Monday, May 19, 2008

Buzz and Bloom !!

A few weeks ago, I went to Buzz and Bloom for a sunday crop.  It was supposed to be a DT & friends crop.....but things happened...things like Coby breaking his wrist.  Hehehe...i blogged about I'm back to show you what I did...

Here are my layouts....I did 2 layouts and 2 cards on the Sunday and did everything else over the following 3 days and brought everything to Devorah and Helene on a Thursday morning.  Mojo was in full swing then and it was sooo much fun working with such yummy new things.

A couple of quick cards....totally love how they turned out.  

And as a little thank you....i did the Lollipop trees as a pressie for Helene and that's why they're Buzz and Bloom trees.  I think they make quite nice display items for them.  You can use these trees as family trees..just add some pics and embellishments, you can use them as earring trees!!  I think that a ribbon tree would be awesome.  Thread your ribbon through it.  


Cass said...

Stunning work! :D

welcome to my world said...

love the pages babe i cant wait to get my hands on the 3d trees and the long legged birds.
No you didn't sound ungreatful whats the point of giving someone something they can't use properly.
Lots of goodies for you to play with though.
chat soon

Aida Haron said...

WOWWW look at all that gorgeous stuff !!!

Oh dear, yes I can understand how you feel ... a disappointment is a disappointment, no matter how much anyone tries to make it better.

Hope you like the Shinzen papers, and the other stuff. Jenn and I were trying to figure out what you, Christi and Mich would like *LOL*