Monday, December 08, 2008

oh by the way Santa....

Dear Santa

Please delete number 3 from my wish list.  I've succumbed and purchased myself a subscription to the Real Living magazine.  And now I'm in trouble with Mrs Vass because she thinks I'm not doing a proper wish list.  A wish list just for wishing.  For me.. a wish list is like a 'to buy' list. after a bit of a think....I have other things to add to my wish list....

3. clear vases (big tall wide cylindrical ones)
4.  Big bundle of decorative twigs and sticks - oh I don't know what exactly they are called...but I've seen them in homeware stores.  Big enough to make a striking display.
5. Scrapbook Trends Digital Scrapbooking ideas book
6. Stampin Up Deer Friends set
7. Hero Arts Sparkle embossing powder
8. Medium Bag optimiser from

lots of love
Ruey - who promises to try and not knock off anymore items off her wish list until 2009

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Lyndal said...

I think I'll be in trouble too LOL!
Great to catch up on Friday :)