lily...I think you should let them know that one of the prizes was damaged, I'm sure they will be more than happy to replace it for you regardless that you won it....

Pandachu said...

Yea u shud email n mention that it was damaged. I dont think ur ungrateful or maybe 'keh keh' ask if it was meant to be like dat n see wat they say....keke

Michelle said...

WOW! Congrats!! Looks like a yummy set of prizes!! Sorry the journal was a bit 'cacat'. :(

Angela said...

Congrats Ruey!!! You so totally deserve it!!

I would email them too. I'm sure they would much rather you received quality goods.

I LOVE your B&B LO's too.

nic said...

Congrats Ruey!

I just received a prize pack from Express Publications and it is very similar to what you have won- less paper and no live journal. I wonder if I won it for voting for you?

I have no idea otherwise.

Hetty said...

Hi Ruey, great prize isn't it, but yeh my apple green journal has black scuff marks all over it as well, mine are just on the inside, so not really too worried about it but just a shame they use rejects to donate, I definately wouldn't accept it if I had purchased it.
Happy scrapping though with all your new goodies. MM stuff looks awesome as well.
Layouts are wonderful.
Chat soon